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The Murder of Steve McNair: More Than Meets the Eye

2020.09.22 00:36 Metalshark2005 The Murder of Steve McNair: More Than Meets the Eye

Note: This is only a theory
I’m not one to believe too many conspiracies, but this one has always been on my mind and I’m shocked that not many people talk about it.
People involved: Steve McNair: Former NFL MVP quarterback, Steve is known mostly for being an electrifying star quarterback for the Tennessee Titans and later on, the Baltimore Ravens. He was involved in historic games that included the “Music City Miracle” game vs the Bills and Super Bowl XXXIV vs the Rams when his last throw was famously one yard short of sending the game into OT before time expired. Towards the end of his life, he was going through a nasty divorce with his then wife Mechelle and started sleeping around. He periodically stay in a condo which is where he’d bring his mistresses, including Sahel Kazemi.
Sahel Kazemi: Nicknamed “Jenni” by peers, was an immigrant from Iraq. She came to America in 2002, settling in Jacksonville, FL and eventually Nashville TN. Jenni was a waitress at a Dave & Busters when she started going out with McNair. She is the alleged murder in this case.
Adrian Gilliam: An Ex Convict, Gilliam was convicted of second-degree murder and attempted armed robbery during a gun fight with 3 other people in 1992 which ended up with one of his friends killed. He served 9 years out of 17 year prison sentence. He started a flirtatious relationship with Jenni around the time of the murder. He was the one who allegedly sold Jenni the murder weapon. He was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison for illegal possession of a firearm after the investigation.
The story we heard: Steve McNair was killed in a supposed murder-suicide by Jenni in the early hours of July 4th, 2009. Jenni supposedly purchased a 9mm firearm from ex-con Adrian Gilliam in a Dave & Busters around 5:30 PM on July 3rd and was used in the killings. The body’s where found by Wayne Neeley, a close friend of McNair at 12:40 PM later that day. McNair was found with 4 gunshot wounds, 2 his chest, and one in each temple. Jenni was found with a single gunshot to the head at his feet. After 4 days of investigating, the official ruling was a murder-suicide at the hands of Jenni with a possible motive being jealousy after seeing used condoms in McNair’s bathroom trash can.
Why I’m skeptical: 1. Nobody who was close to the 2 casualties that came out publicly truly believe that it was a murder-suicide ranging from close friends of the two and to McNair’s own son.
  1. The investigation only lasted 4 days. For someone who was arguably the most popular man in the state of Tennessee since Elvis Presley, there’s no way the case should’ve ended that early. Especially one with this many inconsistencies.
  2. There’s no possible way in hell you can hide a fucking gun in a tight uniform that employees wear at Dave & Busters, especially when it’s crowded like the night of the supposed transaction without anyone noticing. It just can’t happen (This is probably my main reason btw)
  3. Adrian Gilliam was caught lying to the police on multiple occasions during the investigation. He faked an alibi, and claimed he didn’t know the person he was selling a FUCKING GUN to (which was proven false).
  4. Gilliam claims he doesn’t fully remember the date and time of the gun sale
  5. There no actual footage of the gun sale
  6. Jenni had never fire a gun before in here life up until this point and was only showed how to remove the clip. Yet, she’s able to shoot with stellar accuracy.
  7. Gilliam is the only one who claimed the sale went on.
  8. The Nashville PD refuses to release the crime scene photos, even at the request of McNair’s Mother.
  9. The main text messages from Jenni that police focus on are vague as all hell. With the 2 main ones being “I’m gonna have all of u soon” that she sent to Steve and “I should just end it all” which she sent to a friend. These could mean literally anything. Jenni did admit she was becoming unhappy with her relationship with McNair so the “end it all text” could’ve been talking about breaking up with him. And the “have all of you” message could’ve been seen as something involving sex.
What did I think actually happened: Once again, it’s a theory, but I believe that Adrian Gilliam should be the top suspect of the murder of those two people. Think about it, he was a proven liar, lived a life of crime beforehand, was experienced with guns, knew one of the victims personally, and possibly had a motive due to rejection.
Final notes: I’m wondering how y’all think of this. I’ve been a fan of Steve since I was a kid and I never knew about this theory until my teacher told me about last year. If you are interested in hearing more, I suggest checking out the “Fall of a Titan” podcast from Sports Illustrated (it’s shows up as “Lateral Damage” on Spotify) where they go more in detail about the whole thing. There’s so much more I can say about this. Hell, theres a theory that he was found with his own castrated penis in his mouth (which multiple people who where on the scene have different takes on).
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2020.09.17 17:49 peeledArmadillo Letter to my dad.

I previously made a post about the abuse my grandmother and my father has put me through. I wrote to my dad.
I don’t really know how accurate my timeline is, I know there are more things that you did than the ones I’m going to mention but just like you blocked out a lot of the past, I did too.
I remember one time when G and I misbehaved you threatened to cut our fingers off with a gardening tool or threaten to burn my hand on the stove. I don’t know if that was funny to you, but I remember being just as terrified.
When I was 12, the afterschool bus used to drop me off at a Burger King in front of my old elementary school. The driver you hired would always be there once I got there or he would get there after a few minutes. This one time, I waited over an hour before I called you asking where you were. You told me “I’m almost done.” So, I waited some more. You left me waiting for over 8 hours! After calling you every hour, asking if you were on your way, you said “yes, only 30 more minutes” every time. I asked you if I could take the bus home after waiting two hours, it would have taken less than 5 minutes, but you threatened you’d hit me if I did.
When I was 13, you found out I lost my virginity when you went through my personal text messages between my friends. You went through my personal things, and yes, even as a teenager living under your roof, I deserved privacy. You called me a “hooker” when I knew you meant “whore”. You would not let me explain myself, because you kept repeating the word “hooker” louder and louder until I broke down crying in front of you. When a friend messaged me about a boy that I liked and if I was interested in dating this boy, you asked me if the only reason this friend is asking me that is because they knew that I was a “hooker”. No one talked to me about sex. The only thing my parents, the ones who were responsible to teach me about sex, was when mom said, “I don’t care if you have sex, just make sure to wear a condom.” You made me feel disgusting in my own skin over a NATURAL act. I know I was young; I didn’t know any better, but I had to teach MYSELF about sex and the infections and diseases it comes with it. You made me feel less than human.
You HATED PFree with every fiber of your being, you had every right, he was an asshole. I came home late from school again and before I walked into the door, I took off a necklace he gave me. For some reason, you did not even allow me jewelry at the time. When you saw that I was fiddling with my back pocket, you asked me what I had and I obviously said “nothing.” You literally wrestled me to the floor when I refused to hand it over to you. Once you got it, you stood up, looked down at me, lifted your foot and slammed it HARD inches away from my head before throwing the necklace away in the trash.
I ran away from home because I hated feeling hated at home. When I finally got caught in Jacksonville, you had me sleep in “D’s” room, which was the room right next to the washing room. It was the coldest room on our side of the house. I slept on the floor- no mattress, no pillows, no sheets, just a rug on the floor for three days before G convinced you guys to let me out. She asked me if I was going to runaway again after I came back, I told her that I did not know because I really did not. If it were not for her, you probably would have kept me there until shipping me off to boarding school.
I misbehaved in school. After my teacher told you over the phone what happened, he handed the phone over to me and you said, “wait until I get home.” I fell asleep waiting for you that night. You woke me up by dragging me out of bed by my hair and pulling me to the kitchen. You sat me down and told me to write 20 pages, front and back, “I will not misbehave in school” at one in the morning on a school night. Mom had to come in hours after you fell asleep to send me to bed, so I had SOME rest before going to school. My chore was to blow the front and back yard EVERY DAY for an entire school year while G had no responsibilities of her own. You told me you did not like me anymore and would ALWAYS compare me to G, you would always ask me why I could not be more like her. It made me feel like I had to be someone else for you to accept me. I had no self-esteem. It made me hate her so much. You favored G and you made it so painfully obvious.
I think I developed anxiety and depression at an early age, I am not sure when it even started. You and mom never “believed” in that or believed that some teenage girl could have such disorders or “problems”. I started to cut my arms. You shamed me when you found out. You took pictures and sent it to the family to teach me some sort of lesson. I needed HELP from you, but you bullied me instead. So, I stopped cutting my arms and made sure to cut or hurt myself where you could not find it- you never did. I became good at lying because you never believed a word I said. I learned how to keep my problems inside. You ever wonder why I go through extreme “ups and downs”? I am having a depressive episode. I overhear when you and grandma say I need professional help. I know I do; I have been to a psychiatrist. I have been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Minor Depressive Disorder that I am taking medication for. If you ever heard grandma saying that I am taking pills for sleep, I also have insomnia. NEVER has my doctor diagnosed me as “bipolar”.
When I was 15, I lied about auditioning for a school play when I was really going to O’s house. You obviously found out that I lied, came to pick me up with your driver. You yelled at me and shamed me in front of a stranger. You took my red iPad, jammed a screwdriver through the charge port, and threw it back at me. I asked you why you did that, and you said it was to “teach me a lesson.” The only thing you taught me was to resent you. I had it for less than a month.
You did not let me go trick or treating one year. You called me when I was at home to check on me while you looked at me through your window. I guess I smiled at something you must have said, and you didn’t like that I did that. You opened the door and charged at me. You used to corner me and yell in my face, you would raise your hands as if you were going to hit me, just so you could see me flinch away from you in fear. You WANTED me to fear you, that is sad.
I remember fighting with you in your room. You were on the bed and I was yelling at you in desperation, you wouldn’t look at me. Until I asked you if you thought I was a “fucking idiot” and that is when you finally turned to look at me and HIT ME with a closed fist. I didn’t talk again after that.
You didn’t know it at the time, but I also had an eating disorder in middle school and a little bit if high school. I wouldn’t make myself throw up, but I wouldn’t eat. You called me fat one time. I was less than 100 pounds and you asked me “why do you look so fat?” I know I said I became really good at lying but I also told the truth a lot but you never believed me. Everything I said to you was a “lie”. So, I didn’t talk to you. I didn’t want to open up to you, I was also scared to. You are not an easy person to spill your secrets to.
I feel like I didn’t have a proper childhood. When I finally got my license, you had me drive you EVERYWHERE. I could not plan a single thing because I had to cancel or leave as soon as I got to my destination. Out all the thousands of times you called me to pick you up, I denied you ONE TIME, because I literally paid for parking when you called. You made me feel bad for the one time I just wanted to live my damn life. You said “thanks for nothing” before hanging up. Gr would be at home doing whatever the heck she was doing, with all the free time but you had to have ME do everything. You treated me like an adult when you wanted me to do something for you, whether it was to pick up money, dropped off a sample, or anything that had to do with the business but anything that didn’t have to do with the business but you treated me like a dog on a short leash. My life revolved around you. While G was out making her own income, I had to ask you for money. You would get mad at me and even called yourself a bank account. So I would try not to ask.
The way you have treated me when it comes to M has been nothing short but terrible. You have undermined my parenting every single time I have tried to step up. You tell me to be a parent but attack me the minute the way I parent does not go according to you. You treat me more like someone to watch who must watch over YOUR kid and not my own. I just watch him until you get home and whatever I was trying to teach him that day goes down the drain. You have deliberately gone against my rules and behind my back because “he’s just a kid too young to understand.” You have shown M that it is okay to disrespect his mother because YOU disrespect his mother. M doesn’t listen to me or respect me when you and/or gradnma are around because M knows that he can hide behind you and her.
You used to be EXTREMELY strict with me. My curfew was at 8pm on weekends when I was in middle school but you’re okay with letting a five-year-old boy stay up way past 9pm and wonder why he’s such a jerk the next day? I was trying and I’m still trying to get him on a routine, you guys won’t let me.
I don’t hate you. Even through all the bullshit you put me through as a child and STILL put me through as an adult, I still look for your acceptance in ANYTHING. I would always have to ask mom what you thought of something nice I did but she always tells me you have no opinion but you sure are quick to point out when I screw up.
I’m leaving because I HAVE to. I wasn’t ready to live with A. I told mom I had a two-year plan before even THINKING about moving in with him. I know you don’t believe it but you and grandma pushed me out. You have made me believe that I’m a terrible mother. You made me believe that I’m only good to watch him until you get home because “you’re the real parent”. You made me want to give up my parental rights because I am not good enough. You made me feel like I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH.
Did you know I never wanted kids? I was going to abort M but R convinced me to keep him. I HATED being pregnant. I hate how I felt, I hated how I looked, I hated feeling M move in my stomach. I was diagnosed with PRE-partum depression. I don’t think I was ever happy. I don’t remember feeling any real happiness those nine months. Then M was born and I didn’t feel like a mother with her baby. I felt like some lady watching over some baby. M didn’t feel like my son. I hated him but most of all, I hated myself. I was also diagnosed with POST-partum depression too.
I don’t remember M’s first two years of life but you do. You spent all those beautiful times watching M take his first crawl, his first step. That’s something I would never get back but you have been blessed to witness. You were his parental figure. He didn’t feel “mine” until a little past his 2nd birthday. Thank you for stepping up for him when I couldn’t. Thank you for convincing me to leave R. Thank you for buying M new clothes, shoes, and toys when I couldn’t afford to. Thank you for taking him to the doctor and buying his medicine. Thank you for losing all those countless hours of sleep when crossing the border. Thank you for loving him when I couldn’t. Thank you for paying for my car insurance when you knew I got laid off. Thank you for giving me money to buy clothes when we went to La Quinta. Thank you for making me coffee every day, even when you’re upset with me.
Also, thank you for making me independent. I know it was never your intention, but you would make me wait for you to do the simplest things until I got fed up with waiting and did it myself. Thank you for sending me alone to all those places in our hometown. I know mom would get mad at you for “sending a bone to the dogs” but I know how to take care of myself when it comes to men. Thank you for telling me that you never needed a son because you have me.
I’m sorry for hurting you; I’m not taking M away from you, I’m only stepping up as a parent and standing up for myself. I love you but I can’t have you treat me like shit and not expect any consequences. You can’t disregard me as a person because you disagree with me. You ARE my blood, you’ll always be my blood but my grandmother was wrong about one thing, I don’t have to withstand ANY of your abuse JUST because you’re my dad. Although you were a terrible father while I grew up, you taught me better than to let anyone walk all over me. I don’t hate you. The abuse you put me through was not “for my own good”, I don’t know how anyone can benefit from being constantly being bullied.
Also, I just want to add that A isn’t “less of a man” because he hasn’t come to talk to you about me moving in because I told him not to mention anything. A has wanted me to move into his house from day ONE when he met me TWO years ago. He is willing to speak with you but only if you allow yourself to listen.
I DON’T HATE YOU. I love you so much. I’m just hurt by years and years of abuse and build up from someone who was supposed to protect me.

My dad cried. He really had no idea how bad he was. He asked if me I hate him and if I do it's okay but if I don't hate him, I should. He told me that he will be the best father he can be until I'm willing to forgive him.

TLDR; wrote my dad a letter of the abuse he put me through as a child. He's promised to be a better father and now respects my role as a parent and as a daughter.
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2020.09.16 12:29 KnoyseMan 33 [M4F] North FL - Have you ever debated who the defective Keanu Reeves clone would be?

I would honestly have to look at Tom Cruise as the probable answer.
He's got that action credibility, is likeable in his films, but he's shorter and the whole thing with Scientology is enough to just lose interest in the guy.
Also, I don't think he has as much towards charitable contributions, so that's almost like an anti-Keanue standpoint.
I have kind of a short attention span.
I live in a small city in Northeast Florida, and frankly I'm looking to see some new people in the greater Jacksonville area, but Florida is fine. I know Covid had been a bummer for a lot, myself included, so it's gotta be a safe idea to meet. I have been tested for this stuff three times and came out on the other side alright, although I can't say the same for four of my family members.
I'm a genuine guy who doesn't bullshit about anything, will be friendly as can be with sincerity, and odd with humor at given opportunities. I love to people watch and make up stories about everyone I see while sitting outside of coffee shops, sipping a tasty cappuccino or new brew. I'm a musician and have been playing guitar for twenty years, also previously working in the music industry and radio. I've met some cool people doing that and have made friends for life with quite a few bands. I've actually taken the liberty of working in the independent scene to start a podcast talking to unsigned bands and enjoying conversations with old friends and new. It's been my saving grace since quarantine started and a great way to stay sane.
I'm a bit of a nerd (It's Reddit, what a fucking surprise) about some things, also an extrovert, so I love talking to new people. I'm a gamer, movie buff, cartoon nerd, and kinda getting into anime. I also and a college football nerd (UCF Knights) and fan of the Tampa Bay Lightening, so some sports elements are also there. I love a good hike outside, and if I had to pick a cardio, it's jumping on a trampoline. Might get whiplash from my belly, but totally work it in the end.
I went through a divorce last year where I was essentially used as support for another's ambitions with nothing reciprocated and no willingness to work anything out. I went through a good bit of therapy before finding my wind again have gone out a few times on various dates, but nothing sticking.
What I would like to find is something who wants to be weird, laugh a lot, enjoy nerd things and sports things, and enjoy each other as we enjoy the world. If I can have a four hour conversation, a crazy day of affection and sex, and then be able to comfortably sit in silence with someone, it's ideal. I'm a very affectionate person and would love to find the same.
I am a lefty politically (seriously, how the hell anyone supports Vladimir Pumpkin at this point is absolutely ridiculous), so I would not like to find anyone going the opposite direction of me. I also am not a 2nd amendment person, although my opposition is because of my history with depression, I shouldn't own a gun. If you do, that's fine, I just don't want to be around it.
The mug everyone looks for
I use both the messenger side of this an direct messages, so feel free to send me a line either way.
Also, Cruise was badass in Collateral. Ethan Hunt? Sure, but the intense hitman - kept you entranced the entire time.
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2020.08.17 05:05 Jennsmith99228 The real reason covid is happening

This isn’t a conspiracy theory. It’s a strong belief with regards to why covid is happening and based on some proof and feelings being put inside me about this. It’s most likely the truth. My life was ruined by a famous bands two band members and their master. It was horrible and is a long messed up story involving two band members of Metallica. First the band members did witchcraft on me for a year but it was cool and funny and they were my friends. Then kirks master got involved and that’s when things got bad. I was put under mind control for two years and it was horrible and I can’t get into the details. Some of the details are in another post. Part of the themes involved were deeming me worthlsss and mocking me for buying food or getting take out. I was put under mind control and ruined for two years. It’s a long complex awful story. KIRK Hammett and James hetfield and kirks master and entity friends were doing so much evil to me they were trying to “neg God out” or get a response from God. This was mostly kirks master and his friends. The themes were “worthless” and “buy food” and they also murdered my two oldest pets at the time and that’s where the origins of destroying the elderly is coming from.
Here’s a link to some Pictures
The theme then began of destroying old people and in a community my sister is a part of suddenly older men started dying. The master and his entity friends tried to take credit for doing this to them bc of what they did to my situation but not sure if that’s true. They even tried to say they buried them alive as they said about my pets situation. Pet sematary came out recently because of this but that has to do with a different higher being being involved trying to warn these entities and the master to stop and to show he knew what was going on. Using his abilities he created movies and movie posters showing this and this isn’t a fairy tale or lie it’s what happened and what was shown to me. You can figure out who the being might be I won’t say his name. Well the reason covid is a response to this is pretty obvious.
Suddenly the theme of covid is the nation getting “take out” and nothing else. It was all about take out, take out which is really ironic and weird. If God is doing this then it’s His way of forcing everyone to get take out only to counteract these stupid beings and Metallica who mocked me for getting take out which everyone gets anyway. Also of course Weve never had a pandemic like this before much less one at all. Out of the blue this just happened and was strange anyway. The thing those entities and kirks master mocked me about was that I got take out. I mean that’s an obvious coincidence or showing the link between what they did to me and this. Also the covid thing started once this metallica stuff ended. What happened to me is a big deal and higher beings were involved trying to warn these beings to leave me alone. It’s a long messed up story. Well the theme of covid is killing old people yes others too but mostly the elderly. One theme of what Metallica and kirks masters friends were doing to me involved the elderly.
Ironically too I recently began selling Medicare and the old people I talk to are so rude and mean to me and it’s making me dislike old people. Not saying old people are mean but it’s another odd link to all of this. I’ve never encountered old people in my life much less have been abused by them constantly or disliked them. I’m not saying God is behind this but the reason it’s happening is that it’s a response to what those entities and Metallica were doing to me. I’m also not just linking these obvious things the idea of it is being put in me strongly. Those entities also could be behind it or a higher being like satan but it’s definitely linked to what was happening to me. It was the response they were trying to get. So the reason covid is happening is bc of a crazy spiritual battle going on with Metallica kirks master their entity friends and a higher being wont say his name.
There is a lot more to this and what happened but I can’t post all the details though I have proof about many things. You can read my other post on some of what happened with Metallica and yes I have proof but don’t know how to post pictures here. It’s a terrible sick story and situation. Metallica didjt forced me to buy food for them I just buy food and don’t cook. They chased me around using their witchcraft abilities for a year and kirks master and their friends were watching me the whole time getting ready to mess with my life and I didn’t know that. When they invaded my life then they created themes and mocked me for buying food and getting take out. They can mock me all they want who cares but they ruined my life and did horrible things.
This is all real and really happened to me. No one can make this up or imagine it ie the Metallica stuff. Lives were lost too. Band members really chased me for a year using their abilities and they do it to others. The covid theory is up for interpretation but something was putting those feelings in me strongly and I know who or what. Regardless there is a definite link between kirks master mocking me for take out and covid being all about take out that’s beyond common sense. Who has mocked someone for getting take out anyway. When has the theme of anything been take out. There was a theme of murdering the elderly and then it somehow transgressed into this covid situation where the elderly are being targeted by a different force or in a different way. It’s basically Gods way of reacting to it all by random people being targeted. It makes no sense but God or a higher force works in different ways that people don’t understand. There’s a lot that happened with the horrible Metallica crap I went thru and I was under mind control and these beings were talking about this 24/7. It’s a long complex story and spiritual story sort of.
What I went through is a serious situation. I have proof too of the stuff Metallica did to me and Metallica did a lot of things because of the crap the master was doing to me. The master is kirks master and people even know he exists bc I read about him online before all this happened. He apparently knew me from other lifetimes and showed me all this and yes he really showed me all of this and got involved. They played in festivals bc of me and even created a skateboard company bc of a guy I hung out with. Not that that matters. Their victims are even hidden in their Metallica art. They gave 10,000 only to charity for a year bc id what I was going through and they were mocking me for being ruined and they and the master and entity friends started a rumor that Metallica paid a company 10k to ruin my life. So Everytime they posted a pic of them giving 10k to charity they were mocking me for being ruined by Metallica ie they were showing how they paid 10k to ruin my life. Of course they didn’t pay anyone it was just part of the story they created. I thought they really paid some underground company in another realm. I was under mind control and they knew what I was going through. I had no clue what was really happening and they knew that. While it was going on I was under mind control and the kind of mind control kirks master can do is something no person knows of.
I was even forced to drive up north chasing Metallica and ended up at a show in Albany where their entity friends and master almost killed me. Yeah I drove up north to Charlotte then dc then Philadelphia then Albany not knowing what I was doing while under mind control with cartoon characters tormenting me and just kind of dealing with it. Scariest most fuked up crap u can’t imagine with hundreds of characters with names and abilities. Names like kirk hammetts master, kirth, negged versions, KIRK hammetts favorite entity, kirks entities, master nanny, your demon KIRK. Yes every character had a name almost involving KIRK or the master. No it’s not even horrible I don’t know how I went through it. They were also hurting me in different ways and all I knew was that “the master” was involved and had no clue what was really happening. They tortured me in many creative ways and can’t get into the way they did it. When I think about it now I’m in horror and beyond traumatized. When it all started they forced me to jump in a pool, stop my car and bow to the ground. They had me staying in hotels containing containments and I’d have to explain what that is and containing blinding demons and bizarre characters. Getting lectured by a blinding demon character, eating at ihop with skeleton looking cartoon characters showing me how to get released feom this. I was even in a publix parking lot with tin foil on my head being chased by a character and then being destroyed by a James hetfield cartoon character in a publix. All done Under the most fuked up mind control u can imagine. And yes KIRK hammett and James hetfield were very involved as characters at first but also supposedly also moderating it but then they had to go on tour so I was left with the master. There was “kirks containment” and James containment and James showed me what they can do to me and forced some lady at Walmart to start interrogating me. I was mocked by James hetfield character for defecating in a Walmart bathroom stall and they could stop me from doing it and it became an inside joke or scene in this. This is all stuff happening as invisible beings but they put me under mind confrol to where I could see and feel the things but no one around me could of course. Metallica created the “abcs of Metallica” while this was happening bc i was dealing with cartoon characters under mind control.
Kirks real demon friends were involved too as characters and one was named KIRK and they portrayed him as a cute young looking human. He said he had watched me with KIRK Hammett and watched my sister and family when I went to visit them in dc. He did some crap to me at a Walmart. It was different characters Doing crap to me 24/7. There was past life stuff involved and the master and beings showed me past lives one being where two guys tried to kill me and called me “ugly old loser” that became another inside joke. The master n beings claimed the two men were KIRK and James in a past life and that’s why they were bullying me in this lifetime. I’m a really hot woman. But the truth is I remembered that past life or story. The stuff the master showed me I remembered very wAs claimed that I had past lives with KIRK and James not sure If it’s true. This happened 24/7. Scenarios scenes non stop. Every scenario character god it’s beyond anything. But that’s not even it it’s abt the lives that were lost and that’s another story I can’t talk about online. They put my 67 year old mother in an orgasm program while torturing and hurting the young pretty daughter and mocking me for being a virgin and burning my vagina over and over and yes it’s real energy they did to me but I can’t get into it.
The master is a dead being or spirit and I always knew or sensed that or when I read about him. Obviously he’s a dead being he doesn’t have a body. The entities are invisible beings but they’re dead too. I had a dream about this master when I was three or four and he showed me this dream. And yes I really had this dream. The master has a master and I know him too and he knows me. So if these creeps know me why are they doing all this bad to me. It’s confusing. While this was happening to me I heard rumors under mind control that “dead beings” were doing this to me and about how they put a human female in containment ie this prison program which is what containment is. This isn’t a story or fiction it’s all real. The central character was also KIRK Hammett bc it’s his master doing this and the master didn’t have a name he was just kirks master.
They even had two cartoon characters on flying carpets come asking me when I wanted to be taken back in time bc they were supposed to “take me back in time before the Metallica concert” and pretend I never went. That was the deal they made. None was this was supposed to happen and they were supposed to fully restore everything the way it was and leave me in my living room somewhere. And oh yeah they can do that so can KIRK and James. They reminded me over and over how I was supposed to be released and everything fully restored. I wasn’t there fully or knew what was going on so I didn’t give a time frame. That was one of the entity beings or master who felt sorry for me for a second so he was going to do it. Some character named master nanny was going to “take me back in time for the positive experience” and even kirks real friend called “KIRK” tried to take me back in time at a Buffalo Wild Wings and end this crap. I wasn’t there fully otherwise I’d be begging them to take me baxk in time. I didn’t really know what was going on and other beings made it seem like it was a bad idea. Yes no entities or demons can go back in time surpass dimensions or pretend something didn’t happen. They were even supposed to grab my pets from other timelines and realms and showed me the concept of other timelines and realms. They even showed me they’ve done this to me in many parallel universes and that they released me in a Steak ‘n Shake or a different house I lived in in Orlando. But in this one they just didn’t release me. Even in the beginning they tried to say they had been doing this for decades and going back in time. They even took me to a different timeline and this isn’t a joke- my phone had the different year. But they told me not to search for my name and said I was married to KIRK Hammett (no I don’t want to be married to KIRK Hammett) and it was the future and then they took me back. I wasn’t sure if that was true but the google on my phone was different and I was told not to look into it and they forgot to update my phone or something. No this isn’t a lie this all happened. This happened at a world of beer as they forced me to go to different restaurants to buy food and spend money under mind control.
What I went through could fill a book or more. Hundreds of characters stories productions themes even characters being jealous bc they all thought I had sex with a character named kirth. Some thought what I was experiencing was amazing and that I’d tell the world one day. Most of them talked about the horrors I was going through. Everyone was begging for me to be released from this containment which was a prison program they put me in and that’s a whole other story and no it’s not fun it’s beyond anything I can describe. They even took beings from my father and created characters called “Jennifer’s fathers demons” and these entities can do that and initially they took beings feom me and created characters from them. Yes it’s a long weird explanation that no ones heard of but it’s true and how they created these characters. No it’s not fun it’s beyond bad or not even bad. I was even forced to have sex with these quote cartoon characters and one was called kierth who I supposedly had a past life with and he didn’t want to bc he was in love with kira another female character who represented two real people I knew in a past life and then feelings of that past life were thrown into me and I remember it vaguely but KIRK hammetts master knows every detail of my supposed past lives and everything about me and even showed me the past life I had with him and our relationship or friendship sort of. Then I was told they could bring kierth in human form and asked if I wanted a relationshp with him. Ok yes no crap happened to me 24/7. I was tortured horribly by a character called James hetfield entity who went mad and aftee a while some of the beings go mad or something. He thought it was fun to “fuk with iennifer” and many or some characters became obsessed with hurting me or wanting to mess with me. It’s not even a story or hell. It’s non stop torment and it’s beyond anything I can describe that happened straight for almost two years. Everytime they were going to release me from this prison program some character jumped in and stopped them. I was under mind control and aware of what was happening but also reslly was being forced to bare it without freaking out. Then a cartoon KIRK Hammett came in a few times and talked about how if these characters didn’t release me from this they would one day go to hell. Hell was portrayed and talked about over and over with images of James hetfield swimming in hell mocking it ie saying he and they are proud to be doing this and they don’t care that they’ll be in hell for it. There are hundreds of horrid scenarios and stories I had to go through.
What I went through was a horrifying big deal and maybe I’ll write a book about it because I’m beyond angry upset traumatized confused and have to vent in some way. Its one of the craziest and messed up stories. I’m in shock and confusion. They stopped giving the 10k only bc I finally posted about this on Facebook and KIRK or someone saw what I wrote so they stopped. Oh yeah they want me to get attention for this but no one understands this of course and people don’t believe or even know this type of stuff exists. What I went through is something beyond horrible. You can look up starting July 2018 metallixa only gave 10,000 to charity and then a year later they began giving other amounts.
KIRK even wanted me to get attention for what Metallica was first doing to me before it got bad. At first it was cool and KIRK wasn’t evil or bad. These are old creepy males or transgenders or whatever they are. Anyway one day I’ll get this horrid story out. KIRK will be happy for sure because he became obsessed with me wanting to get attention but he never could and probably never will. He was told he’d never get attention for this and it’s true no one is giving attention to this. Yes I want people to know the horrors I went through and it’s not even about that it’s abt the lives that were lost and the details surrounding it. And yes everyone I knew knew KIRK and James were first chasing me but they chase lots of women. I had bad luck that the master already knew me. Anyway this sounds like creative science fiction but it’s not it’s all real.
Most of KIRK hammetts twitter had to do with conversations we had using his witchcraft abilities. That was years ago before things got bad. He did that for fun and got used to it. He still does it sometimes but rarely bc of course were not talking anymore. KIRK didn’t know me in person only thru this uncontained form which is using his abilities. That was before the other stuff happened. Like once I got my hair cut recently and he posted something about cutting it out on the same day. This isn’t even KIRK Hammett it’s some tall Hawaiian guy I’m pretty sure. Anyway Kirk would do videos and fun stuff like he did one with lars where he said “science rules”! And that’s bc I told him I liked science so he went to some place in europe I forgot and talked about it. He did some Salem museum videos too and made me watch them bc he was scared I wouldn’t be attracted to him. Though we didn’t have a real romance it was all thru this witchcraft crap our movie was supposedly “the shape of water” bc I’m a cute female with dark hair and he saw himself as a weird creature and our song was well we had a song but I forgot what it was. I didn’t even know who KIRK was and he does it to other women too and has plenty of real girlfriends. The hetfield Hammett experience they did to piss me off or make me jealous bc James using his abilities made me enter a contest when this all started making me think I’d win. Well KIRK would make fun of himself in the hetfield Hammett experience video and I’d make fun of James. This was all using their witchcraft abilities. That was when they were nice. Well I went to a slipknot show last year and the day after KIRK posted on his twitter a gray tabby cat with a rabbit saying Rosie the rabbit. That’s bc he knew my gray tabby was lead away the day of the show and he knows where he is but he’d never tell me. If u check out one of kirks blogs he has a picture of a statue looking cat. I can’t get into the details of why he posted that. Before the bad stuff happened the things KIRK did were cute and funny. I made the mistake of trusting him. He seemed like a nice mild person.
Metallica began playing in festivals in 2018 because of what a guy around me said about Metallica at rockville in Jacksonville. It’s a silly story but that’s when KIRK and James were nice to me and doing cute stuff. They thought they were kissing my ass and giving me lots of attention but they weren’t. They have real girlfriends who they do lots of things for. They’d even get pissed or did bc others were mean to me. They played in the Austin festival and I was supposed to go and recently were coming to Daytona rockville bc of me. Well apparently covid stopped that.
Metallica cancelled their Australian tour and James claimed he was going to rehab. That’s bc the master and his entity friends did something bad to me and one of the themes involved was taking their anger out on me. These are dead beings doing this. They had done enough bad to me. I haven’t even listed half the crap they did to me. So they did more. When it was done the same day James announced he was going to rehab and they cancelled their tour. He wasn’t going to rehab that was a lie. He did it bc of what they did to me. They also took their anger out on Australia by cancelling the tour. I was forced to go to Metallica night in 2019. In 2018 before the bad stuff happened KIRK woke me up one day using his witchcraft how he talked to me and forced me to get a ticket to Metallica night and told me he’d be in vip. I had no clue he was in vip of course. I checked and it was true he was going to be there. So I bought a ticket but his master and their friends stopped me from going but I didn’t know it was them. Something was stopping me and I thought it was KIRK. Well I was forced to go by the master and entity friends under mind control in 2019. Lars and Rob were in vip and I got a ticket last min on Craigslist. Yes I flew six hours hoping that KIRK and James would stop or the entity beings would stop. Of course lars and Rob know who I am and when I was near them I was being forced to mouth out “help me”. I really thought if I met them these entity things would stop. Lars smiled at me and sort of waved in his own way and rob nodded at me. But then they took their anger out on the audience and stormed out of there without signing autographs which they usually do. They were all just playing the game. The characters involved were pissed off and asked the entities to let me go and said rob and Lars even knew her but they didn’t. When KIRK and James came out on the field of course they turned and stared right at me several times. They knew the hell I was going thru but didn’t care.
Before the master got involved KIRK Hammett using his witchcraft abilities and mind control forced me to fly to San Francisco to “meet him” after inviting me to his home and showing me the address. This was in 2017. It’s a long awful story and oh yeah they had already done bad crap to me and screwed me over before it got bad. But the master was already involved I just didn’t know it. Actually KIRK was only nice to me when this first started then things got crazy. KIRK and James messed with me in some ways and it’s a long horrid weird situation too. They even pretended they met my crazy old ex boyfriend and had sex with him and I thought they did. And my ex made it sound like it happened. These are all old people apparently. There was even the horrid theme of KIRK having sex with my old mother. I can’t get into that story but he even made me believe he was putting my old mother under mind control and flying to florida and meeting her secretly. He even made it seem like she had extra money and it was weird but she did at some point talk about having alot of cash. Kirk has abilities and can make me feel or believe something but it was really weird. At some point I believed it was happening bc these are crazy fuked up celebrities with a lot of time on their hands. Whenever he made me think It was happening I’d call my mother and she wouldn’t answer or she’d be driving out of town to some appointment. Yes it was weird. I’m not an idiot and at the time things were odd like the timing. James talked about how I didn’t meet KIRK in Boston which is where I was initially supposed to meet him or go to his Salem exhibit in 2017 and how now KIRK is horny and wants to get laid and now he’s after my mother. They both made me think this and even when my mother visited Washington DC KIRK made it seem like he flew there too but he did this in a crazy way to where it seemed like it was really happening.
I was supposed to meet KIRK in Boston and feom there supposedly he was going to invite me to go on tour and I didn’t go. They made it seem like I screwed up their plans for me. When Kirk went on tour he was acting super mad I wasn’t there. This was all thru his witchcraft. We had a whole relationship going on thru this way. We only talked on the phone like once or twice barely and thru messenger a different way. So after they came back from tour they began messing with me about KIRK having sex with my mother and it started in a weird way I won’t get into. When the entity beings got involved they put my old mother in an orgasm program and put her on a pedestal bc KIRK did all that and didn’t court me sexually or what not. Uh KIRK is an ugly old gay man and this Hawaiian guy isn’t even Kirk. Maybe the real Kirk isn’t gay. Women don’t chase KIRK and even James said he was gay. But these sick entity beings worship KIRK not sure why bc they’re friends with him. That’s fine they can mock me all they want but they ruined lives and it’s a serious situation. A horrid thing. The theme for the crap the beings did ie KIRK and James invisible entity friends were have sex with the old lady and torture the young hot female. Also he acted as If I rejected him or reslly it was my only real chance to not get screwed by them but I didn’t know that. But those dead entity beings are the ones doing all this they are ancient creatures.
I put KIRK on dating psychos and when this all started the entity beings bullied me into taking it down and forced me to call post removal websites and at some point I agreed to pay a lot of money to do it. Then KIRK and James decided I didn’t have to do it. I wrote things about the band ruins lives so the entities decided to want to do it. Everything I’m writing is real and happened to me. Actually there is so much crap revolving around having sex woth my mother and what the master did to me. It’s not even sick it’s soemthing I can’t describe. When this started the master played a recording of my mother orgasming over and over. She’s old. No ones ever wanted her. But he began this saga by having these cartoon characters all have SEx with her and give her sex energy while I was being tortured and ruined 24/7 and my life ruined. He’s jealous of me and apparently young pretty women. All the characters were revved up on sex energy while I was being burned 24/7. My mother was being given orgasms 24/7 and she didn’t know what was going on of course. I was being tortured and destroyed. It’s not even a serious situation it’s something so beyond that. I’m beautiful and really nice. Horrifying things happened to innocent creatures while my mother and cartoon characters were being forced to be on lots of sex energy. KIRK and James first used to give anyone around me sex energy but never me. I’m really hot and beautiful btw. Then it turned into these entities and beings doing the same thing but worse. I’m still in serious pain and what I’m writing really happened to me it’s just too horrifying to get. If my pets weren’t involved that’s fine but they were. I was deemed worthless and my life was ruined by ugly dead beings and famous old men were involved. The theme of making me worthless went on for many months they even stopped my period and I didn’t have it at all. Then they began bleeding my pelvic area every few weeks to keep me in this prison program longer. What I went through is beyond horrifying all of it but it’s even worse than that. Yes they can mechanically bleed ur pelvic area.
In the end I was supposed to be released from this prison program fully restored and given tons of sex energy but that never happened. They decided to be more evil to me and let it go on longer. It’s not even tragic what happened. Its not fair to those of us innocent beings Involved in this nonsense. I was supposed to meet Metallica and KIRK and James were supposed to “make it up to me” and be nice to me. I could’ve met them many times but didn’t care to. But this made me want to meet them just to end all of this. But that didn’t happen. I did meet Kirk at a meet and greet recently but I was hoping he’d talk to me or try to be friends or tell me where my pets are at. I really just wanted to say leave me alone and stop this. I was hoping he’d have sympathy for me when he met me whoever he is but he didn’t really care it seems. When I walked in and the tall fake KIRK saw me he just grinned and stared nodded at me like “yep you’re playing the game.” Yeah maybe I’m naive but I’ve never done anything to these people why so much hate and evil. I mean he and james and the master ruined my life and more and his attitude is ok cool let’s keep playing this game. Sick people. I was in so much shock bc of course I didn’t want to meet that sick piece of shlt. I didn’t want to stand next to him. I was in pain bc of him and I did say nervously “leave me alone and leave my family alone” but could barely talk. There was a cop around too. He just semi nodded. This tall guy with long hair isn’t even the real Kirk Hammett he’s a fill in. So a fake KIRK Hammett ruined my life. This was right before covid started and luckily it stopped those losers from going to rockville in Florida.
KIRK had a meet and greet years ago just so I could go but I didn’t get the ticket in time. He created this meet and greet with somewhat of the intent for me to go. Then he became obsessed with meet and greet stuff And had another one right after. Yes the real life KIRK isn’t that evil but it’s a long story as to who Kirk really is and if this is the original one or what’s going on. My situation and what I’ve been through is something that u can’t imagine. These people aren’t even this evil or generally aren’t in person. I’m a beautiful nice likeable person. James hetfield claimed I look like Michelle branch and ie took his anger out on me bc he doesn’t like his daughter so he was treating me how he wanted to treat his daughter. I’m confused as to why they did this to me and it’s such a sad sick horrid thing.
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2020.08.01 12:10 jagsfanski Offseason Review Series: Jacksonville Jaguars

Before anything, I just want to preface by saying that I am filling in some huge shoes by following the legendary u/JaguarGator9. I am NOT a typical writer nor do I have any experience in analysis, I just wanted to take a stab at analyzing and writing about my favorite team that has been terrorizing my happiness for 15+ years. So, apologies in advance if there are some incorrect points made.
Also gotta give a shoutout to u/PlatypusOfDeath for continuing to run this series and for the formatting help! Also a thanks to u/flounder19 for directing me towards the thread where half of the info comes from and my bro u/MikeFanto4 for giving me the positive reinforcement through the writing of this. With that being said, hope y'all enjoy!

Jacksonville Jaguars


2019 Record: 6-10 (4th in Division)

Coaching Changes


Tom Coughlin – VP of Football Operations/Dictator: This will be discussed in the news section. Please hold.
Jon DeFilippo – Offensive Coordinator: It never really occurred to me until recently (give me a break Jags fans), that the firing of Flip was most likely directly related to Foles (even more so once he got hired by Chicago as QB coach). Once Foles was gone, Flip wanted out and they ultimately “mutually agreed to part ways”. While according to fans it would’ve been nice to see the other coordinator go, it shows that the front office “admitted” their mistake and decided to move on from the experiment.
Scott Milanovich – QB Coach: Milanovich took a job as the HC of the Edmonton Eskimos in the CFL. Before his 3-year stint in Jacksonville, he was the HC of the Toronto Argonauts in the CFL where he won the Grey Cup in 2012 and was also named Coach of the Year.


Jay Gruden – Offensive Coordinator – The once HC of the Washington Football Team, Gruden comes into the organization bringing experience in molding younger quarterbacks. A big help is the fact that GM Dave Caldwell brought in a few players familiar with his scheme to assist in adjusting the other players to the playbook. Of all the OC candidates, Gruden is best fit for Minshew’s playstyle due to his West Coast Offense.
Ben McAdoo – Quarterbacks Coach: Brought in to replace Milanovich, McAdoo also brings HC experience to the team. Even though his time in the Giants organization is best left to be forgotten, his experience as an OC and QB coach makes him a prime candidate. He spent two seasons in Green Bay working with Aaron Rodgers and also helped the Giants to the 6th best scoring offense in the NFL in 2015.
Denard Robinson – Offensive Quality Control Coach: Not really a huge hire, but a nice reunion. Former QB turned RB, Denard “Shoelace” Robinson, continues his time in Duval as an assistant. He was drafted in the 5th round of the 2013 draft as an “Offensive Weapon” but played primarily at RB during his time as a player.

Free Agency/Trades

Players Lost/Traded

Player Position New Team Compensation
Nick Foles QB Bears Compensatory 4th round draft pick
Calais Campbell DE Ravens 5th round pick
A.J. Bouye CB Broncos 4th round pick
Marcell Dareus DT Free Agent
Marqise Lee WR Patriots 1 yr / $1,047,500
Jake Ryan ILB Free Agent
Cedric Ogbuehi RT Seahawks 1 yr / $2,300,000

Key Losses:

Nick Foles: After signing him to a MASSIVE 4-year contract worth $88 million, with $51 million guaranteed, the Jaguars thought they had their man in Super Bowl MVP Big Dick Nick. However, that did not live long since Foles broke his left clavicle during a 35-yard touchdown pass to DJ Chark. Once he was replaced by Bomb-Chuckin’ and Mom-Fuckin’ Gardner Minshew II, he was basically left as an afterthought in the Jaguars fanbase…..until the bye week. He was named the starter for the rest of the season and was severely disappointing in his limited time as it, thus resulting in him being benched after 3 games. In his time as a starter, he completed 77 passes for a completion percentage of 65.8%, 3 touchdowns and 2 interceptions, with a passer rating of 84.6. He was largely disappointing in his time here but left the door open for Minshew Mania. Foles was traded to the Bears for a 2020 Compensatory 4th round pick AND took parts of his massive contract and helped us start the return from cap hell. D+ for his play, B for the trade return.
Calais Campbell: I’m like, really upset about this one. I remember exactly where I was when I found out that this glorious human was traded to the Baltimore Ravens for a 5th round pick. Chump change for the 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year award recipient. After being signed to a 4-year deal worth $60 million with $30 million guaranteed in 2017, the man proceeded to become the Mayor of the Defensive Line Formerly Known as Sacksonville. Amassing 31.5 sacks, 77 QB hits and 44 TFL in his 3 years on the team; not only was he a force on the field, he was very much involved in the Phoenix and Jacksonville communities. In 2019, Campbell won the Walter Payton Man of the Year award – given to the NFL player that best demonstrates outstanding community service and excellence on the field. His charity, CRC Foundation, has been helping young people with critical life skills since 2009. Adding to that, he has also hosted many holiday shopping sprees, the JaxPAL Youth Football and STEM Camp and has spent countless hours speaking encouragement to children in area schools. The fact that the Jaguars let him go for a 2020 5th round pick says a lot about what the teams feels about their cap situation. A for play, D- for trade return.
A.J. Bouye: Bouye was signed in 2017 as a free agent from Houston. His final season on the Texans is what attracted the Jaguars the most, landing him a 5-year contract worth $67.5 million with $26 million guaranteed. In his time with the team, he accrued 8 interceptions, 34 passes defended, and allowed just a 64.4 completion percentage when thrown to since 2018. 2017 was by far his best season opposite Jalen Ramsey in which they formed one of the most feared duos that year. He saw significant drop off in the 2 years to follow, leading to the team wanting to move in a different direction. He was traded to the Denver Broncos for a 2020 4th round pick and saving over $11 million from his remaining contract. B for play, C+ for trade return.
Marcell Dareus: Dareus was traded from the Bills to the Jaguars mid-season 2017 for a 2018 6th round pick to help solidify the lone run-defense weakness in what was a near impeccable defense. Although his stats don’t show it, (2.5 sacks, 45 combined tackles, 4 TFL and 5 QB hits) when healthy, he was a stud in the run game. The Jaguars ultimately decided not to pick up his 2020-year option and he remains a free agent. A team struggling in the run game could pick him up for cheap and I’m not 100% sure why he hasn’t been signed by a team yet. Dave Caldwell has said he is open to bringing him back on a separate deal, but hasn't acted on it yet. C

Players Signed

Player Position Old Team Length Salary
Tyler Eifert TE Bengals 2 years $9,500,000
Joe Schobert ILB Browns 5 years $53,750,000
Chris Thompson RB The Washington Football Team 1 year $1,400,000
Al Woods DT Seahawks 1 year $2,500,000
Rashaan Melvin CB Lions 1 year $1,750,000
Mike Glennon QB Raiders 1 year $1,187,500
Rodney Gunter DE Cardinals 3 years $18,000,000
Aaron Lynch OLB Bears 1 year $1,100,000
Cassius Marsh DE Cardinals 1 year $1,047,500
Lerentee McCray OLB Jaguars 1 year $1,047,500
Tyler Shatley C Jaguars 1 year $1,512,500
Keelan Cole WR Jaguars 1 year $3,259,000
Brian Price DT Jaguars 2 year $1,815,000
Yannick Ngakoue DE Jaguars 1 year TAG $17,788,000
Tyler Eifert: Going into the offseason, the biggest hole in an already lackluster offense was the Tight End position. The Jaguars drafted Josh Oliver in the 3rd round of the 2019 draft to help with that, but he went down with a hamstring injury in the preseason and a back injury during the regular season which limited him to 3 games. James O’Shaughnessy was one of Minshew’s favorite targets but went down with an ACL injury early on as well. Tyler Eifert comes in already familiar with Jay Gruden’s offense. The Jaguars are taking a risk in signing Eifert if they expect him to play even close to his 2015 production (52 catches for 615 yards and 13 touchdowns). However, if he stays healthy and can play even half as good, that’s a massive upgrade over what our Tight End group has produced over the past 5+ years. A 2-year contract worth $9.5 million filled with incentives should give Eifert the motivation to stay healthy and contribute immediately. But if he doesn’t produce as expected, the team should be able to release him with little cap hit. C+
Joe Schobert: Schobert from the Cleveland Browns could be considered the teams’ “marquee” free agent, signing a 5-year, $53.75 million contract with $21.5 million guaranteed. He comes into a linebacker corps that hasn’t had a true MLB since Posluszny retired. This addition allows Myles Jack to move to weak side and gives the opportunity for competition at strong side. Schobert gives the Jaguars a leadership type figure in an already incredibly young defense. Since Telvin Smith retired and decided to be stupid (more on that later on) and Poz choosing to hang up the cleats as well, there hasn’t been someone that could command the defense; Jack tried previously but had probably his worst year to date. Schobert solidifying the middle also gives Jack the opportunity to use his athleticism on the outside. Schobert is top 10 in pass coverage, but still needs to improve in the run game (which is something the team has struggled in for years). I feel like this is a boom-or-bust signing, but am cautiously optimistic. B+
Chris Thompson: Leonard Fournette is still this team’s workhorse back. Rumors started spreading that he would be traded prior to the draft, which ultimately fell flat. Just because the Jags are going to rely on Fournette even more, doesn’t mean that Minshew doesn’t need as many weapons as possible. This is another signing that works well with Gruden’s offense since he had played for him in Washington. This also gives Minshew another weapon out of the backfield. On the other hand, this is another signing that is based solely on whether he can stay healthy or not. A one year, prove-it deal worth $1.4 million is smart on the teams end because when healthy, Thompson can still have the capability to make plays. B
Rodney Gunter: A Calais Campbell clone? Probably not, but a man can dream right? The DE from Arizona signed a 3-year deal worth $18 million to pretty much help rotate through his old position, though. He hasn’t really shown much as a pass rusher (11 sacks in 5 years) but will probably be a rotational piece mostly used in run downs. C
Rashaan Melvin: With the departure of Bouye, the team looked thin at the position prior to the draft. The Jags also hit a homerun with their previous CB signing from Detroit, DJ Hayden. Melvin comes in on another one-year deal to compete with last years UDFA surprise, Tre Herndon for the CB2 spot opposite CJ Henderson. In his 4 years with Detroit, Oakland and Indianapolis, he posted 4 INT and 41 Passes Defended and 2 FF. This puts some competition in camp (if there is one) with experience vs. potential. B-
Al Woods: Caldwell goes in again on defense and signs the large run-stuffer from Seattle on a 1-year, $2.5 million deal. The loss of Marcel Dareus put a large hole in the already weak run defense and Woods helps plug it back in with a decent resume stuffing the middle. This gives the Jags a nice rotation between him, Abry Jones and Davon Hamilton. B EDIT: As of posting this, Al Woods has opted out of the 2020 season.


After trading away Jalen Ramsey, Calais Campbell, AJ Bouye and Nick Foles, the Jaguars ended up with a total of 12 draft picks (most in franchise history).
Round Number Player Position School
1 9 (9) CJ Henderson CB Florida
1 20 (20) from Rams K’Lavon Chaisson DE/LB LSU
2 10 (42) Laviska Shenault Jr. WR Colorado
3 9 (73) DaVon Hamilton DT Ohio State
4 10 (116) Ben Bartch OL St. Johns (Minn.)
4 31 (137) from Broncos Josiah Scott CB Michigan State
4 34 (140) from Bears Shaquille Quarterman LB Miami
5 12 (157) from Ravens Daniel Thomas S Auburn
5 20 (165) from Rams (Fowler trade) Collin Johnson WR Texas
6 10 (189) Jake Luton QB Oregon State
6 27 (206) Tyler Davis TE Georgia Tech
7 9 (223) Chris Claybrooks CB/Return Specialist Memphis


C.J. Henderson: There was a lot of speculation as to who Caldwell was going to draft with the first of 2 first round picks. Was it going to be an OL? WR? QB?(for some reason). Dave ultimately went with the heir to the Ramsey throne. Gone are the days of back injuries and in are the days of another Florida school product. This man is 6-foot 204lb and is extremely good in coverage, which is something that the team needs in replacement of Ramsey. One glaring weakness in his game is his tackling, which seems like there is some hesitation and looks to often miss open field tackles. He immediately fills the CB1 role that was previously held by surprise UDFA Tre Herndon. B
K’Lavon Chaisson: Alright, I’ll address the elephant on the team now. Yannick Ngakoue is not playing another down for the Jacksonville Jaguars. I was a believer that they could strike a long-term deal and keep the talented pass rusher but NOOOOO, he just had to beef with the owner’s son and ruin any chance, but I digress. The first of the Rams 1st round picks from the Jalen Ramsey trade yields the replacement for the other man who really wants out. The LSU product brings an incredible motor and raw talent. He has all the physical tools you could need in a DE/LB at 6’3” and 254lbs but has a high ceiling if he works on his technique. A line edged by Josh Allen and K’Lavon Chaisson sounds relentless to me. A-
Laviska Shenault Jr.: There was plenty of WR talent deep in this draft class and I feel like the Jags found a secret weapon in the Colorado prospect. Despite dealing with numerous injuries and not the best quarterback play, he was still able to produce over 2000 scrimmage yards through his SO and JR seasons. If he can stay healthy, he’ll be able to line up all over the field. Gruden will be able to set him up at WR, RB and even Wildcat QB if he’s feeling frisky. At 6-2 220LB, Minshew has versatile target that has the chance to produce really well if he can stay healthy. B+
DaVon Hamilton: The 6-4, 320lb DT was a wall in the center of the Buckeye line. He amassed 6 sacks, 28 tackles (9.5 for a loss) with 1 forced fumble in his redshirt senior season. Hamilton was drafted to help shore up the middle once held up by Dareus, but also now partially manned by Al Woods. His specialty is in the run game, which is something the Jags desperately need. B
Ben Bartch: The Smoothie King comes to Duval. Everyone knows the story of Bartch’s insane smoothie recipe that helped him gain 86lbs. Coming out of DIII St. John’s in Minnesota, he dominated competition enough to earn him a spot at the Senior Bowl. Even though he doesn’t have much experience against NFL caliber competition, Bartch has the tools necessary to grow in the league and become a serviceable backup or eventually challenge current starting RG, AJ Cann. B-
Josiah Scott: On the smaller end of the spectrum (5’9”, 185lbs), Scott has had to overcome his size with speed and knowledge. He’s too small to be anything more than a slot corner; but he can be great depth behind DJ Hayden and helpful in the run game. The Jags lost a lot in the CB department, so I understand the depth pick. C+
Shaquille Quarterman: Quarterman was a 4-year starter and a captain while at Miami. Caldwell really wanted to shore up the run defense this offense and this pick doesn’t stray away from that narrative. He may not be the best in the pass game since he has limited speed, but on running downs he could be very helpful and a leader in the locker room. B
Daniel Thomas: I’m actually a fan of this pick solely for depth purposes. The best backup safety on the team is Andrew Wingard, so any help at the position is good. In his time at Auburn, he notched 5 interceptions, 199 total tackles and forced 3 fumbles. B
Collin Johnson: I feel like Johnson will be an asset in the red zone. His large stature at 6’6”, 220lbs+ will be great for jump-balls. The Jags receiving corp. has almost every kind of receiver you would need except for a big bodied guy to get up after 50/50 balls. While I’m not happy it took Dave this long to get more help for Minshew besides Shenault, this isn’t the worst consolation prize. C+
Jake Luton: Caldwell has had a history of selecting a QB in the 6th round. So, I’m not surprised by this pick. But the question is: will he be another Minshew, or a Tanner Lee? The Oregon State Beaver threw for 42 touchdowns to 11 interception in 3 years there. My money is on him being a camp body or not making the roster at all. D
Tyler Davis: Davis started his career at UConn as a Quarterback but switched to WR as a sophomore and ended up a TE before transferring to Georgia Tech as a TE. His receiving stats leave a lot to be desired but has some strength in run-blocking. In an already crowded position group, he’ll have to really show off to make the final roster. D+
Chris Claybrooks: Caldwell and Marrone both agreed that Claybrooks was drafted for returning purposes. Supposedly running a 4.25s 40 in a video sent to every NFL team, he has the speed to make a difference on special teams. In his time returning kicks at Memphis, he returned 11 for 338 yards for an average of 30.7 – a much higher average than the 24.2 yds/rt the Jaguars did in 2019. B+


Luq Barcoo, CB, San Diego State; Doug Costin, DT, Miami (OH); Nathan Cottrell, RB, Georgia Tech; Ben Ellefson, TE, North Dakota State; Nate Evans, LB, Central Florida; Tavien Feaster, RB, South Carolina; Josh Hammond, WR, Florida; Amari Henderson, CB, Wake Forest; Ross Matiscik, LS, Baylor; Steven Nielson, OL, Ohio; J.R. Reed, S, Georgia; James Robinson, RB, Illinois State; Marvelle Ross, WR, Notre Dame College; Connor Slomka, FB, Army; Tre’Vour Wallace-Simms, OL, Missouri; Kobe Williams, CB, Arizona State; Brandon Wright, K, Georgia State.

Other Offseason News that Affected the Team

Oh my word…..there was so much that happened. I wish I had enough time to go into full detail on everything, but new job has my time extremely limited. I’ll unfortunately have to stick with short synopses on these.
Tom Coughlin Fired
The Tom Coughlin era 2.0 is finally over. The Jaguars have had enough of his dictatorship and days after the NFLPA sent a warning letter to players to stay away, they relieved him of his duties. A few of the grievances included:
  • Fining Dante Fowler Jr. $700k for not rehabbing in Jacksonville
  • Nearly forcing Jalen Ramsey and Telvin Smith to participate in voluntary workouts
  • Fining Fournette for sitting while inactive during the 2018 finale
But wait! There’s more! Not only did he have a number of grievances filed against him, he:
  • Gave Blake Bortles a deal averaging $18m a year, only to be released
  • Signed Nick Foles to a deal worth $88m, and wouldn’t let it go when it was proven he wasn’t the guy
  • Other general day-to-day nuances that make him an overall unlikable person
Now that he’s gone, the clocks have gone back to normal time and hopefully the morale of the team improves greatly. This is also a final chance for Doug Marrone and Dave Caldwell to show that a major factor in the teams lack of recent success can be directly attributed to the Tom Coughlin culture.
Telvin Smith arrested
Oooooh boy……what to say about this one. Former 5th round pick out of Florida State turned top MLB in the NFL arrested and charged with unlawful sexual activity with a minor. He retired in 2019 stating that he needed to focus on his family and health. Smith first met the girl in the summer of 2019, recently after she turned 17; and in their 2-month time together, they had sex multiple times in Smith’s car and home. Adding onto that, Smith offered the underage girl $200 to keep quiet, $100 of which she ultimately took. He was released on $50,003 bond. DON’T.FUCK.KIDS.OR.TEENS.PEOPLE.
Yannick Ngakoue
I don’t really know where to start this since so much has happened. Yannick Ngakoue is trying to pull a Jalen Ramsey and tweet himself out of Duval County. Ngakoue has been (and still is) very open about his displeasure towards the organization. Since late 2019, he has tweeted numerous times about wanting to be traded, even calling out Tony Khan (son of owner Shahid Khan) on the site. The team franchise tagged him and tried shopping around. Their asking price was a MINIMUM of a first round pick, but the Twitter tirade ruined basically any chance of that return. There was an offer that included a Pro Bowl player recently, which was declined since the player “didn’t fit their system”. People are split between whether he plays if he doesn’t get traded or sitting out the season, which I guess we’ll see once (if) the season commences.
No 5th year option for Fournette
Just like Ngakoue, the former 4th overall picks’ relationship with the front office has not been the most ideal. He was one of the many players that filed a grievance against the team for the fine for sitting on the bench in 2018 while inactive, which he got back. The Jaguars decided not to pick up his 5th year option, which would’ve netted Fournette $8.43 million. This means that, unless an extension is made, he will be an unrestricted free agent in 2021. The team will most likely not extend him beyond this season since they were even trying to get rid of him this offseason. They had discussions with teams about moving him, but no deal was done. Caldwell ultimately decided that Fournette will stick around and be the RB1 for the 2020 season but has not made any mention of beyond that. This is a contract year for him, and he wants to prove that he was worth the 4th overall selection.
As most of you may know, the Jacksonville Jaguars have another name: The London Jaguars
But in all seriousness, it’s been seeming to the general public that the team will move to London; especially after this year when Khan moved a second home game to Wembley Stadium. The reasoning behind the move is to increase local revenue. The front office believed that the reasoning behind the low revenue was the local market, not the product on the field. No one, not a single fan took this piece of news positively. It seemed like it was doomed from the start, something that could only be slowed down by say a…..pandemic? (un)Luckily so, one such pandemic happened. Creating an international travel restriction and preventing any NFL teams from playing in London. When the season does start, the home games, which would’ve been vs. the Lions and Browns in non-consecutive weeks, will actually be played at home. In other COVID news, former Jaguar great Tony Boselli contracted the Coronavirus and was admitted to the ICU for five days. Things got so bad that he was hooked up to two IVs and needed oxygen to help his breathing. Luckily, he was able to recover mostly and was released on March 30.

Projected Starting Lineup with Camp Battles

Positions won in a camp battle italicized
QB- Gardner Minshew: This is Gardner Minshew’s team in 2020. After a promising rookie season, added weapons and a more workable scheme, Minshew should solidify himself as the quarterback of the future - given he slows down on the turnovers.
RB- Leonard Fournette: In a contract year after his 5th year option was declined, he will be running with a chip on his shoulder. The team looks to run him as much as possible before he leaves.
TE- Tyler Eifert, James O’Shaughnessy: Free agent signing Eifert will fill the starting role as long as he is healthy. I think O’Shaughnessy beats out Josh Oliver for the TE2 spot due to last years chemistry with Minshew.
WR- D.J. Chark Jr., Dede Westbrook, Chris Conley, Laviska Shenault Jr.: This group is easily the strength of this offense. Chark looks to build on a really nice 2019 season, Westbrook and Conley weren’t bad as WR2 and 3, but they weren’t spectacular either. I added Shenault as well because he will be put in at a bunch of different positions.
LT- Cam Robinson: Robinson battled through an ACL injury in 2018 which basically sent his development back over a year. He’s been inconsistent in his time playing, playing well during some games but slacking big time in others.
LG- Andrew Norwell: The coaching staff is still sticking by the second highest paid guard in the NFL, even though he hasn’t been playing like it at all. He missed time in 2018 with a foot injury and has been battling through that since. But ultimately needs to play even remotely like the former 1st team all-pro in order to provide some return on his contract. He has been arguably the worst lineman on an already weak line.
C- Brandon Linder: One of the more underrated lineman in the league. Linder has been a consistent leader on the offense since being drafted in the 3rd round in 2014.
RG- A.J. Cann: Cann is just one of those guys where you kinda forget about him until he has a terrible game and then you remember that he’s actually not good. I’m considering this one a battle because I feel like rookie Bartch can snag a start or two during the season.
RT- Jawaan Taylor: After dropping to the Jags in the second round of last years’ draft, Taylor has lived up to expectations. While having the typical rookie growing pains, he was extremely solid playing against pro-level talent.
DL- Josh Allen, Abry Jones, Taven Bryan/Rodney Gunter, K’Lavon Chaisson: A group that is primed to surprise people. The Good Josh Allen is already a forced to be reckoned with, Abry Jones is a solid piece with some rotational help, Taven Bryan is only getting better at the run while Gunter will help with the pass rush. Finally, 1st round pick K’Lavon Chaisson comes in with an incredible motor to help with the loss of Ngakoue.
LB- Myles Jack, Joe Schobert, Quincy Williams: Myles Jack is on his 3rd position, so hopefully this will unlock his full athletic potential. Schobert will command the defense up the middle and drop into coverage. Quincy did not play well last year as a rookie. I hope he is able to progress this season or we might be in trouble there.
CB- C.J. Henderson, Rashaan Melvin, D.J. Hayden: 9th overall pick Henderson gets the start at the CB1 position. Melvin and Tre Herndon are going to be battling for the CB2 spot, but I give the nod to Melvin solely because he has more experience. D.J. Hayden is another underrated player in the NFL and is quietly one of the top Nickel corners.
S- Ronnie Harrison, Jarrod Wilson: Ronnie Harrison has been really coming into his own over the past season and will only get better. Jarrod Wilson played fairly well in 2019 and was exercised his option during the offseason.
K- Josh Lambo: Lambo is one of the most consistent kickers in the NFL today. Hitting over 94% of his kicks since coming to Jacksonville (while also leading the NFL in 2019 with 97.1% FG made).
P- Logan Cooke: Cooke is top 10 in yards/punt and has no need to worry about losing his job.
KR- Chris Claybrooks: The 7th rounder from Memphis was drafted specifically to return kicks, hopefully he brings the spark that the team desperately needs on ST.
PR- Dede Westbrook: Westbrook was 14th in the NFL in punt returns, he hasn’t been great in the field, but he also hasn’t been terrible.

Schedule Predictions

Week 1: IND (L) – Philip Rivers has had our number over the years (7-2, 24 touchdowns to 5 interceptions); and a team that’s a QB shy from competing now has the Jaguars literal kryptonite. I have my faith in the young defense, but Rivers will probably have a field day. 0-1
Week 2: @TEN (W) – Huh, no annual TNF Titans-Jaguars trash bowl? 2020 is really a weird year and I don’t like it. Here’s hoping that at least one trend sort of-continues: a split in games. The Jags revamped run defense slows down Derrick Henry for a game and CJ Henderson gets his first career pick off of Tannehill. Minshew is going to be the deciding factor in this game. 1-1
Week 3: MIA (W) – If it’s Fitzpatrick, it’s a loss. But I believe Tua takes the job early in the season(maybe?) and has his typical rookie growing pains. One of which is losing to a bad team that you shouldn’t lose to. 2-1
Week 4: @CIN (W) – Just like Tua, Burrow is set to have his growing pains. But this isn’t one of those games. The first overall pick goes into a shootout with The Man, The Myth, The Legend but comes up short due to a questionable play call in the final seconds. 3-1
Week 5: @HOU (L) – Even though Houston no longer has DeAndre Hopkins, Deshaun Watson is still able to work through the Jags D to come up with the win. 3-2
Week 6: DET (L) – Matthew Stafford has a really good week and Jeff Okudah outmatches his top 10 counterpart in another close game that comes down to game management experience. 3-3
Week 7: BYE
Week 8: @LAC (W) – Even though Jacksonville isn’t typically good on the west coast, they’re facing a team manned either by Tyrod Taylor or Justin Herbert. If they’re facing the latter (I’m sticking with a first round rookie start), then they’ll pull off a win they shouldn’t have. 4-3
Week 9: HOU (L) - Just like week 5, Watson goes off again while Brandon Cooks has 150+ yards receiving. Minshew attempts a 4th quarter comeback and brings it close, but ultimately falls short. 4-4
Week 10: @GB (L) - Aaron Rodgers is obviously unhappy with the drafting of Jordan Love and is on a mission to prove that he’s still got it in the league. Even though the rest of the roster is lacking pieces, you can never count out Rodgers. Especially when it’s against lower competition. 4-5
Week 11: PIT (L) – I feel like this could be the start (or continuation) of a decent non-divisional/former divisional rivalry. Big Ben is back and has a good back in James Conner. Besides JuJu Smith-Schuster and Eric Ebron, there isn’t anyone that inflicts fear in secondaries. This game could go either way, but I’m giving the nod to Pittsburgh in a close match. Their defense has enough to slow down our offense, but our defense lacks the “star-power” against their offense to really make up for it. 4-6
Week 12: @CLE (L) – Chubb is good, Beckham is good, Landry is good, Hooper is good. Unfortunately I don’t see us being close in this one. 4-7
Week 13: @MIN (L) – Minnesota, at this point, is looking towards the postseason and will not hold back. Thielen and Cook will carry their offense to 3 touchdowns while the Jags offense falls flat this week. 4-8
Week 14: TEN (L) – The split game. Again….WHY NO TNF?! The Jaguars come into the game tired and eliminated, while the Tacks come into the contest nearing a berth and are hungry for a win. Derrick Henry is Derrick Henry and just runs train. 4-9
Week 15: @BAL (L) - I may be biased but I’m not delusional. 4-10
Week 16: CHI (W) – I’m basing this off my prediction that Foles will outplay Trubisky and stays healthy. Foles plays better than Trubisky, but that’s not saying much. Henderson is able to keep Allen Robinson at bay; and while Khalil Mack will be effective, his impact will be kept to a best-case scenario. 5-10
Week 17: IND (W) – Indianapolis already clinched a playoff spot and is resting their starters for their inevitable 1st round elimination. So, the Jags will win in semi-convincing fashion against a team starting backups. 6-10
Final Record: 6-10. I genuinely believe this team has improved overall despite the major losses throughout the defense. There are going to be a lot of close games, especially if more players opt-out of the season. I feel like many of these games could steer in either direction. Besides Baltimore, Minnesota, Houston and Green Bay, of course. The ceiling of this team could push .500, but the floor could really bottom out at 1 or 2 wins. This team is extremely young and still needs to mesh. Depending on next years draft picks (looking at you, Rams. Please suck, thanks), this team is poised for a huge jump in the near future. This isn’t a full rebuild, it’s a partial one. I do not see this team making the postseason this year, but they could definitely play party-pooper to a couple of teams.


Jay Gruden – Gruden utilizes a West Coast Offensive scheme. This scheme was created by Bill Walsh in the 60’s when he worked for the Cincinnati Bengals as the QB coach. This offense relies heavily on shorter throws spread out throughout the field, eventually opening the top up for the occasional long ball. The use of a mobile QB and a variety of receivers can really help spread out the defense as well and easier for him to make throws.
Todd Wash – Although there have been rumors of a scheme change, and the signing of certain players seem to suggest the same, Todd Wash is still sticking a base 4-3 defense. One of the more common schemes, it involves four down linemen consisting of a nose tackle, a defensive tackle and two ends. Behind the linemen are 3 linebackers: The Mike, Will and Sam linebackers. The Mike, or middle, will line up behind the nose tackle and covers the A gap. The Will, or weak, lines up on the side not containing the TE and covers the B gap on that side. The Sam, or strong, lines up on the side of the Tight End and will contain the C gap on that side. The secondary will always have two CB’s, a SS and FS; the CB’s will cover the receivers, the FS will line up deep on the side of the weakside linebacker and the SS will do the same on the opposite side.
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2020.07.14 21:15 Metalshark2005 The Steve McNair Murder, More Than Meets The Eye

Note: This is only a theory
I’m not one to believe too many conspiracies, but this one has always been on my mind and I’m shocked that not many people talk about it.
People involved: Steve McNair: Former NFL MVP quarterback, Steve is known mostly for being an electrifying star quarterback for the Tennessee Titans and later on, the Baltimore Ravens. He was involved in historic games that included the “Music City Miracle” game vs the Bills and Super Bowl XXXIV vs the Rams when his last throw was famously one yard short of sending the game into OT before time expired. Towards the end of his life, he was going through a nasty divorce with his then wife Mechelle and started sleeping around. He periodically stay in a condo which is where he’d bring his mistresses, including Sahel Kazemi.
Sahel Kazemi: Nicknamed “Jenni” by peers, was an immigrant from Iraq. She came to America in 2002, settling in Jacksonville, FL and eventually Nashville TN. Jenni was a waitress at a Dave & Busters when she started going out with McNair. She is the alleged murder in this case.
Adrian Gilliam: An Ex Convict, Gilliam was convicted of second-degree murder and attempted armed robbery during a gun fight with 3 other people in 1992 which ended up with one of his friends dead. He served 9 years out of 17 year prison sentence. He started a flirtatious relationship with Jenni around the time of the murder. He was the one who allegedly sold Jenni the murder weapon. He was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison for illegal possession of a firearm.
The story we heard: Steve McNair was killed in a supposed murder-suicide by Jenni in the early hours of July 4th, 2009. Jenni supposedly purchased a 9mm firearm from ex-con Adrian Gilliam in a Dave & Busters around 5:30 PM on July 3rd and was used in the killings. The body’s where found by Wayne Neeley, a close friend of McNair at 12:40 PM later that day. McNair was found with 4 gunshot wounds, 2 his chest, and one in each temple. Jenni was found with a single gunshot to the head at his feet. After 4 days of investigating, the official ruling was a murder-suicide at the hands of Jenni with a possible motive being jealousy after seeing used condoms in McNair’s bathroom trash can.
Why I’m skeptical: 1. Nobody who was close to the 2 casualties that came out publicly truly believe that it was a murder-suicide ranging from close friends of the two and to McNair’s own son.
  1. The investigation only lasted 4 days. For someone who was arguably the most popular man in the state of Tennessee since Elvis Presley, there’s no way the case should’ve ended that early. Especially one with this many inconsistencies.
  2. There’s no possible way in hell you can hide a fucking gun in a tight uniform that employees wear at Dave & Busters, especially when it’s crowded like the night of the supposed transaction without anything noticing. It just can’t happen (This is my main reason btw)
  3. Adrian Gilliam was caught lying to the police on multiple occasions during the investigation. He faked an alibi, claimed he didn’t know the person he was selling a FUCKING GUN to (which was proven false).
  4. Gilliam claims he doesn’t fully remember the date and time of the gun sale
  5. There no actual footage of the gun sale
  6. Jenni had never fire a gun before in here life up until this point and was only showed how to remove the clip. Yet, she’s able to shoot with stellar accuracy.
  7. Gilliam is the only one who claimed the sale went on.
  8. The Nashville PD refuses to release the crime scene photos, even at the request of McNair’s Mother.
  9. The main text messages from Jenni that police focus on are vague as all hell. With the 2 main ones being “I’m gonna have all of u soon” that she sent to Steve and “I should just end it all” which she sent to a friend. These could mean literally anything. Jenni did admit she was becoming unhappy with her relationship with McNair so the “end it all text” could’ve been talking about breaking up with him. And the “have all of you” message could’ve been seen as something involving sex.
What did I think actually happened: Once again, it’s a theory, but I believe that Adrian Gilliam should be the top suspect of the murder of those two people. Think about it, he was a proven liar, lived a life of crime beforehand, was experienced with guns, knew one of the victims personally, and possibly had a motive due to rejection.
Final notes: I’m wondering how y’all think of this. I’ve been a fan of Steve since I was a kid and I never knew about this theory until my teacher told me about last year. If you are interested in hearing more, I suggest checking out the “Fall of a Titan” podcast from Sports Illustrated (it’s shows up as “Lateral Damage” on Spotify) where they go more in debt about the whole thing. And there’s so much more I can say about this. Hell, theses a theory that he was found with his own penis in his mouth (which multiple people who where on the scene have multiple takes on).
submitted by Metalshark2005 to conspiracy_commons [link] [comments]

2020.07.10 00:06 blackfridayswitch13 Last Call

Bobbi sat in her chair, listening to the stranger tell her about his fears and regrets as she had hundreds of times in the last few years at Caring is Sharing, the over the phone counseling company. Her Boss, Mr. Mills, paced back and forth as though something was distressing him greatly. She finally relieved herself from the phone call so she could see what the matter was.
“Mr. Mills, is everything alright?”
“No,” he smiled a twisted grin. “It is not alright, Bobbi. The could not stop it. The government’s plans failed. We are set to die by that asteroid at 7 am tomorrow morning.”
Bobbi clutched her necklace as tears began to fall from her tiny face. Her short dark pixie cut remained entirely in contrast atop her now red and screwed up face. Her eyes wouldn’t leave Mr. Mills.
“What now?” Bobbi asked.
“Go home, call your mother, pet your cat. I don’t really give a fuck.”
Bobbi had never seen the kind and calm Mr. Mills so rattled in all of her life. At twenty-five, she had not learned much about life except for her 4 years of schooling in counseling others off the ledge of life. She had lived minimal experience outside the call center at Caring is Sharing.
Bobbi looked out the window down into the streets. People were running in every direction. She saw a man jump out of the second story building across from theirs to his death below.
Her eyes were seeing too much and could barely process it. Bobbi wiped her eyes and walked over to the phone and picked it up, dialing the nursing home her mother had been in the last two years.
A kind woman answered the phone. “Hidden Oak Nursing Facility, this is Jane, how may I assist you?”
Bobbie wondered if Jane had not yet learned that the world was soon ending. She spoke very softly into the phone and did not recognize the tone that came from her lips.
“My name is Bobbi Williams, I am calling to peak to Helen Williams, my mother.”
“Oh, Miss Williams, your um mother has um she is in a coma. I am so sorry. We were planning to call you but-” she stopped, and Bobbi knew then why they hadn’t. The world was ending in fire and chaos in less than six hours.
“Can you tell her I love her?”
“Very well, Miss.” the young woman said as she began sobbing over the phone. Bobbie hung up and stood in a daze, unsure of what she was going to do. She thought for a moment about her mother being in a coma. She had been ill for so long she deserved to die peacefully. Bobbi comforted herself by the realization that if her ailing mother was in a coma, she would not feel the blast of the fireball headed for their planet.
Bobbi wondered for a small second if it would hurt, would it be so fast she wouldn’t feel anything? She turned to thoughts to all the children, the animals, and she cried.
Bobbi grabbed her coat and went towards the door to walk out when she heard it. What sound was coming from her desk chair? How could something so normal put her at ease for that second? It was the ringing of her telephone, something heard a thousand times. Something that had, on many occasions, made her wish she had chosen a different path in life. It had so many times given her satisfaction that, in fact, she was a good human being for all her listening and hard work. Bobbi wondered for a split second how many people she had helped?
The phone rang again, and she had no idea why, but she sat down, put her headset on, and answered the call.
“Hello, this is Caring is Sharing my name is Bobbi, and how may I extend my hand today?” she had said it a thousand times. It was corny and stupid, but it seemed to be something that Mr. Mills felt worked.
“Uh, you answered?”
“Oh,” said the voice.
“My name is Bobbi, would you like me to extend my hand to you today? Perhaps I can listen to you while you tell me what is going on.” her voice was still shaking, but she remained focused on the job at hand.
“You saw the news?”
“Yes,” Bobbi responded robotically.
“I have no one left in my life to care for or about me, and it is the end of the world.” the man’s voice said over the phone. “Thank you for answering, but why did you?” he asked, unsure as to why this other human being was there just when he didn’t expect any human being to be.
“I don’t have anyone either.”
The man sighed. “I’m sorry.”
“It is okay. May I ask your name?”
“Well, Jake, it looks like we have each other right now. Would you like to be my end of the world date?”
Jake laughed, making Bobbi feel better. Jake had a calmness to his voice that helped put her at ease, and she would try to put him at ease in return. “Splendid, idea,” Jake responded.
“Tell me a little about yourself,” Bobbie said gently into the phone as she had been trained.
“I’m a widower,”
“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.”
“Yeah, it was my fault.”
“Oh, no, don’t say that. We all feel that way when something tragic happens, but it doesn’t mean it is true.”
“Maybe, so tell me a little about you.” Jake switched subjects quickly.
“I’m a 25 UCLA graduate with a major in Psychology. I live alone, no animals, but I love plants.”
“Do you have a boyfriend? Girlfriend?” Jake asked
“Neither.” Bobbi chuckled.
“I think that is wise. Less pressure to be someone that isn’t who you really are all the time.”
“Is that what you feel being in a relationship is like?”
“Yes. I was never given complete freedom in my marriage to Sienna – my wife, that was her name.”
“It is a beautiful name,” Bobbi said as empathetically as her voice would let her sound.
“She hated it,” Jake laughed.
“She never felt she as pretty enough to have a name like Sienna.”
“Oh, well, I’m sure she was beautiful, or at least you must have thought she was beautiful to marry her. I wonder what that may have been like for me.”
“She was stunning in her own way. So, Bobbi, you were never engaged to anyone?”
“Afraid not.”
“How come?”
“I’m not good at dating anyone. I always feel awkward.” Bobbi laughed shyly. She tried to maintain control of the call as she had done hundreds of times.
“I doubt that. Why do you get shy? Is it because you think someone won’t like you if you act a certain way?”
“No, just sometimes, I feel like I don’t matter.”
“You do counseling for a living. That has to matter to someone, it matters to me because you took my call.”
“Maybe I’m afraid to get really close to anyone. I had one terrible relationship in my life, and it is what lead me to do this job.”
“May I ask what happened?”
“My ex-boyfriend killed himself when we were in high school. It was a week before prom. I didn’t even know he was depressed, but I was given signs looking back.”
“What kind of signs? I’m curious as to what sort of things one must be showing to the world before that.”
“He slept all day sometimes, he’d get really excited and manic about stuff then sulk for days afterward. He drew skeletons and made jokes about himself dying all the time. I mean, it is one thing to show artistic intent, but he was rather obsessed and felt like he had no one to talk to. Let’s change the subject.” Bobbi took a deep breath.
It had been a long time since she had thought about her ex, Marty. She tried not to think about it, but given there was little hope now at surviving, she didn’t care.
“Okay, so tell me the craziest thing you have ever done. This will be a fun one.”
“You first.” Bobbi quipped back with a sly smirk that Jake could hear in her voice over the phone.
“I got arrested for the first time in my life at 36.”
“Arrested? Oh well, that is definitely going to be hard to beat. The craziest thing I ever did was I stole wine from the grocery store.”
“Can you tell me the story about that?” Jake laughed
“Oh, no. You have to tell me yours first.”
“Oh, no, I promise it isn’t that interesting. Sadder than anything, and I don’t feel ready to talk about that just yet.”
“Okay, fine. I was at a frat party in college when my best friend and I were shopping. We were both already drunk, and we realized that we had overextended our budget on alcohol. So here I was at the store with a long dress on. My stupid ass shoved a wine jug in the front and pretended to be pregnant. I walked out of the store and got into my friend’s car, convinced I was going to be arrested. It was foolish looking back, but I guess it is funny now.”
“I once had sex in a public restroom.”
Bobbi began laughing hysterically. “What?”
“Yeah, speaking of college. That is the second craziest thing I ever did. This girl I was with at the time thought it would be sexy if we got it on in the bathroom of this coffee shop we used to go to. Well, I guess we were so loud that when we walked out, the entire place started to clap. She was mortified, so we left. I wanted to stay because I thought we’d get free food or something out of it, but she never spoke to me again after that -and it was her idea!”
Bobbi was still laughing when she looked up at the clock in the office. It was three am. There were four hours left on earth, and she was talking to a complete stranger. This is not how she pictured her last hours on earth.
She had always imagined dying in a hospital bed surrounded by loved ones, children, and grandchildren.
There was a loud boom from the other end of the phone.
“Jake?” Bobbi asked.
There was no sound coming from the end of the phone.
“Jake, hello? Are you there?”
Bobbi could hear the sound of someone crying outside her building window. She dared not look at the horrors just outside of her office building in the city that never seemed to rest. Even now, it was complete and utter devastation. She stood to look out the window and could see a group of men accosting a woman outside and then an explosion.
The met scattered, but the woman was now dead. Bobbie went towards the door of her office and locked it firmly. She could hear sirens, but she didn’t know if it meant there were police offering aid or if someone was taking a last-minute joy ride in a police car.
“Jake?” Bobbi asked again, hoping that her only offer of solace was still on the other end of the phone.
“I’m here, I’m sorry. I was moving into a safer place in the jail.”
Bobbi was still watching the fires that had started outside of her window when she realized what Jake had said. She walked back to her desk and sat in her chair.
“Jail?” she was as perplexed as she felt deceived, although she didn’t think that she had any right to feel that way. Jake was hiding something. She needed to know what. It didn’t matter that in less than four hours, they would all be dead. Bobbi had to know what he was hiding. It was the only way she would be able to feel genuinely connected to Jake, and she needed that connection so she wouldn’t feel alone.
“I’m in the county jail. Manslaughter.” his voice was lower, and he became quiet.
“Is that what you didn’t want to talk about?”
“Yes, I was afraid you wouldn’t want to talk to me anymore.”
“What did you do?”
“I killed my wife.”
Bobbi made an audible gasp. “Why?”
“I don’t have an answer for that. I just did it.”
Bobbi was running over scenarios in her mind as she listened to him.
“Tell me what happened. Sometimes if you talk about what happened, it is therapeutic.”
“I was drunk for the hundredth time in our marriage. Sienna didn’t like it when I drank. She said it made me cocky. I was a bit of an ass when I drank, I’ll give her that. We were arguing over some guy I accused her of flirting with at the bar we were at. She refused to go home with me. So, I being the asshole of the hour that I was, decided I needed one more drink before I left the bar and drove my ass home. Instead of doing just that, drinking my last drink and going home, I decided to drag her kicking and screaming into my car. She kept trying to call someone to pick us up, but I said no. I forced her into my car like an idiot. Then I drove us home, going seventy-five miles per hour. The last thing I remember is a light coming at us, and then I woke up in a hospital bed. I killed her and another driver. A grandmother of six coming home from her late-night shift at a Taco Bell.”
Bobbi had no words; Jake was crying now. She wanted to tell him everything was going to be alright, but she knew better. They were both going to die.
“Are you alone in jail?”
“Yes. I was the only prisoner they were going to transport me to the prison first thing tomorrow. A jury gave me 25 to life yesterday.”
“Where did all the guards go?”
“They left me with the keys told me to do what I wanted and ran out. I don’t deserve to be out there anymore. Even with a few hours left on this planet. I’d give anything to tell my wife I’m sorry and that I love her. I’d give anything to tell the family of that grandmother that I never meant to hurt her.”
Bobbi was crying too now. Unsure as what to say to Jake.
“They know those things, Jake. Your wife knows you love her.”
“I don’t think she would care.”
“Do you believe in an afterlife?”
“No. But I’m hopeful.”
“Okay, um, I think deep down, you were never a bad person Jake. What you did was bad, and yet you have remorse.”
“Is this in your training manual too?”
“No, I’m just going off instinct.”
“Tell me something if there were no asteroid would you have come to visit me if I had asked?”
“I don’t know.”
“Where are you now?” he asked.
“Jacksonville, Florida.”
“I’m in a little jail outside of Chicago.”
Bobbi wished for a split second that she could see Jake in person if only so she wouldn’t be physically alone now at the end of the world.
“Well, there are three hours left now. What would you like to talk about?” Bobbie tried to sound cheerful.
“What is your favorite sport?”
“Basketball,” Jake said.
“What is your favorite color?”
“Mine too.”
“What is your favorite sport?”
“I hate sports.”
“Oh, come on,” Jake said, laughing now.
“No, really, I hate them,” Bobbi said, laughing. “I hated PE in school. I was tiny and could barely participate in any of them. My best friend was a really tall basketball player, though.”
“What was her name?”
“Emily, she was terrific-” Bobbi was cut off by the electricity going out in the building.
The telephone system went out, and she found herself trying with all of her might to find Jakes’s number to trace.
Bobbi heard another explosion outside, and she noticed the crowds of people had moved out towards the beach. She could see in the distance military crafts flying over the sky as though they were flying up towards something. Maybe they were making one last attempt at destroying the asteroid before it got to earth.
The office was dark, and she searched around for her cellular phone to see if she could find the numbers on the main tracking computer. It was the only computer till connected to the large generator outside. So far, the crowds of people had not destroyed that.
In the distance, she could see a bright green light streaking across the sky in slow motion. This was what would end her life?
She looked back at the computer and could see a number on the screen, please let this be Jake.
Bobbi dialed the telephone number and then she heard the most beautiful sound in the world.
“Holy shit! Bobbi?”
“Jake, thank God! Our electricity is out.”
“It went out here too. I think that’s happening everywhere. So far, at least we have cell service.”
“It is getting closer.” Bobbi was looking at the clock, and from the time she had lost the call, another hour had passed.
“I know,” Jake said.
“I can see it.”
“See what?”
“The asteroid. It hasn’t hit, but I can see it streaking across the sky in the distance.”
“What does it look like?” Jake asked.
“It’s a slow-moving green streak.”
There was another sound this one more frightening to Bobbi.
“Jake, what is that?”
“I don’t know.”
“Where is it coming from?”
“Outside the door to the jail. I’m confident that whatever it is can’t get in. I made sure I locked down the jail.”
The sound was growing louder until she finally heard what sounded like something banging on a steel door.
“Tell me more about your friend that played basketball,” Jake said, distracting himself from what now was the boom on the other end of his jail door.
“Emily was great. She got a scholarship to play for Kansas.”
“Did she take it?” Jake asked.
“Yes, she works in television now,”
Bobbi held the phone to her head tightly as she realized that there was something else in that dark sky besides an asteroid.
In the distance was a large ship. Bobbi blinked twice to make sure she was seeing it correctly. It was floating in the sky, making no sound. The people that were outside were now being shot with a laser beam of light. Bobbi began to breathe heavy into the phone.
“Are you okay? I can tell something is wrong.”
“I don’t’ think we are going to be obliterated from an asteroid. Jake, please believe me when I tell you I am looking at a large spacecraft right now!” Bobbi’s voice was panicked.
“I think you are right,” Jake said calmly.
“Oh my god, Jake, it is coming closer to my window!” The object floated up to the skyscraper and hovered within six feet of where Bobbi was standing.
A large beam of light surveyed the room where she was as she held the cellphone desperately up to her ear.
“What is happening now?” Jake asked.
“I think they are investigating me.”
“Those sounds outside my door, those aren’t people trying to get in, Bobbi.”
“I don’t think it is an asteroid that they are worried about. That seemed to have passed.”
The clock on the wall now said seven am. The time that the governments all around the world said the asteroid was going to hit the earth, pounding it into obliteration. Instead, what awaited them was something much more mundane and sinister. Invaders from another world.
“They are here, Bobbi. I just want to say thank you, thank you for being that voice on the other end of the phone when I needed it most.”
Bobbi held her phone up tighter now as if she could push it inside her mind.
“I would have come to visit you. I’d come now if I could, Jake.”
A flash of light burned intensely into the room, knocking Bobbi over where she stood.
The sound of the beam breaking the window caused Jake’s ear to bleed. He hung onto his phone even as his door broke down, giving way to the most hideous beings he had ever set his eyes on.
They stood seven and a half foot tall with the heads of a praying mantis, and bodies of a deformed humanoid. They came in closer and looked at Jake, who stood behind steel bars.
One by one, all five of the creatures surveyed his enclosure and studied Jake with their large dark eyes. It was as if they were reading every thought feeling and action, and all at once, walked out and left him there, alone.
Jake stood watching as they left the jail. He dared not move for fear of what would happen next. He whispered into the phone. “Bobbi? Bobbi, are you there?”
There was no sound on the other end of the phone. His friend was gone. Most likely, dead now, as he wished he could be. Instead, Jake held the phone to his chest and realized he needed to be honest with Bobbi one last time.
“Bobbi, you may not hear me, but I lied. Yes, my wife is dead at my hands, but I murdered her in cold blood. She left me. She left me like everyone always does. You never left me, Bobbi, you never left me. Thank you for not leaving me.”
He began to sob again when he looked for the keys to the jail. He would starve to death if he didn’t get out of here.
Jake felt for them in his pocket and held them out to unlock the cell doors. That is when he realized that whatever those creatures had done, they melted the keys.
The aliens had looked into his soul and saw what he had done. They were now his judge, jury and sentenced him to death for the hideous crime he had committed.
The papers reported Sienna Bradford had been stabbed to death at least a dozen times by her ex-husband Jake Bradford. The grandmother that he had spoken of that had died was his ex-wife’s mother, Gertrude. He killed her for trying to stop him from murdering her daughter. Hit over the head by a hammer.
Jake Bradford would starve in his own prison sentenced to live out his last moments all alone.
Jake sat in his cell as a single tear fell from his eye.
“Irony is best served cold.”
The sounds of explosions continued outside of his cell as he closed his eyes and waited to die.
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2020.05.05 23:16 logicspock Another Gently Led Sisters deep-dive, featuring the pastor who cheated on his wife

Hello, snarkers! In my last post, u/Izzysmiles2114 asked about Leslye Romero, another IFB pastor's wife who was featured prominently (and may have even co-founded?) the Gently Led Sisters youtube. A few months ago, Cassandra mysteriously wiped her youtube of any videos that included Leslye and won't talk about her. Turns out her husband, homophobic asshole/Steve Anderson wannabe Donnie Romero, drank, gambled, smoked weed, and slept with a bunch of sex workers in Jacksonville, FL. How Christ-like! Of course, his beliefs haven't changed at all, and Leslye has allegedly gone on to have another baby since then. Josh and Anna Duggar realness. I guess Cassandra couldn't stand being affiliated with such sinners (but when he was celebrating the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub, that was cool).
Anyway, I did a little digging on youtube and was able to find a since-deleted Gently Led Sisters video featuring Cassandra and Tommy McMurtry and Leslye and Donnie Romero. The wives ask questions of each other's husbands (like a newlywed game) and, given everything that's's a doozy. Here are some highlights:
I'm not sure what the exact background of the Romeros is - maybe they were saved later in life? - but a lot of this just reconfirms how fucking miserable it must be to be a fundie wife. McMurtry sounds like such a smug asshole talking about his marriage, and anything he says about his wife that might be complimentary is completely back-handed. I don't really care what Romero does in his personal life, but for these guys to get up on the pulpit and wish death upon LGBTQ+ folks is so fucking disgusting. /rant
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2020.04.27 17:26 thissucks82 2 Years Ago Today, I Was Locked in a Motel Room - Precipitated Withdrawal Dropping a 20GPD Habit

Super-long post, sorry in advance.
Two years ago today (+/- a day or so) I was sitting in an extended stay motel room in Jacksonville Florida, CT'ing a 20GPD habit. Life is so much better in so many ways, but I've made so many mistakes since then.
I had an almost year-long tia habit which quickly ramped up to 15-20gpd. I've struggled with narcotics ever since I had a back injury and my doc at the time was a legit pill pusher (his practice got in trouble for it later.) I'd found Tia on a website that sang its praises as a "supplement." I learned all the so called "positives" and didnt even try to dig deep enough to learn about its horrific consequences.
I was hooked from day one. Over the course of a year I gained 200 pounds. My sex drive disappeared, I started having swelling and water retention. I became agoraphobic, I could barely leave the house. For that period of time I spent almost 10k on tia and almost destroyed my life. Before tia, I had been a recovering alcoholic with almost 5 years. I somehow lied to myself that this was different where in reality it was a million times worse.
Fast forward, after dozens of failed tapering plans, jump off dates, trying to switch to sulfate, pretty much all the normal things we do... I made a plan with my wife and my father who had decided to fly in to help. As shameful as it was, I cannot stress enough that the support I had was the number 1 contributing factor to getting free of this beast. I applaud and hurt for those of you who have to do this alone. I would have never gotten clean without a couple people being understanding and cheering me on and supporting me.
We booked an extended stay room for 4 days. I had collected a huge box of helper meds, vitamins, supplements, if it could possibly help, I had amassed it. I also called around for doctors to get suboxone. Out of the 6 places I called, 5 turned me down because suboxone was not "approved" to deal with this mystery drug tia. Thank God a wellness center took me on, reassured me they would help, and I got an Rx for suboxone. This was good...and bad.
motel room: Watched movies with the wife and my father, ate take out from Applebees, and took my last dose. The idea was to wait 24 hours into withdrawal, then take a small dose of suboxone, and try to ease into it. I couldn't last. I ended up taking suboxone 11 hours in..and holy kicked into precipitated withdrawal, easily the worst experience of my life. It felt like my entire body was being poked by millions of burning hot needles. I started sneezing so hard I almost passed out. It was 30-40 back to back sneezes at a time. It was awful. Vivid hallucinations, both visual and was pure hell. At one point I guess I tried to drown myself in the bathtub? My account of things is super hazy. This post is already too long, I'm going to try to cut down to the main points.
I spent a total of 8 days in hell. I was taking 36mg of suboxone a day, and for a week and felt no relief. I was in so much mental anguish and anxiety, I stopped keeping track of the xanax I was taking during withdrawal. The xanax and phenibut usage became a free for all. I finally came out the other side of Tia, but now I was taking 36mg suboxone, 2~5mg of xanax, and 3~5g of phenibut daily.
It's been 2 years, I hate that I am not completely clean, but I've made some hard earned progress. I am STILL fighting these chemicals.
In two years I have gone from: Tia: 20gpd to 0gpd Suboxone: 36mg to .25mg daily Xanax: 5mg to .125mg daily Phenibut: 5gpd to 1.75gpd
I added kratom about a year ago (I wish I hadnt) so I am now taking 20~35g kratom per day.
These 2 years have been exhausting. So many things I would have done differently, yet even though I traded one mess for a few is so much better. I still have horrible depression and anxiety at times...I'm sure a lot of that has to do with the xanax and phenibut. Tia caused some damages to my body. I am forever on testosterone replacement therapy because tia caused "opioid induced hypogonadism," basically caused me infertility. I could go on and on. I'm going to wrap this up with just a few dos and don'ts from my own experience.
Dont: Get into benzos if you can help it Touch phenibut if you can help it Switch to Kratom if you can help it Isolate yourself - find at least one non judgemental person to have your back.
Do: Exercise Eat low carb/low sugar (I cannot express how much cutting out carbs and sugars has helped my mental and emotional health) Vitamins - Do your research, find what vitamins and natural supplements might help you. L-theanine has been a life saver for me. Use support groups and forums. This reddit saved my sanity more times than I can count.
Once I felt better and was able to function, I started back at attending my 12 step group - may not be for everyone...but clearly my methods of doing things wasnt working.
I feel like I'm a bit rambling now. I hope my experience gives someone insight or hope. There is life after tia...and it is a million times better than tia will ever make you feel....but it's a fucking hard journey...I wish and hope safety and recovery for all those who need it. I hope you avoid the pitfalls and be careful with the helper meds. If anyone every needs to chat, vent, ask questions...send me a message. For two years I havent touched, tasted, or smelled tia. Even with my shit-ton of other problems...THAT right there is victory. It's very doable. You can fight this beast and win.
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2019.10.05 22:30 baronesslucy [RF] Please Love that Neighbor

December 1981
Many churches volunteer to help the homeless by doing soup kitchens on the weekend. In the city of Lakeland Florida where we lived, there was the Lakeland Council of Churches who coordinated this effect. Our church, the Church of the Christ volunteered but we were never called. Yet on the TV, the council was always looking for more churches to volunteer. One time they said just come on down.
Well, our group did and was asked to leave. We were told we weren't wanted or needed. They never made that mistake again, saying to call first. What they really meant is only those that they deemed acceptable would be able to participate.
The soup kitchen said they needed some people and I showed up. They were nice until I told them what church I attended. Then their demeanor changed from being nice to downright hostile. An older man started yelling at me telling me to leave immediately. He told others that they didn't need people like me at their soup kitchen. Some Christian this man was. I was in tears as I headed towards my car.
I actually met Billie Grinds at the soup kitchen. He was homeless and had seen what had happened. Billie challenged them and was asked to leave before police were called. He left after asking them if Jesus would have turned our group away. They had no answer and ordered him to leave immediately and said that he would be arrested if he ever was seen at the soup kitchen again. He was accused of not being homeless and trying to abuse the system. This man seemed to know Billie saying that he was no good and was nothing by trouble. Good for nothing is what he said to him. Billie thanked him for the compliment and walked away.
It wasn't difficult to figure this one out. We were outcasts in the Christian community because our belief system is different. No one would say this but it's the truth. I guess all the other churches don't have the exact beliefs but they aren't excluded from this. I will stop here as you get the general picture.
Bill Grinds caught up with me and we talked as I stood by my car. I knew that our church took in homeless people and had a homeless shelter in town. As we talked, I sensed that he wasn't your typical homeless person or what you would think of as homeless. I knew that he hadn't had a meal. He had told me that he had stolen some sub sandwiches from Publix as he was hungry.
I went into Publix and bought him some subs. I then took him to the shelter and went back to campus. I couldn't stop thinking about this guy. He was cute. A couple of weeks later, I went to the homeless shelter and found out that he had left shortly after he had arrived. I felt really bad and figured I would never see him again.
At the time I was attending Church of the Christ college in Lakeland. Their headquarters were there as was the college. The college had about 1000 students. There were Churches of the Christ in Tampa, Miami and Jacksonville and of course the Orlando area including Lakeland which had the most members.
The college that I attended even by standards of the day early 1980's was stricter than most college. No smoking, drinking or having sex outside of marriage. Of course no illegal drugs. We had to sign a pledge that we wouldn't do these things. Well, you know how that is.
I saw Bill again in September when school started. He was playing in a rock band. He had gotten a house (I didn't know at first but figured it out). His home was outside the city limits of Lakeland (about 10 miles out) and it was in a more rural area. He didn't really have any neighbors. I also found out that he supplied those on campus with the alcohol (as stores in the area would report us for buying alcohol). Many in our college like to gamble, so they went to his home. He never sold any drugs but would turn a blind eye if people smoked marijuana. Hard drugs he wouldn't allow.
He had a verbal agreement with the Student Council President. Nothing written down of course.
He was good at avoiding detection or being on anyone's radar. The parties on his property never were out of control (most people would only have one or two drinks max) and no one drank heavily. He would buy the liquor at different stores, so no one noticed. Everyone chipped in for the alcohol.
The parties at his home were about once a month. The student council President took the alcohol to his grandmother's home and hid it in the pantry. The grandmother was in a nursing home. One of the students lived in her home which was near the campus.
I found out that he played at a bar in a rock band in Lakeland. He had a girlfriend and I was sad but oh well.
Mid-September 1981
I was surprised when Billie called me. He asked me out on a date. Although the school was strict about matters relating to sex, it wasn't strict about dating. We could come and go freely without checking in but people would check up on us as the school knew who were dating. They wanted to know to preserve the reputation of the school. If you went away for the weekend, the school had to be notified as to why.
He came and picked me up in the downtown area around 5:00 pm, Friday. Most people were gone. I was surprised that he was dressed up. I wasn't more dressy casual. He drove 45 miles to Kissimmee where we had dinner at the Kissimmee Steakhouse Grill. People didn't know him there but they knew him in Lakeland. I understood why as someone most likely would tell the school that we were dating.
I always went to private school and was in my own world, so I didn't know him. Billie was one who challenged authority. I can't tell you how many times he was paddled by his teacher, by the principal and paddled by his parents. Nothing worked. In high school he got expelled for bringing a Playboy magazine to school. He never went back to school. When he was 17, he left home and basically hug out at bars. He slept wherever there was a bed. Sometimes he was homeless and slept outside. Was arrested as a juvenile for smoking marijuana twice and disorderly conduct twice for getting into a fight at the bar.
I spend Halloween weekend with him. He pretended to be my father. Old Lady Wilson whose sharp mind had been declining agreed to the weekend away from campus. She forgot that my parents died shortly after I graduated from high school. My grandmother was in a nursing home. I had the house but couldn't bring Billie there. People would talk and tell the school.
I went to church Sunday and no one knew. Billie dropped me off 4 blocks away but watched and made sure I made it to church. Oh, did I also say attendance at church was taken.
I spent Thanksgiving with my grandmother at the nursing home. I felt sorry for Billie being alone but he couldn't come to the nursing home which was run by the church.
On Black Friday we went to Tampa and had a blast. They had a battle of the bands and Billie was in one of the bands. It was really fun. I had several pictures taken with Billie. His band won which was great.
There is more to come.
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2019.08.22 14:31 TheAusNerd Debris [Part 11]

[First] [Previous] [Next]
<'That ship was surprisingly roomy.'>
A no-nonsense officer spoke. <"Alright you lot, single file! Move!">
Behn Kolr trudged along in line with her fellow prisoners, prison robes bobbing in time with her steps. Her hand-encapsulating cuffs were no challenge for her to lift, as it was for her former allies. Serk'e had to be restrained by locking his arms to his sides, so as not to aggravate his broken wrists. The impassioned rhetoric of the religious man behind her had long since ceased, replaced by an almost predatory silence. The parade of convicts were funnelled into a room before being split off into separate rows segregated by sex. Behn stepped to the back of the line with the few female members of her old crew. The law enforcer leading the procession turned to face the convicts. <"Step forward and follow the instructions. If you do not comply, we will make you.">
One-by-one the two lines of prisoners did so, stepping through doorways in a thick metal partition. From outside the rooms, Behn could hear snippets of the proceedings.
<"... k Turr.">
<"... of Kre'na... 02.">
<"... X'rtani.">
<"S'a Mo...">
<"... vening of L...">
<"Pori-en X'...">
Behn's turn, she passed through the threshold. The walls were tight, with little for headroom. A harsh white light shone down from above. A series of harsh black lines broke up the sterile blue of the wall to her right.
<"STOP."> A heavy voice sounded from Behn's left. <"Turn to the left."> Behn complied, facing a blank blue wall. <"Full name?">
Behn paused for a moment. <'No more lies."Behn Kolr.">
<"Date of Birth?">
<"16th Morning of San'na, 80331.">
<"Kerc-en X'rtani.">
<"Stand straight."> Behn obeyed. <"Hold still for a moment, eyes open.">
<'This is awkward.'>
<"Thank you for your cooperation, proceed to the next room.">
The questioning hallway opened to reveal a long corridor, where her fellow inmates waited; Watched over by guards clad in military grade armour. Every surface was a bright blue, nowhere for a x'erren to blend in. An emergency light strip stretched along every wall, broken periodically by thick strips of deep grey. <'That's a lot of security doors.'>
<"Prisoner! Line up!"> The largest of the guards present barked her words. Behn did as she was told.
The group was ordered to march through the hall, officers at the front and back of the line. The repeated lines of grey passing over her vision began to give Behn a headache. The party turned left around a corner to see a large courtyard, ten stories of balconies overlooked an eating area dotted with tables and benches. To Behn's sides, a series of caged auto platforms lined the walls, each of their tracks led to a separate balcony. The wall opposite the balconies repeatedly jutted out, creating a squared-off ridge before receding. <'Observation platforms.'>
The leading officer turned to face the fresh convicts. <"Welcome to Holy Krek'ka Correctional Facility">—She began to pace—<"While you are here, you will be slowly rehabilitated back into society. If you behave, your sentence will be reduced; If you misbehave, your sentence will increase."> Behn could feel her former comrades grimacing. <"You lot are guilty of or are an accessory to the murder of at least thirty-two people, with video confession of further crimes. We only have concrete evidence of the first offense, but we are currently tracking down further evidence as to the legitimacy of your confessions; Your sentences will be altered as the facts come to light.">
A squad of guards approached the group. <"These ladies will show you to your cells. I hope you all like the colour blue.">

The hum of security gates filled the hall, prisoners stared through the sizzling walls with expressions ranging from confusion, anger, desperation, and one of desire. <'No way, sister.'>
Behn's former companions had long since been ferried away to separate cells. A pair of guards shadowed her, leading her onward. <"Stop."> A guard behind Behn turned to her right, tapping a code into a wall-mounted keypad. The energy gate to the guard's left shut down. Behn was nudged into the cell by the rifle of the second guard. <"Turn around."> Behn turned to have the guard remove her restraints. The remaining sentry watched attentively from the keypad, hands on her gun. The guard in Behn's cell backed off, and the energy grid came back online. <"Dinner will be in two hours, a guard will come to collect you."> With those words, the guards made off down the hall, leaving Behn to study her new home.
It wasn't too dissimilar to the Star Chaser's prison hold: A bed with straps, a showetoilet arrangement given privacy by a heavy curtain falling from the ceiling, and a small shelf for books, presumably permitted for good behaviour. The biggest difference was the wall on the left; It was a second energy gate, and beyond it was another cell, with another inmate.
<"Welcome to Kerk'ka's. Name's Wora."> The woman was small, but well toned for a x'erren. Long fur fell from her every inch, and her eyes pierced the gate such that they were crystal clear through the sizzling energy.
<"... Behn. Aren't you a bit young to be here?">
<"Thanks for the compliment, but no. You'll get used to it quick enough.">
<"Let me guess, fur lengthening gel?">
Wora retorted to the question with a cheeky grin. <"Bit of a detective, aren't you?">
<"I wish. If I was, I wouldn't be here. I just recognized the sheen it gives you.">
Wora straightened herself. <"So, why are you here?">

<'I think I'm gonna take some time off.'>
Jan'u lay upon a bench on the bank of a small pond. Nobody could doubt the importance of nature parks, especially on purely artificial stations such as Men-te. All it was missing was regular sunlight, the UV lamps dotting the park could only do so much for plant growth. <'Still healthy, given their sizes. If these were on Kerc-en, they'd be taller than the lamps.'>
The chittering of julu populating the park helped to mask it's artificiality, the flutter of their fleshy wings rustled the leaves below and occasionally blew a soothing breeze upon the park's visitors. Jan'u studied a julu grooming itself, perched upon an errant root stretching above the water's surface. <'No changes in pigment, you're a young one; And by the colour of your proboscis... A girl.'>
The animal leapt from the root and glided over to the bank, studying the soft earth; The spike upon it's wingtip poised to strike. The dirt twitched in the moment before the julu found it's mark. <'Good instincts.'>
A small, wriggling grub spasmed upon the now-bloodstained talon. A long, black proboscis stretched from the julu's face to pierce the grub's brain, the slurping of flesh-made-soup barely reached Jan'u's ears. Jan'u presented his permit to a passing officer, his concentration on the feasting animal before him broken by the guard's gruff voice. Snapped from his nature-induced trance, Jan'u checked his personal communicator, it's on-screen timer slowly ticking down to the Star Chaser's scheduled takeoff.
<"I better be getting back.">
Slinging his rifle over his shoulder, Jan'u strode along the winding stone paths of the park. The UV lamps of the park shut off in a preset wave, allowing the simulation of a nighttime stroll. Dim lights set into the ground at the path's edges flickered on, bathing the trail in enough light to see; But not enough to drown out the flickering stars of the night sky above, to Jan'u's simple delight. The stones beneath Jan'u's feet grew more organised as he approached the exit of the park, the rough asymmetry of the path had now given way to smooth slabs of rock. Each footstep felt less natural, as the sentry no longer needed to make minute adjustments to his footing for each step. The treeline finally broke, revealing the harsh corners of the department store opposite the garden. <'You'll get more of that back on Kerc-en, but right now you gotta get back to work.'>

The footpaths growing warm with the increased traffic could only be so much of a consolation. With the noise, crowd density, and endless neon lights, Jan'u positively craved the quiet halls of the Star Chaser. <'But these days, is that any more peaceful?'>
The knowledge that alien life existed threw everyone for enough of a loop, but Jan'u seeing the fleshy beast in that prison cell take Ledrn's shot to the chest and seem relatively uninjured told him just how big this discovery was. He didn't have to be a scientist to know that by studying Mark's physiology, x'erren society could advance in ways only previously seen as impossible. <'If something as dense as 'hyoomun' flesh can be synthesised, entire industries would become obsolete overnight, and that's just Mark. By Se'te, what about his planet's metals?'>
Jan'u would have been jostled by the crowds were he any smaller than his career had forced him to be, swivelling his head in all directions due to the chaotic noise. Years of service had refined his instincts such that he could discern genuine distress from the restless cacophony. The only definite reason he felt the need to carry a rifle was the recent news of attacks on Men-te by extremists, but he would never admit that the recent attack on the Star Chaser served to shake him. <'It gets easier, but for their sake, I hope it never gets too easy.'>
The crowds only grew thicker as Jan'u approached the business district, now the soldier was forced to wait patiently as the throng meandered past. While his patience had been tempered over the years, he couldn't help but feel a pang of annoyance at the ponderous pace of the groups crossing the wide footpaths. This annoyance was only exacerbated by the line to the elevators being seemingly stuck in place.
<"You'd think these things would be faster by now."> A teen boy ahead in line stated his vexation.
<"From what I heard, resources that were going to be used to upgrade the elevators are being redirected to help recover from the attacks."> A second adolescent chimed in. <'Sister, friend?'>
<"Damned ma'ko..."> The young man grumbled his insult. The people around him backed away ever so slightly.
Jan'u stifled a wince at the ugly word. <'You don't call people ma'ko lightly. I would've been lashed if I said that during training!'>
<"Kell-"> The girl attempted to soothe her companion.
In a hushed tone, the boy continued. <"No, these spineless cowards had to attack innocents! They didn't have the bones to go after people who were ready to fight! Those short-haired weed fuckers should've just stayed home!">
<"B-Bora!"> The young woman was caught off guard as the line began moving. <'Girlfriend.'> though Jan'u.
Jan'u didn't have to see the kid's face to feel the anger radiating off him; He knew the hands tucked in those pockets were clenched into fists, he knew his teeth were being ground together. And he understood. He was young too, once. If it weren't for the slurs being thrown at an entire people, Jan'u would have written it off as nothing more than childish rage. But this was more ugly than that. <'This boy's going to grow up to kill someone.'>
<"Next one I see is getting their eyes bitten out.">
<'Enough."Boy."> Jan'u approached the youth. <"I don't like the tone you're using to describe those people.">
<"They have it coming, they could bomb your house next!"> The boy angrily shoved a finger into Jan'u's chest.
<"They very well might.">
<"Then what's the problem?!">
<"The instant they attacked those innocent people, they ceased to be X'olandi."> The confusion on the young man's face was palpable. <"They are cowards. They belong to no nation, no people. They are cowards and they are evil.">
<"Then they're all cowards!"> As obvious as it had been, this statement drove home the fact that this kid had no logic in his arguments, only emotion.
<"No. They could have come from anywhere, been anyone, and they would still be cowards.">
<"If you have to keep talking, at least walk while you do it!"> An evidently annoyed voice sounded from the crowd behind the spectacle. At this, the boy turned away, his expression locked into one of bitterness. His partner looked back and forth between the two speakers before scampering along after the angry youth.
Jan'u stepped aside to let the elevator fill.

Jan'u strode through the hangar, whatever spring his step had gained from his trip to the park had been drained. He walked, stone-faced, toward the Star Chaser's open bay. Ti'yo hailed him from within the cargo bay, there was something off about him. <"Jan'u! How was your trip?">
<"It was a nice break, thank you for asking.">
<"That's everyone, close her up!"> The young sentry spoke into his communicator. At his words, the bay doors slid shut with a heavy clunk. The pair of guards stepped into the bay's elevator, the younger of the two activating the device. The lift's deep rumble was almost soothing in a way. <"So, what are you going to do once we're back on Kerc-en?"> Ti'yo said, slinging his rifle over his shoulder.
<"After the mandatory counselling , I don't know.">
<"Mandatory counselling?"> The man's inexperience was plain to see. His eyes seemed darker.
<"Everyone here was either witness to, or participated in a deadly firefight. A couple of techs have been shut in their rooms, and we've both been sent on rounds to check up on them. People will need help recovering.">
<"... Good."> Even during the aforementioned firefight, Jan'u had never seen his fellow guardsman so blank.
The elevator ride seemed to stretch into eternity, the grim reality of what a situation such as the attack can do to people evidently began to sink in. His companion's shell was beginning to break. <"Young man, listen to me."> Jan'u saw the junior sentry's ear twitch. <"When you sign up for this job, you pray that you never have to do your duty. I know the training you went through to get this position, and I know that it could never have fully prepared you for this. Death changes people, even if it doesn't seem like it. Over time, it gets easier to deal with, sometimes too easy. But there is one thing you need to know: there's no shame in feeling."> Jan'u looked at the young man. He was tensed, his face began to scrunch up with emotion that he had suppressed.
The elevator clunked to a halt alongside the upper halls.
<"Go lay down kid, let me know if you need me.">
<"... Yes sir."> A salute was exchanged between the pair.
Jan'u strode toward the Command Deck, he heard a faint sniffle from behind him.

The Command Deck was alive with techs walking to their stations. Chairs were left vacant as their assigned occupants were either lagging behind or holed up in their chambers, processing recent events. Arnd was sat in her chair, eyes surveying her crew below.
<"Captain Kolr."> Jan'u saluted his commander.
<"Officer Jan'u."> Arnd returned the gesture. <"I suggest you take a seat, we're almost ready to launch.">
<"I'll be fine. They never would have let me serve if I couldn't handle a launch standing.">
<"If you insist."> Arnd turned to the microphone. <"All crew to their seats! We are launching in one minute!">
Jan'u watched his captain bring up various camera feeds on her monitor, sorting by those detecting motion. Within seconds, the crew displayed on the screen all got comfortable in the closest chairs available. Jan'u noticed that Arnd waited ever so slightly longer than a minute to start the countdown. <"Signalling station now. Launch in five!
The Star Chaser rumbled as she was catapulted past the planet's surface, a strong shake signalled the disabling of the mag-locks holding her in place. Arnd's external camera feed showed Men-te rapidly shrinking away from the Star Chaser, slowly sliding out of view as the craft was reoriented. It wasn't until the ship was freely drifting through space again that Jan'u admitted to himself that age was starting to catch up with him.
<"Attention crew, we shall be making our first Slipspace Jump home in one san'rc. I repeat, we are making our first Jump in one san'rc."> Arnd leaned back from the microphone, stretching as she did so. <"Now if we don't have any more mishaps, we should be back on Kerc-en within the week.">
<"I can only hope we're so lucky.">
<"I, for one, can't wait to get off this ship."> Arnd's dry tone echoed Jan'u's own.
<"You and I both, captain.">

'This is a bad idea.' The Philips Highway tortured Percy, the hum of his car's engine had been music's replacement for the two hour trip. And now Jacksonville's high rises and traffic buffeted his senses. Percy's knuckles were white on the steering wheel. "We shouldn't be doing this; we should be home, taking care of Angavu."
"That's why we hired Joy; she hasn't failed us before. You can't back out now." Jaali placed a reassuring hand on Percy's thigh, Percy was too occupied on driving to notice. Reassuring words, even from Jaali, could only do so much for Percy's nerves. This was personal to him, all of it was.
A driver sped past Percy, cutting into the oncoming lane. "JES- FUCK!" Percy immediately pulled over to the side of the road, he was trembling.
Jaali's deep voice served somewhat to bring Percy back to his senses. "Should I drive?"
"... No, I need to do this." Percy breathed heavily, steadying his nerves. "It's not far." Every turn down the busy streets only exacerbated Percy's stress, it was as though the city itself was taunting him, telling him that he can't handle this. The car horns, the chatter on the footpaths, the flickering shadows as cruisers drifted overhead, Percy noticed everything. 'You have to do this, he has to hear it from you.'

Percy turned down the ramp into an underground car park, price be damned. Percy thought the insulation from the sheer chaos of the streets above would calm his nerves. He was wrong. The newfound quiet made his heartbeat clearer, his every though rang out like a gunshot. 'It's a wonder I can keep it together at work. Do they know? How am I going to word this? How is he going to take it? Why does it have to be me?'
Jaali clutched Percy's hand tightly, his grip acted like an anchor; Keeping Percy focused, if not calm. All through the elevator ride to the two-hundred-and-fifteenth floor and the walk down the silent halls, he held on.
"I'm scared, honey." If nothing else, Percy was happy he could be open to his partner.
"I know you are, and it's okay to be. But he has to hear it from you, not some broadcast." This was Jaali's idea in the first place, Percy didn't think he could handle it. He didn't think either party could. Room 2068. It's bright silver number plate shone like a beacon from the deep brown of the door it was attached to. Percy looked to Jaali. Jaali gave a reassuring smile, and nodded. The doorbell buzzed and a message could be heard from within the apartment.
"A visitor has arrived, Finn."

It was a quiet minute before the door opened. The man just barely cleared Percy's height, it made up for his slim frame. His deep blue eyes stuck out from his pale face and short, platinum blonde hair. His square jaw was set in a smile, you could see the family resemblance there.
"Percy! Jaali! I didn't expect you two to be here so soon. I guess the Philips was easy on you." Finn kept his father's voice, if not his size.
"Finn, it's been too long. How have things been?" Jaali was always the first out of the couple to start talking.
"Things have been fine, the election looks hopeful! But what are we doing in the hallway? Come in!"
Finn's apartment opened to the lounge. A wafer-thin television stood atop a squat cabinet, a reinforced glass coffee table stood between the monitor and a short beige couch. A small table stood in the corner directly to Percy's right, with an equally small chair sat next to it. A large bookshelf was placed next to the table. The scene was backed by a view of Jacksonville's skyscrapers, personal cruisers darted back and forth beyond the window.
"Take a seat, I'll get us something to drink. Tea? Coffee?" said Finn, leaving the room through an arch to the left of the screen.
"Tea please. I don't care what kind." Percy said this a bit louder than he intended.
"You don't normally drink tea, darling." Jaali gave a concerned look.
"I might need it."

Finn returned, drinks in hand. Percy and Jaali had already made themselves comfortable upon the couch. Finn laid the drinks upon the coffee table before pulling the chair in the corner over to the couple.
"So, what brings you to Jacksonville?" Finn's cheer at seeing his near life long friends was evident on his face.
Jaali looked at Percy, his finger was running over Percy's wedding ring. "He needs to hear it from you."
"Hear what?" Finn's smile faded ever so slightly.
Percy took a breath. "Mark's missing."


"What?" Finn put down his coffee.
"Five days ago, he piloted a test shuttle intended to travel faster than light." Percy sipped his tea, green. "Ten thousand miles from Pluto, the craft disappeared and took Mark with it. We have a trajectory, but we only have a three year time frame at most, and we don't know if we can retrieve him."
"Don't fucking do this, you don't joke about stuff like that." Percy couldn't tell what Finn's expression was, relief or anger.
Percy gulped his tea and breathed. "I'm not joking; the suits are planning a short press release that should be broadcast by the end of the week."
"... I don't believe you."
"If you have to believe anyone, believe me."
Finn stared into Percy, and slowly, his face fell. Teeth were clenched behind lips that were quivering so subtly you could hardly notice. His eyes were shadowed by a furrowed brow. "Don't."
Percy began to loosen with him. "I'm sorry."
"Not him too."
Percy walked around the table and placed a hand on Finn's shoulder. The first tear fell.
Finn gripped Percy's hand and stared him in the face. "You find him. You make sure he comes home."
Percy let a tear of his own be shed. "We already have plans for another FTL Drive. We'll try."
Percy and Finn embraced as friends do, and Finn showed the married couple through the door.

Percy climbed into the passenger seat, cheeks wet. "Can you drive?"
"Of course, sweetie." said Jaali, kissing Percy's ring.
Percy choked out the words while he still can. "Thank you."
For the first time since Mark left, Percy truly gave in to his feelings, and broke.
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2019.08.19 02:09 baronesslucy [MF] Bad Boy Billie and Marvelous Mark, Part 2

William Matthews was in his bedroom which was near the living room and could hear what was being discussed. He carefully got up and made his way into the bedroom.
All of the parties listened in shock as the officers told them that an investigation into illegal adoption practices in the 1950's and 1960's were being investigated. The doctor was being investigated in Jacksonville.
"He's the doctor that delivered Billy and Ronald." said William who had walked into the living room.
I forgot to mention that I was one of the officers who came to the scene as William Matthews lives in Panama City which is about 15 miles away from Marble Island. I was working a case in Panama City and heard about this case. They needed to talk to Billy's mom, so I went to their house. John went along with us.
I knew a lot about this case as Shirley talked about often. Everyone in town thought she was a little off as no one believed her when she said that she thought the twin wasn't dead. My beeper went off and I asked William if I could use his phone. I told him I would pay the cost and he said okay. I went into the kitchen and took the call. The police in Winter Park had just interviewing Mark Dever and his parents who happened to be at his home. To say that they all were shocked was something else. A comment that Mark Dever said, "Well for years, people have told me that I look like Billy Matthews. I guess they were right."
Two days later, the doctor Dr. Melvin Peterson was arrested. The illegal adoption ring which originated out of Jacksonville took children (he preferred to separate twins) from poor or single parent families and told the parents that the child was dead. The twins would go to separate families in different parts of the state. The doctor had several nurses and other doctors in Tampa, Miami and Orlando who were in on the ring. From 1950 to 1990 at least 400 children (about 150 of them twins) were illegally put up for adoption. Billy was the only twin who stayed with his biological parents.
A disturbing video showed Dr. Peterson with the two twins after they were born. The one twin hardly made a sound (some weak cries) but Billy Matthews was a screamer. It was almost like Billy knew that Dr. Peterson was a bad guy. He resisted Dr. Peterson holding him. Everyone in the waiting room which was nearby could heard him crying.
"This baby is unfit for adoption. "Bad Boy Billy." I will name him, the doctor said.
Now I knew who had called my father telling him about "Bad Boy Billy."
Other documents showed the doctor and his partner in crime keeping tabs on many of these children. He kept tabs on both Billy and Mark. They had no knowledge of it. The doctor was careful and monitored them from a distance.
What I found fascinating about this whole thing was about the identical twins. Billy and Mark had married in 1985 women who had the name of Jill, both had twin daughters born in 1989. There were other similarities as both played guitar and drums. Mark was classically trained. Billy was not but played very well.
The two men met privately and then Mark met his biological parents privately.
The doctor was arrested (I was one of the officers who observed the arrest as this wasn't in my jurisdiction). I'm a Sgt at the Marble Island police Department. My father retired in 1981 from law enforcement.
In Court the doctor justified his actions especially Billy's parents. I felt sorry for them, especially Shirley. She had to rehash being pregnant at 18, a shotgun marriage which was unhappy, their divorce. The doctor tried to be his lawyer, even though he had one. During the trial, 3 lawyers quit on him. The judge couldn't blame them as Dr. Peterson was a pain if you know what I mean. I could say stronger words but I will not.
Shirley was grilled for 3 hours and her character was basically assassinated. She did very well. No doubt John prepared her for this. Oh yes, they put him on the stand and tried to get him to criticize William Matthews. Shirley and William had different parenting styles. Shirley wasn't as strict and didn't like spankings or any type of physical punishment. William parenting style was more authoritarian. For discipline, he sometimes used a paddle. By nature, Billy was rebellious and this seemed to make things worse. John refused to criticize William's parenting style.
John when he moved in with Shirley had no discipline problems from Billy. He understood Billy. Billy understood him. Billy had told him that he was closer to him than his own father. John understood this. He never would say this to William.
This whole trial took on a life of his own, especially when they interviewed William ex-girlfriend, Joan Wilson-Winslett. Well, I should say US Supreme Court Justice Joan Winslett who had just been approved to be the new Supreme Court Justice. She could have been excused but she didn't want any favoritism. She was interviewed at her home.
"I met William Matthews at a movie theater back in 1958. He was with some friends. We came from different schools so I didn't know him from school."said the Judge.
"What high schools did you go to?" asked the defense attorney.
"I went to Jacksonville Episcopal Academy and Williams went to Jacksonville South High School. "
"I want to make a comment for the record. Jacksonville South High School is in a low income area and......
"Dr. Peterson, if you interrupt again, I'm going to hold you in contempt of court. Do you understand me?' said Judge Brickton in a stern manner.
Finally. This idiot kept many off handed comments.
"I dated William throughout high school until two weeks before the prom. Then we got into a stupid argument about him flirting with other girls and he told me he wasn't taking me to the prom. I told him I didn't care. I went to my prom with a date."
"Who was his flirting with?" asked the defense attorney.
"Shirley Johnson."
"Did you get back together after the prom?"
"Yes, we did for about a month and then William told me he was marrying Shirley after graduation."
"What was your reaction to this?"
"I was furious with him but I got over it, as I'm sure he did as well. We both moved on."
"Did you know about the pregnancy. I bet he.... You have sex with him, so that's why he had sex with Shirley."
The judge had the doctor removed from the courtroom. Judge Winslett didn't answer the question. She was poker faced and no one could tell what she was thinking.
I'm a police detective and I can read people. I know that she and William were intimate with each other. It was the late 1950's and early 1960's, I know. She didn't show it but I know when she said she was furious with him, she was. When I interviewed William, I could tell that he still carried a torch for her although he never would admit it.
The next person on the stand was William. He had no idea that Judge Winslett had just given testimony 2 hours earlier. When asked if he knew Judge Winslett, William told the court that they had dated for 4 years and he admitted to flirting with Shirley. Everything that the judge said, he said, so it matched.
My dad testified and then I did about the calls to the Matthews home.
The Doctor and 10 other people were convicted on federal and state charges. Everyone was relieved when the trial was over. So was Judge Winslett who secrets were kept intact. If people knew about her relationship with William, they would have been shocked.

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2019.07.30 13:12 sapiohead 7 lesser known serial killers

7)Robert Pickton

In 2007, Robert Pickton was convicted of the murders of six women. In an undercover interview, he admitted to killing 49. His only regret was that he hadn’t gotten to an even 50. Pickton’s murderous streak began in the early 1990s while working on a farm outside of Vancouver, British Columbia. Most locals noted that the farm was “creepy,” to say the least.For one, rather than a guard dog, a large boar patrolled the farm and would often bite or chase trespassers. For another, though it was on the outskirts of Vancouver, it appeared extremely remote. Pickton owned and operated the farm with his brother David, though they eventually began to forgo farming to sell some of their property. This move would not only make them millionaires, but it would also allow them to enter a far different industry. In 1996, the Pickton’s began a non-profit charity, the Piggy Palace Good Times Society under the vague aim to “organize, coordinate, manage and operate special events, functions, dances, shows, and exhibitions on behalf of service organizations, sports organizations, and other worthy groups.” The events were raves that the brothers held in their farm’s slaughterhouse, which had been converted to a warehouse-style space. The events were well known among the locals, and often drew crowds of up to 2,000 people. Members of the Hell’s Angels soon became frequent party attendees.
Other frequent attendees included local prostitutes. In March of 1997, Pickton was charged with the attempted murder of one of the prostitutes, Wendy Lynn Eistetter. During an altercation at the farm, which involved in one of Eistetter’s hands being handcuffed, Pickton stabbed her. Pickton himself was also stabbed and sought treatment at a local hospital, where he was picked up on the attempted murder charge. The charge was later dismissed, but it opened farm worker Bill Hiscox’s eyes to a larger problem occurring on the farm. In the next three years after Pickton’s run-in with the law, Hiscox noticed that women who visited the farm tended to go missing. Eventually, he reported this to police, but it wasn’t until 2002 that a search was conducted and items belonging to missing women were found on the farm property.
A subsequent search of the farm revealed DNA evidence of at least 26 women, all of whom had been reported missing. Originally Pickton was arrested on two murder charges. Soon though, three more murder charges were added, then a fourth. Eventually, by 2005, 26 murder charges had been brought against Robert Pickton, making him the worst serial killer in Canadian history. During the investigation, police uncovered just how Pickton had gruesomely murdered those 26 women.
Through police reports, and a taped confession from Pickton, police concluded that the women had been killed multiple ways. Some of them had been handcuffed and stabbed; others had been injected with antifreeze. After they were dead, Pickton would either take their bodies to a meat rendering plant nearby or grind them up and feed them to the pigs that lived on his farm. Though he was charged with 26 murders, Pickton was only convicted of six counts of second-degree murder because the cases were the most concrete. The charges had been broken up during the trial to make them easier for the jury members to sift through. A judge sentenced him to life in prison with no possibility of parole for 25 years, the maximum sentence for a second-degree murder charge in Canada. Any other charges against him were discontinued, as the courts decided that there was no way any of them could add to his sentence, as he was already serving the maximum.
To this day it is unclear just how many women fell victim to Pickton’s gruesome killing spree. He was charged with 26 murders, convicted of 6, but admitted to 49. Either way, Robert Pickton remains the worst serial killer in Canadian history.

6)Yang Xinhai

Yang Xinhai was born on 29 July 1968 in Zhengyang County, Henan. His family was one of the poorest in their village. The youngest of four children, Yang was clever and introverted. He dropped out of school in 1985, at age 17, and refused to return home, instead travelling around China and working as a labourer.
In 1988 and 1991, Yang was sentenced to labour camps for theft in Xi'an,Shaanxi and Shijiazhuang, Hebei. In 1996, he was sentenced to five years in prison for attempted rape in Zhumadian, Henan and released in 1999. Yang's killings took place between 1999 and 2003 in the provinces of Anhui, Hebei, Henan and Shandong. At night, he would enter his victims' homes, and kill all of the occupants—mainly farmers—with axes, hammers, and shovels, sometimes killing entire families. Each time he wore new clothes and large shoes. In October 2002, Yang killed a father and a six-year-old girl with a shovel and raped a pregnant woman, who survived the attack with serious head injuries. Yang was detained on 3 November 2003 after acting suspiciously during a routine police inspection of entertainment venues in Cangzhou, Hebei. Police took him in for questioning and discovered that he was wanted for murder in four provinces. As news of his arrest and crimes spread, the media dubbed him the "Monster Killer". Shortly after he was arrested, Yang confessed to 65 murders, 23 rapes and five attacks causing serious injury: 49 murders, 17 rapes and five attacks in Henan; eight murders and three rapes in Hebei; six murders and two rapes in Anhui; and two murders and one rape in Shandong. Police also matched his DNA with that found at several crime scenes.Later it was discovered that Yang contracted HIV from one of his victims. On 1 February 2004, Yang was found guilty of 67 murders and 23 rapes, and sentenced to death in Luohe City Intermediate People's Court, Henan. At the time of his sentencing, official Chinese media believed he had carried out China's longest and grisliest killing spree. Yang was executed on 14 February 2004 by firing squad.
According to some media reports at the time of his arrest, Yang's motive for the killings was revenge against society as a result of a break up. Allegedly his girlfriend had left him because of his previous sentences for theft and rape. Later media reports claimed that his enjoyment of robbery, rape and murder was the motive. While Yang never formally provided a motive, he was quoted as saying:
"When I killed people I had a desire. This inspired me to kill more. I don't care whether they deserve to live or not. It is none of my concern...I have no desire to be part of society. Society is not my concern."

5) Luis Garavito

In 1992, Colombia was in the middle of a decades-long civil war that had begun in the late 1960s and left thousands of Colombian residents homeless, fending for themselves on the streets. Many of those left homeless were children, their parents either dead or long gone, ensuring that no one would notice if they started going missing and making them easy targets.Luis Garavito knew this and would use it to his advantage for the next seven years. Though there was hardly a reason to be, Garavito was careful about his crimes. He specifically targeted the downtrodden, the homeless, orphaned boys who roamed the streets looking for food or attention. Once he found one, he would approach him, luring them away from the crowded city streets, promising the younger boys gifts or candy, and the older boys money or employment.
He would dress the part when offering a job, impersonating a priest, a farmer, an elderly man, or a street vendor, looking for someone young to help around his house or business. He would rotate his disguises often, never appearing as the same person too often to avoid suspicion.Once he’d lured the boy away, he would walk with him for a time, encouraging the boy to share with Garavito about his life to earn his trust. In reality, he was wearing the boys down, walking just long enough that they would tire, making them vulnerable and unwary.
Then he’d attack.
He’d corner the tired boy, binding his wrists together. Then he’d torture them beyond belief.
According to police reports, the Beast truly earned his nickname. The bodies of the victims that were recovered showed signs of prolonged torture, including bite marks and anal penetration. In multiple cases, the victim’s genitals were removed and placed in his mouth. Several of the bodies were decapitated.
Five years after Luis Garavito murdered his first victim, police began to take notice of the missing children. In late 1997, a mass grave was discovered, prompting police to launch an investigation into their disappearances. In February of 1998, the bodies of two naked children were found on a hillside, lying next to each other. A few feet away, another corpse was found. All three had their hands bound and their throats slashed. The murder weapon was found nearby.
While searching the area around the three boys, police came across a note with an address handwritten on it. The address turned out to be Garavito’s girlfriend, whom he had been dating for years. Though he wasn’t in the home at the time, his things were, and the girlfriend gave the police access to them. In one of Garavito’s bags, police discovered pictures of young boys, detailed journal entries in which he described each of his crimes, and tally marks of his victims. A search for Garavito continued for days, during which known residences of his were searched, as well as local areas where he was known to hang out to look for new victims. Unfortunately, none of the search efforts turned up any information on Garavitos whereabouts. That is, until April 22. Roughly a week after the hunt for Garavito had begun, police in a neighboring town picked up a man on suspicion of rape. A homeless man, sitting in an alleyway, had noticed a young boy being followed and eventually accosted by an older man. Thinking that the situation was dire enough to intervene, the homeless man rescued the boy and alerted authorities. The police arrested the man on suspicion of attempted rape and booked him. Unbeknownst to them, they had in their custody a man guilty of far more than attempted rape. In an almost accidental arrest, local police had caught the beast that everyone had been looking for, Luis Garavito. As soon as he was interrogated by Colombian national police, Garavito cracked under the pressure. He confessed to abusing 147 young boys and burying their bodies in unmarked graves. He even drew maps to the grave sites for police. His stories were corroborated when police found a pair of eyeglasses at one of the crime scenes which matched Garavito’s highly specific condition. In the end, he was convicted on 138 counts of murder, though the others continue to be investigated.
The maximum penalty for murder in Colombia is roughly 13 years. Multiplied by the 138 counts he received, Luis Garavito’s sentence came out to 1,853 years and nine days. Colombian law states that people who have committed crimes against children are required to serve at least 60 years in prison. However, because he helped the police find the victim’s bodies, he was given 22 and is scheduled to be released in 2021.

4)Robert Hansen

He was skinny, painfully shy, and spoke with a stutter, an impediment that would result in years of mockery. As a social outcast, he took refuge in time spent alone, and over time became an avid hunter, channeling his rage and insatiable need for revenge on those who mocked him into stalking animals. In 1957, when he was 18 years old, he joined the United States Army Reserve, hoping to leave behind the pathetic person he’d been in his youth and make something of himself. For a while, he did. After serving a year in the reserves, he became an assistant drill instructor in Pocahontas, Iowa, and even married a young woman he met there. Unfortunately, after he was arrested for burning down a school bus garage, his wife divorced him, leaving him alone and incarcerated. He was released 20 months into his three-year sentence for arson, though after being released he was jailed a few more times for petty theft, but managed to remarry, to another local woman.
Finally, he’d decided he'd had enough of the continental United States. In 1967, he moved to Anchorage, Alaska, which was about as far from his life in Pocahontas as he could get. There, he moved into a small community, had two children with his wife, and settled into a quiet life. He was well liked, had a nice family, and even opened up a small bakery.
But, while the townspeople bought into the facade of a happy baker with a quiet family and a knack for hunting, inside, Robert Hansen was still the little boy who had been endlessly mocked as a child and was wrought with an insatiable thirst for revenge. Twenty years after Hansen moved to Anchorage, a 17-year-old woman was found running down Sixth Avenue outside of town, barefoot and handcuffed. After being picked up by police, she described being held hostage by a man who’d raped, tortured and chained her up, before attempting to load her onto a bush plane and take her to his cabin in the Matanuska Valley. She’d been able to escape as he was preparing the plane for takeoff. The woman’s description fit that of Robert Hansen, who was brought in by reluctant police. After all, he may have been a meek man, but he was well liked in the community for his bakery. Hansen admitted to police that he had met the young woman, but that he believed she was setting him up because he had refused to pay her extortion demands. When he told police about his strong alibi, from a friend, he was released. Still hung up on the handcuffed woman’s mention of the cabin in the valley, the Alaska State Troopers conducted an investigation of the area. Over the next few months, they found several bodies in the valley, all of women, several of whom were never identified. The evidence lead to the involvement of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who put together a profile of the would-be killer, based on the injuries inflicted on the recovered bodies. The findings of the criminal psychological profile theorized that the killer was likely an experienced hunter, with low self-esteem, a history of being rejected by women, and likely a stutter. Though he had been cleared several times before, after the profile was completed, there was no doubt about it. Robert Hansen fit the profile almost exactly, and furthermore, he owned a bush plane and a cabin in the Matanuska Valley.
The police soon obtained a warrant to search Hansen’s plane, car, and homes, and what they found shocked them. The horror that the women had endured was deeper than just rape and murder, the likes of which were almost too horrifying to believe. Upon the kidnapping of the women, usually prostitutes and strippers, Robert Hansen would take the women to his remote cabin on a patch of land in the valley. He’d set them free, and for a moment they’d have hope and believe that they had a chance. Then, as they ran for their lives, he would track them down, taking his time, and hunting them like animals. Armed with a hunting knife and a Ruger Mini-14 semi-automatic rifle, he’d torture them for hours, sometimes days at a time, until he located his prey and shot them like game. At his home, police found a map of the area, marked with tiny “x’s,” denoting the kill sites and burials of the women. There were 17 “x’s” in all.
Though he denied involvement in four of the murders, Hansen acknowledged the existence of 13 of them, full on admitting he had killed four of them. He assisted police in locating several of them, though four still remain missing. Robert Hansen, the “Butcher Baker,” was only charged in the murders of four women, and the kidnapping and rape of the handcuffed and barefoot woman, despite the presence of so many bodies. He was sentenced to life in prison in Seward, Alaska, where he died in 2014.

3)Paul John Knowles

To some women who met him, Paul John Knowles was smooth and charismatic, a “cross between Robert Redford and Ryan O’Neal.” To others, he was their worst nightmare, a cold-blooded killer with no pattern, and no regard for anyone but himself.
For decades, Knowles traversed the country, racking up a slew of criminal charges, including kidnapping and theft. Then, in 1974, he escalated, and added murder to his increasingly long list of crimes.
In the 19 short years between 1946 and 1965, Paul John Knowles had made quite the name for himself among the police. Beginning in 1954 when he was just eight years old, Knowles had set out on a life of crime, mostly consisting of petty theft. By the time he was 19, he’d escalated to kidnapping, and was incarcerated for kidnapping a police officer. He was soon let go, however, starting a pattern he’d stick to for the next eight years; short stints in jail followed by a return to petty crime followed again by a short stint in jail.
In early 1974, Knowles was serving a prison sentence in the Raiford Prison in Florida, now known as the Florida State Prison. While incarcerated, he began corresponding with a California woman named Angela Covic.
Covic, a recently divorced cocktail waitress from San Francisco, was delighted to have Knowles as a pen pal, and after just a few letters back and forth had fallen in love with him. Before long she’d hired him a lawyer, who managed to swing him a parole, and arranged for him to fly to San Francisco to marry her.
However, upon seeing Knowles, Covic called off the wedding. According to her, Knowles projected “an aura of fear” that scared her. In addition to his aura, her psychic had recently warned her about a dangerous new man in her life. The aura combined with the warning was enough for Covic to send Knowles packing.
Psychic babble or not, in the end, Covic was lucky she took her psychic’s advice and paid attention to Knowles’ aura. That night, after Covic ended their engagement, Knowles murdered three strangers on the streets of San Francisco. The next day, he arrived back in Jacksonville, Fla., where he pulled a knife on a bartender during a fight. He was arrested for the bar fight, and thrown back in jail, but he didn’t stay there for long.
On July 26, 1974, Paul John Knowles picked the lock on his prison cell and escaped into the night.
The Casanova Murders
Sixty-five-year-old Alice Curtis was Paul John Knowles’ first victim. The retired schoolteacher from Jacksonville was home alone the night that Knowles escaped from jail.
In an attempt to burgle her home, Knowles broke in and bound and gagged her. Her cause of death was later determined to be chocking on her own dentures, and while it’s unclear whether her death occurred while Knowles was in her home, there’s no doubt he was to blame.
Knowles fled the home in Curtis’ car. A few hours later, as he drove up the street looking for a place to abandon the stolen vehicle, he came across two young girls, Lillian and Mylette Anderson. Recognizing them as family acquaintances, he quickly realized they too could recognize him. Instead of abandoning Curtis’ car, he kidnapped the eleven-year-old Lillian and her seven-year-old sister, strangled them, and dumped their bodies in a swamp. Over the next two months, Knowles traveled from Florida up the east coast to Connecticut, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. Later dubbed the "Casanova murders". for Knowles’ good looks, the police remained largely in the dark about Knowles part in the murders until his capture. For most of the spree, the police were baffled by the murders, as they seemed to have no rhyme or reason behind them. It appeared there was no pattern between any of the cases or even any of the victims.
Of the 20 people found dead, 14 were women and six were men. Three were children, and three were elderly. Some were shot, some were strangled, some were burgled and others seemed to have been killed as an afterthought, murdered while camping or while walking up the street. Some of the corpses had been sexually assaulted, while some of the victims had been raped while alive, further throwing police off the trail.
The victims were also killed in at least six different states, making it almost impossible for police to create a perimeter. At that point, police didn’t know whether they were looking for a rapist, a murderer, an armed gunman, an opportunist or worse – all of the above.
The only real lead that authorities had to go on was from a reporter named Sandy Fawkes. About two weeks before Knowles was ultimately arrested, he attempted to pick up Fawkes in a hotel bar. For three days, Fawkes traveled around with Knowles, booze-filled and blissfully unaware that she was fraternizing with the man at the center of a multi-state manhunt. According to Fawkes, Knowles was a “dreamboat.” It was she who first described him as Redford-like in appearance, years later after realizing how close she had come to becoming one of his victims. However, as close as she was, she truly didn’t realize it. Not once during their three-day bender did he show signs of wanting to hurt her, she claimed, and after the two parted ways Fawkes thought she’d remember her time fondly. Most people believe the reason Knowles let Fawkes go was that he wanted the fame, at least in part, a theory corroborated by the survival of Barbara Tucker, another writer who escaped his wrath. Perhaps he felt that writers would immortalize him and that if they told his story, he could go out in a blaze of glory, rather than the criminal’s ending he got. On Nov. 17, a Florida Highway Patrol Trooper named Charles Eugene Campbell recognized a car matching the description of one stolen from the most recent murder victim. He pulled the car over, never knowing he had just cornered a cunning and skilled mass murderer. Paul John Knowles, however, was ready. As the trooper leaned over to see into the car, Knowles wrestled his gun away from him. After taking Campbell hostage, he took off in Campbell’s patrol car and pulled over another car. Then, he took that driver prisoner, put him and Campbell both in the less conspicuous vehicle, and drove the three of them to a remote area. He then led the two men into the woods, tied them to a tree, and shot them. As he attempted to escape the scene of the crime, he lost control of his vehicle and hit a tree. Though he took off on foot and was pursued by dogs, officers, and helicopters, he ultimately made it out of the perimeter established for the manhunt.
However, thanks to a local man and his shotgun, Knowles was able to be apprehended. Once arrested, he confessed to 35 murders, including the 20 that police were already aware of. Over the next month, police attempted to take Knowles on a tour of his crime scenes, to gain insight into the crimes and help find missing bodies. On December 18, just a month after his arrest, Sheriff Earl Lee and Georgia Bureau of Investigation Agent Ronnie Angel were transporting Knowles to Henry County, where Charles Campbell’s handgun had allegedly been dumped. While en route, Knowles jumped Lee in the car, attempting to steal his handgun. The gun went off through the holster in the car, and as Lee and Knowles struggled, Angel fired three shots at Knowles, killing him instantly. so, the tumultuous life of Paul John Knowles ended as viciously as he’d lived it. The motives behind his murders had never been disclosed, and even today some of the victims remain a mystery as well.

2)Rodney James Alcala

or most people, September 13, 1978 was an ordinary Wednesday. But for Cheryl Bradshaw, the bachelorette on the TV matchmaking show The Dating Game, that day was momentous. From a lineup of “eligible bachelors,” she chose handsome bachelor number one, Rodney Alcala:
But at that very moment, he was keeping a deadly secret: he was an unrepentant serial killer. Bradshaw, if not for a healthy jolt of women’s intuition, would almost certainly be remembered today as one of Alcala’s victims. Instead, after the show ended, she conversed with Alcala backstage. He offered her a date she’d never forget, but Bradshaw got the feeling that her handsome potential suitor was a little off. “I started to feel ill,” Bradshaw told the Sydney Telegraph in 2012. “He was acting really creepy. I turned down his offer. I didn’t want to see him again.” Another one of the episode’s bachelors, actor Jed Mills, recalled to LA weekly that “Rodney was kind of quiet. I remember him because I told my brother about this one guy who was kind of good-looking but kind of creepy. He was always looking down and not making eye contact.” Had the popular dating show performed background checks on their bachelors, they would have discovered that this “kind of good-looking but kind of creepy” guy had already spent three years in prison for raping and beating an eight-year-old girl (he’d done the same to a 13-year-old too), which landed him on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives List. sometimes a background check can’t even uncover the whole story. In Rodney Alcala’s case, the whole story consisted of at least four prior murders that he hadn’t been definitively linked to yet.
As you can probably imagine, Cheryl Bradshaw’s rejection likely only fueled Alcala’s fire. In total, before and after his television appearance, the sadistic “Dating Game Killer” claimed that he killed between 50 and 100 people. Rodney Alcala was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1943. His father moved the family to Mexico when Alcala was eight years old, only to abandoned them there three years later. His mother then moved Alcala and his sister to suburban Los Angeles. At age 17, Alcala entered the Army as a clerk, but after a nervous breakdown, he was medically discharged due to mental health issues. Then, the intelligent young man with an IQ of 135 went on to attend UCLA. But he wouldn’t stay on the straight and narrow for long. Like many serial killers, Rodney Alcala had a style. His signatures were beating, biting, raping, and strangling (often choking victims until the point of unconsciousness, then once they came to, he’d start the process over again). On his first known attempt at killing, he was successful at only two of these things. The victim was Tali Shapiro, an eight-year-old girl he’d lured into his Hollywood apartment in 1968.
Shapiro barely survived her attack; her life saved by a passerby who’d reported a tip to police on a possible abduction. Alcala fled his apartment when the police arrived and remained a fugitive for years afterward. He moved to New York and used the alias John Berger to enroll in film school at New York University where, ironically enough, he studied under Roman Polansk.
After being recognized thanks to an FBI poster, Alcala was finally identified as the perpetrator in the rape and attempted murder of Tali Shapiro. He was arrested in 1971, but only sent to prison on charges of assault (Shapiro’s family kept her from testifying, making a rape conviction unattainable). After spending three years behind bars, he soon spent another two years in prison for assaulting a 13-year-old girl.
Authorities regrettably let parolee and flight risk Alcala travel to New York to “visit relatives.” Investigators now believe that within seven days of his arrival there, he killed a college student named Elaine Hover who was the daughter of a popular Hollywood nightclub owner and goddaughter of both Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin. Soon after all of this, Alcala somehow got a job at the Los Angeles Times as a typesetter in 1978, under his real name, which was now attached to a substantial criminal record. A typist by day, by night he lured in young girls to be part of his professional photography portfolio — some of them never to be heard from again. Now go back and listen to Alcala tell bachelorette Bradshaw, “The best time is at night.” Absolutely chilling stuff.
The year after the Dating Game appearance, 17-year-old Liane Leedom was lucky enough to walk away unscathed from a photoshoot with Rodney Alcala, and she remarked how he “showed her his portfolio, which in addition to shots of women included spread after spread of [naked] teenage boys.” Police have since released parts of Alcala’s “portfolio” to the public to aid in victim identification.Over the years, a few have stepped forward to reveal their horrifying moment with this predator.
The case that would finally break Rodney Alcala’s killing spree was that of 12-year-old Robin Samsoe. She’d disappeared from Huntington Beach, California on her way to ballet class on June 20, 1979.
Samsoe’s friends said that a stranger approached them on the beach and asked if they’d want to do a photoshoot. They declined and Samsoe left, borrowing a friend’s bike to hurriedly get to ballet. At some point between the beach and class, Samsoe disappeared. Nearly 12 days later, a park ranger found her animal-ravaged bones in a forested area near the Pasadena foothills of the Sierra Madre.
Upon questioning Samsoe’s friends, a police sketch artist drew up a composite and Alcala’s former parole officer recognized the face. Between the sketch, Alcala’s criminal past, and the discovery of Samsoe’s earrings in Alcala’s Seattle storage locker, police felt confident that they had their man. But beginning with the trial in 1980, Samsoe’s family would have to follow a rather long and winding road to justice. The jury found Alcala guilty of first-degree murder and he received the death penalty. However, the California Supreme court overturned this verdict due to the jury being prejudiced, they felt, by learning of Alcala’s past sex crimes. It took six years put him back on trial. At the second trial in 1986, another jury sentenced him to death. This one didn’t stick either; a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals panel overturned it in 2001, LA Weekly wrote, “in part because the second trial judge did not allow a witness to back up the defense’s claim that the park ranger who found Robin Samsoe’s animal-ravaged body in the mountains had been hypnotized by police investigators.”
Finally, in 2010, 31 years after the murder, a third trial was held. Just before the trial, Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney Matt Murphy told LA Weekly, “The ’70s in California was insane as far as treatment of sexual predators. Rodney Alcala is a poster boy for this. It is a total comedy of outrageous stupidity.” During the years he spent incarcerated, Alcala self-published a book called You, the Jury in which he proclaimed his innocence in the Samsoe case. He hotly contested the DNA swabs done on prisoners periodically for the police department’s evidence bank. Alcala also brought two lawsuits against the California penal system; one for a slip and fall accident, and another for the prison’s refusal to provide him with a low-fat menu. Alcala announced to much surprise that he would be his own lawyer in his third trial. Even though now, 31 years after Samsoe’s murder, investigators also had concrete evidence against him on four different murders from decades past — thanks to the prison’s DNA swabs. The prosecution was able to combine these new murder charges along with Robin Samsoe in the 2010 trial. During the 2010 trial, the jurors were in for a bizarre ride. Rodney Alcala, acting as his own attorney, asked himself questions (referring to himself as “Mr. Alcala”) in a deep voice, which he would then answer. The peculiar question and answer session continued for five hours. He told the jury that he was at Knott’s Berry Farm at the time of Samsoe’s murder, played dumb on the other charges, and used an Arlo Guthrie song as part of his closing argument. Alcala simply stated that he didn’t remember killing the other women. The only other witness for the defense, psychologist Richard Rappaport, offered the explanation that Alcala’s “memory lapse” could be equated to his borderline personality disorder. The jury, not surprisingly, found Alcala guilty of the four DNA-backed charges, and also found him guilty of killing Samsoe.
A surprise witness at his sentencing was Tali Shapiro, the girl that Alcala had raped and beaten within an inch of her life about 40 years before. Shapiro was there to witness as justice for Robin Samsoe, 12; Jill Barcomb, 18; Georgia Wixted, 27; Charlotte Lamb, 31; and Jill Parenteau, 21, had finally been achieved. The court handed Alcala the death penalty again — for the third time. Since that trial, investigators have continued to link the “Dating Game Killer” to many other cold case murders, including two to which he pled guilty in New York in 2013. As of 2018, Rodney Alcala has not been executed. He sits on death row in Corcoran State Prison, California, planning an appeal for his third death sentence.

1)Richard Trenton Chase

Richard Chase was one disturbed serial killer.
Technically all serial killers are disturbed, but there’s a sliding scale. And Richard Chase, the “Vampire of Sacramento,” definitely skewed towards the tippy top of that scale. Chase’s spree included six victims in Sacramento, California in the late 1970s before he was caught in 1980. Not surprisingly given his nickname, Richard Chase’s trademark was drinking blood of his victims after he killed him, also earning him the nickname of the Vampire Killer.But believe it or not, drinking the victims’ blood wasn’t even the Vampire of Sacramento’s most disturbing trait.
Chase was already a troubled child, in large part thanks to his abusive parents. He showed early signs of his future behavior in the form of arson, bedwetting, and cruelty to animals. These three habits are sometimes called the Macdonald triad, or the triad of sociopathy, proposed by psychiatrist J.M. Macdonald in 1963.
Chase turned to alcohol and drugs as an adolescent, which quickly turned to substance abuse. A slew of other odd behaviors also pointed to potential trouble. He would complain that on occasion his heart had stopped beating. He thought that he lacked vitamin C and as a result would hold oranges up to his head with the belief that his brain would absorb the nutrients.Chase also shaved his head because he believed that the bones in his skull had become detached and were moving around. Shaving his head was a means of monitoring that activity. Labeled a paranoid schizophrenic, Chase was institutionalized in the mid-1970s after he was found injecting rabbit’s blood into his veins. This is when he first got his vampire nickname roots after the staff dubbed him Dracula due to his infatuation with blood when he would capture birds flying in his room from the window and drink their blood.
Richard Chase was eventually released due to his mother's request, who would later cut off his medication that was slowly curing him. He moved from his mother’s house out of fear that she was poisoning him. He moved into a shared apartment with friends. But as they were fed up with his behavior, particularly that he was high all the time and constantly walked around naked even with company over, they asked him to leave.
When Chase refused to move out, his roommates did instead. Left all alone in the apartment, Chase’s tendencies became more extreme and more gruesome. It started with capturing and killing small animals. He then would eat them raw or blend the organs with coca cola and drink the mixture.
December 29, 1977 was the Vampire Killer’s first murder. Ambrose Griffin was a 51-year-old man who was helping his wife bring in groceries when Chase killed him in a drive-by shooting. His subsequent murders all hinged on his ability to enter homes whose owners left their doors unlocked.
On January 23, 1978, Chase entered the home of Teresa Wallin, who was pregnant, through her unlocked front door. He shot her three times using the same gun he used to shoot Griffin. Chase proceeded to stab her with a butcher knife and have sex with her corpse before cutting out her organs and drinking her blood. He reportedly used a yogurt container as a cup. The final murder spree Chase went on before getting caught was the most gruesome of all. It was January 27, 1978, just four days after Wallin’s murder. The victims included Jason Miroth, his mother Evelyn Miroth, and a friend named Dan Meredith. They were all killed by Chase inside Evelyn’s home. Meredith was murdered in the hallway, dead by a gunshot wound to the head. Chase subsequently stole his car keys. Evelyn and Jason were found in Evelyn’s bedroom. Six-year-old Jason had been shot twice in the head. Evelyn was partially cannibalized. Her stomach was cut open and she had multiple organs missing. There was also a failed attempt to remove one of her eyes and she had been sodomized as well. 22-month-old David Ferreira was Evelyn Miroth’s nephew who she was babysitting, and was the only one missing from the scene of the crime. The child’s decapitated corpse was found months later behind a church. It came out during the trial that the knock of a visitor startled Chase, who took Ferreira’s body and fled via Meredeth’s stolen car. The visitor alerted a neighbor who then called the cops. The authorities were able to identify Chase’s handprint in Miroth’s blood. When the police searched Chase’s apartment, they found that all of his utensils were stained with blood. He was arrested shortly after. The trial of Richard Chase began on January 2, 1979 and lasted five months. The defense attorneys rejected the suggested death penalty on the grounds that Chase was not guilty by reason of insanity. In the end, after five hours of deliberation, the jury took the side of the prosecution. Richard Chase, the Vampire of Sacramento, was found guilty of six counts of murder and sentenced to death by gas chamber. His fellow inmates who knew of his crimes were frightened by him so they often encouraged him to kill himself. Richard Chase did just that, overdosing on the stockpile of drugs he was keeping. He was found dead in his jail cell the day after Christmas in 1980.
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2019.06.28 22:12 genobeam Case Outcomes: Damning Evidence Against Current Narratives about False Accusations

Case Outcomes: Damning Evidence Against Current Narratives about False Accusations
On Monday I posted Understanding False Accusation Statistics, a post in which I try to explain some commonly misunderstood and misused statistics concerning false accusations. However, the explanations I provided in that post only serve to disprove the methodology used by those seeking to minimize the impact of false accusations. Today, I present data that will create a much clearer picture of the breakdown of accusations made to law enforcement.
The data presented here comes from the "Making a Difference (MAD) Project", a long-term data collection effort from 2003-2009, undertaken by the nonprofit organization: End Violence Against Women (EVAW) International, funded by the William H. Donner Foundation. Note that typically studies in this area are supported in some way by a woman's organization, and thus present certain biases. The biases of these studies are deserving of their own research and post, which I will try to undertake at a later date. The main researchers for the MAD project were Kimberly A Lonsway, and Sergeant Joanne Archambault, who have published many papers that have an extreme slant towards believing all accusations. That said, this study gathers an extensive amount of data that I find both interesting and extremely useful, and so I will present it for you here.

The MAD Project

The MAD project was an investigation of eight US communities (Austin, Columbia, Grand Rapids, Kansas City, San Diego, Bozeman, Jacksonville, Washington D.C.) which gathered data from multiple agencies including law enforcement, forensic examiners, community-based victim advocates, system-based victim advocates, and prosecutors. Agencies reported on all felony-level sexual assault cases during a period of 18-24 months from 2005-2006. Cases were excluded if they were based on the victims inability to consent due to the victim's age, professional relationship, or institutionalization.
An important note that separates this study from studies in the past is that data definitions, specific terminology, and research methodology was developed collaboratively between agency professionals and the MAD research team. Agency professionals were trained before data collection in the exact methods for data classification to be used in this study. While some studies in the past have criticized the ability for agencies to properly categorize cases, there should be no such criticism for the results of this study. In other words "the police mis-classified baseless accusations as false accusations" is not a valid criticism of these results. The police classifications of cases in this study generally match UCR guidelines. I will add the definitions where applicable in the findings section.
9,398 data entries were examined, including 2,059 police reports. This study is the largest collection of data I have seen on this subject, and frankly I'm surprised that this research is not more widely used in papers about accusation statistics.
Another note on the data is that if the disposition of the case was changed, a new record was entered into the database for that case, so there may be some instances of "double counting" cases. As an example if a case is first disposed as suspended/inactivated and then later found to be false, that case would be counted once in each category.

Case Dispositions/Definitions

Figure 1: Full breakdown of Case Dispositions
The above chart shows the full breakdown of police case dispositions. As stated above, these classifications were informed by the End Violence Against Women International Foundation, including training of agency professionals. Most of the terminology is taken from the UCR handbook.
Informational Reports are reports of an incident that does not meet the elements of a crime.
Unfounded reports are cases cleared "if the investigation shows that no offense occurred nor was attempted". These cases can be classified as False OR Baseless.
False Reports can only determined to be false on the basis of evidence that the crime was not committed or attempted. A case cannot be classified as false if the investigation produced "insufficient evidence" or of no investigation was conducted.
Baseless reports are reports that do not meet the elements of the offense or those that were improperly coded as a sexual assault. These are separate from informational reports in that these are reports that have been officially recorded as a crime reports. When this happens, the proper administrative procedure for clearing the report is to unfound it but because it is baseless (i.e., the element of force has not been met). Note that cases cannot be unfounded on the basis of findings from a coroner, court, jury, or prosecutor. Cases that were unfounded by these methods would still be classified as "cleared by arrest" by police.
Suspended/Inactivated Cases are cases that were not pursued for various reasons (more details below).
Exceptionally Cleared Cases are cases which are not able to follow the steps to clear an offense by arrest. These cases must answer all of the following questions in the affirmative: 1. Has the investigation definitely established the identity of the offender? 2. Is there enough information to support an arrest, charge, and turning over to the court for prosecution? 3. Is the exact location of the offender known so that the subject could be taken into custody now? 4. Is there some reason outside law enforcement control that precludes arresting, charging, and prosecuting the defender?
Some examples of exceptionally cleared cases: suicide of the offender, offender killed by police, extradition denied, victim refuses to cooperate in the prosecution (the answer must also be yes to questions 1, 2, and 3 for this to be cleared by exceptional means.), Offender is prosecuted by state or local authorities in another city for a different offense or is prosecuted in another city or state by the federal government for an offense which may be the same.
Cleared by Arrest: An offense is cleared by arrest, or solved for crime reporting purposes, when at least one person is (1) arrested, (2) charged with the commission of the offense, and (3) turned over to the court for prosecution. The standard required to make an arrest is "probable cause" which is defined as "a reasonable basis for believing that a crime may have been committed". This standard is relatively low compared to other burden of proof standards and courts often adopt broad, flexible views of probable cause when the offenses are serious

Suspended/Inactivated Cases

Figure 2: Basis for classification of \"suspended/inactivated\"
As shown in figure 2 a large percentage of cases are suspended due to accuser (here referred to as victim) non-participation, including the accuser recanting in 3.5% of suspended investigations. Cases which are not classified as unfounded but do not meet the standards for an arrest (Probable Cause, defined above) also fall into this category. Cases could also fall into this category if a suspect was not identified.

Referred for Prosecution

Figure 3: Cases referred for Prosecution
Of cases referred for prosecution, over 30% were unfounded.

Prosecution: Case Disposition

Figure 4: Case Disposition for Prosecution
Of the cases processed by Prosecution, over half were rejected or dismissed. Refer to figure 3 for more information. Only 7.9% of these cases went to trial. 39.1% of these cases led to a conviction.

Breakdown of cases with convictions

Figure 5: Breakdown of Guilty Pleas

Figure 6: Breakdown of Guilty Verdicts at Trial
Of the cases where there is a conviction, 65% were convictions of felony sexual assault and 35% were convicted of lesser crimes.

Ratio of True to False

There is no good or accurate way to compare the ratio of true claims to false claims. Consider this entire section highly speculative.
Guilty convictions may sometimes be faulty, but if these numbers are considered the cases that are "proven true" these represent 39% of cases referred to prosecution. By comparison the cases that through thorough investigation are found to be "false" could be considered to be "proven false". 20% of police reports are cleared by arrest. If the cases cleared by arrest by police follow the same ratio of guilty convictions as those found in the prosecution statistics, the ratio of true to false claims is approximately 7.8:7.1, or approximately 47.6% of the "proven" cases are false. Note that this number is by no means an accurate portrayal of the exact number of fabricated vs non-fabricated accusations, just a very very loose estimate. Also note that this number assumes that "prosecution case disposition" is a similar data set to those cases that are "cleared by arrest" by police. Given the data from this study however, the prosecution case disposition also includes cases categorized differently by police, making it very difficult to find the correct ratio of "proven true" to "proven false".
According to a British Home Office study 81/120 cases found to be false with an explanation involved either a complainant admission that the complaint was false, or retraction. There is not a breakdown of how cases were determined to be false in the MAD study, but based on this study "complainant admission" is the most common reason. Given that the majority of cases here are proven by admission of either the accuser or the sex offender, comparing "false accusations" to "guilty convictions" is probably the least misleading comparison of true to false allegations, and certainly less misleading that comparing the number of accusations that are classified as false to the complete set of all accusations.
Here are some reasons why this number is not precise:
  1. The standard for obtaining a guilty conviction in court are "beyond a reasonable doubt" which is very strict. There is not a burden of proof standard defined in the UCR handbook for classifying a case as "false". That said, typically admissions of guilt are the main reasons for reaching either determination. Of prosecuted cases where a disposition of "guilty" is reached, 84% are from pleas. These cases do not require the standard of "beyond a reasonable doubt" to be reached in court.
  2. Defendants may plead guilty to a charge they did not commit to avoid risking a longer sentence or a conviction of a higher crime.
  3. This ratio ignores all cases that are classified as "baseless", "suspended/inactivated", and "closed as an informational report". This ratio also ignores cases that are cleared by arrest or exceptional means, but are rejected by prosecution, dismissed with all charges dropped, or found in court to be not guilty. As described above, many accusations that fit into these categories do not meet the standards of a crime, and some of these categories include cases where the accuser recanted or provided false statements (accuser recanted in 3.5% of suspended/inactivated cases, provided false statements in 4.1% of suspended/inactivated cases). One could make a strong argument that these numbers should be included in the final tally of "false accusations".
  4. 35% of the guilty convictions were not for felony level sexual assault and 21% of the guilty convictions were not for a sex crime. In these cases the conviction may not match the accusation.
  5. Guilty convictions do not necessarily mean the accusation was true. The Innocence Project has exonerated 288 people convicted of sex crimes since 1992.

A Quick Word on the Researchers

There is a clear bias by the EVAW International organization shown by their continuing efforts to push for "belief first" handling of accusations. The main researchers of the MAD project, Kimberly A Lonsway, and Sergeant Joanne Archambault, have also published papers and articles such as "Addressing False Reporting Beliefs: Misconceptions about False Reporting and Addressing the Persistant Challenge" in which they promote the "Start by Believing" Campaign. Resources found on the EVAW website concerning false accusations overwhelmingly downlplay the rate and impact of false accusations.
These two researchers are deserving of deeper investigation, which I will attempt at a later date.


I researched this study to assist others in understanding false accusations, but many of the findings surprised me and changed my perspective on the issue. I believe that these findings clearly challenge the narrative that false accusations are rare and harmless in a number of ways.
One surprising finding was that suspended/inactivated cases sometimes contained cases where the accuser recanted. Often studies in the past argue that police often mislabel cases as "false" when they should be labeled as "baseless". Cases labeled as "suspended/inactivated" even if the accuser recants are clear evidence that often cases are mislabeled in the other direction. These cases should be labeled as "false".
Not included in this analysis are the study's "reform efforts". From a brief look, the reform efforts include a training program for Grand Jury members to influence the decision making in sexual assault cases. Given the biases present in the organizers of this study, I find this quite troubling. This is absolutely an area that requires further investigation.


  • Even though only only 7.1% of cases reached the disposition of "false", other categories contain accusations that are later recanted, do not meet the standards of a crime, or are dropped due to lack of accuser cooperation.
  • The researchers involved in this study are either purposefully misrepresenting their own data by pushing their "believe first" agenda, or they do not understand their own data.
  • In order for an accusation to lead to an arrest it generally has to meet the following criteria: the accuser does not recant, the accuser makes a statement to police that isn't proven false by witness reports or physical evidence, the accusation meets the standards for a crime. Most accusations that do not lead to an arrest do not meet one of those criteria. The narrative that accusations are not taken seriously because the accuser is not believed does not match the data.
  • A large portion (39%) of accusations that lead to an arrest also lead to conviction. The narrative that few arrests lead to convictions is false.
  • 75% of cases that went to trial resulted in a guilty verdict. The narrative that juries do not believe accusers is not supported by data.
  • There is a concerted effort to influence decision making of grand juries by those who have a clear bias in favor of accusers
EDIT: *The research implementation methods varied by agency for this study. Based on that the accuracy of ratios of data between two agencies is not perfect. For example the ratio of convictions to police reports might be inaccurate due to different research methodology for police vs prosecution. For this reason I have removed any attempts to draw conclusions from data compared between agencies.
EDIT 2: fixed some math. There is an important assumption in the "true to false" ratio. To calculate this ratio I assume the ratio of prosecuted cases which led to convictions (39%) is the same ratio of "police cases cleared by arrest" that led to convictions. Likely more than 39% of cases cleared by arrest lead to convictions, because some cases which fall into other categories are also referred to prosecution, and those are less likely to lead to convictions.
EDIT 3: added to the TL;DR section
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2018.12.29 06:24 nitrox3058 Innocent until proven gay simply started out with a young man accused of a minor crime.

Through a years long investigation it was discovered he had not committed a crime at all. He was summarily convicted in Jacksonville Florida and sent to prison. I’m a Marine and not prone to sitting back pretending injustice doesn’t exist. I took up the fight for his freedom. This year, 2018 was his first Christmas since his release. His prosecutor. Ousted from office. The judge, forced to resign. The walls came tumbling down around them. It was personal as you’ll soon discover.
It had been a lifetime in the making. Telling anyone I was close to that I am gay. Kevin's being taken into custody and awaiting sentencing certainly put a rush on things. I needed to tell my ex wife and my two sons. It wasn't planned out. I was just at home and it hit me. Today is the day. From the moment I had met Kevin, the first 3 days we spent without sexual intimacy, I still came away wanting to scream to the world that I had fallen in love and with whom. It was Kevin himself that cautioned me against coming out. Telling me " we live in a city that has no protections for who we are. They shot down the Human Rights Bill. I could still legally, and without any way to counter any actions against me lose my job, be evicted from my rental home, or not be allowed the rights others have, simply because I'm gay. Over two years later, and that Human Rights Bill has been shot down two more times since that day. But I digress. I had decided today is the day!! I called Natalie to set up a family get together with her and my two boys, Taylor and Trevor. When I made that call I the conversation went like this: Me: hey how are you? Natalie: I'm doing great, you? Me: I'm good, hey are you and the boys all at the house right now? Natalie: no, Taylor is across the street, but Trevor is here. Me: can you have Taylor come over? I need to talk to you all about something. Natalie: yeah probably, is it something we can do over lunch? Maybe at Sonny's BBQ ? Me: no, I'd prefer it be a little more private in case any of you start crying or anything. ( 5 seconds of silence ) Natalie: do you have cancer? Me: no, no, it's nothing like that. It was at this point that I knew my youngest son was in the room listening to our conversation as he hollered out : " you finally coming out of the closet dad? " followed by his falling on the floor laughing. He laughed, Natalie laughed, I joined in laughing myself. Neither of them had any idea just how dead on the money he was.
It was about a 30 minute drive from my house to the house of my ex wife, and even though I tried to envision how things were going to go down, none of them would prepare me for what was about to happen. When the 3 of them met me at the door, and after our initial hugs and hellos, I asked them to join me in the living room. I pulled up an office swivel chair and sat down in the middle of the room. My oldest son sat on the couch, my ex wife in her wheel chair beside my youngest son, just to my left. All of them perhaps 6 feet away from me in different directions. It was then that my ex wife asked " so what's up?" The Moment of Truth was at hand. Through our years of marriage and even post marriage, I had been around for discussions with her and my boys concerning one of their young gay friends at school, Adrian. I knew Natalie's position on the subject, and so I decided to fix that right off the bat, and so it began. Me: I just need you all to be quiet and listen for a few minutes. If you have any questions when I'm done, I'll be glad to answer them. Then I looked directly at Natalie and said " I'm the answer to your question, or rather the proof that you are wrong. I am gay. It is not a choice. There is nothing in the world that I would have traded for the days I could have been here with you, with my children, hugging them as they went off to school, and tucking them in at night before bed. No one would give that up as part of a choice just to be gay. I love you all. I spent 46 years not wanting to be gay and refusing to take part in it. I dated only women, I had sex only with women. I knew I was gay. I just refused to be gay. I refused to act on it. I foolishly believed, that someday I would meet the women that was perfect for me, and she and our love would make the gay go away. I thought that women was you. " They all sat quietly in amazement. As I went on. " Natalie you've always proclaimed that it was my constantly being gone playing pool and then my truck driving that caused our arguments and the ultimate destruction of our marriage. It wasn't. It was my losing patience. I was gay, I thought, I prayed, that it would just go away and it wasn't. I grew angry. It wasn't OUR fault. It was MY fault. I was an idiot to think Anything could change it. It's not a choice. " By this point, I was crying. Tears rolled as I did the hardest thing I'd ever done in my life, and I held my head down in my hands as I wept and stared at the floor. Then an amazing thing happened. I felt my oldest son's hand on my shoulder. I looked up at him, and he hugged me and said " it's ok dad". My youngest son came over and joined us in the hug, that must have lasted 5 minutes at least. Natalie came over too, positioning her wheelchair as close as she could and putting her right arm around my shoulders. I then said " I'm gonna move to the couch, but there's more to the story. I sat on the couch, taylor sat beside me, and Trevor took the seat I had previously occupied, and I told them about Kevin. " I met someone almost a year ago. He is the first guy I've ever been with, and he's now in jail, and likely on his way to prison for a crime I KNOW he didn't commit. We've been together 10 months, and we're engaged to be married. I love him. I love him more completely and fully than anyone I've ever loved before. " I broke out my cell phone and brought up the picture of Kevin and I at the cabin in north Georgia the previous Valentine's Day. She took a few moments and said " ya know, I'd be pissed if he wasn't so attractive. The whole meeting lasted about an hour and Taylor had to leave, but it so happened that as Natalie, Trevor, and I hung around chatting more, Kevin called my phone from the jail. As I chatted with him, Natalie asked me to put him on speaker phone and she began to speak by saying " Heeeey Kevin! This is Natalie. Keep your chin up and don't get discouraged, everything is going to be ok. Don't worry, it'll all be alright " I could feel the tears beginning to fall once again. This women who to some people I had perpetrated a great wrong against, whom I had married and never told how I was feeling inside about my sexuality and just dumped that news upon out of the blue this day in June 2015, just wished the man in my life the best for him and offered him encouragement in spite of everything. My compassion, her understanding. Perhaps the reason we got along as well as we did, as well as we still do to this day. Perhaps God played a huge role in order for us to produce the two children we have together created in love, although not perfect, but at least everlasting. Then it was Trevor's turn as he took the phone and introduced himself and also told Kevin to hang in there, everything will be ok! And then it was over. I was walking on clouds after Kevin said goodbye. Not a single scenario I had imagined had come to pass. Nothing could have prepared me for how well it actually had gone. I went home elated that day.
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2018.11.13 04:48 gscs1102 The Unresolved Mysteries Surrounding Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln's Engagement and Marriage: Part 4

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

In March, Speed wrote his sister that he was melancholy, and that he would probably be returning home.

“I endeavor to persuade myself that there is more pleasure in pursuit of any object, than there is in its possession. This general rule I wish now most particularly to apply to women. I have been most anxiously in pursuit of one – and from all present appearances, if my philosophy be true I am to be most enviably felicitous, for I may have as much of the anticipation and pursuit as I please, but the possession I can hardly ever hope to realize . . . There is nothing here but some of the very cleverest fellows that God ever made – the truest friends and warmest hearts – that is worth living in this country for.”

It is generally argued that this refers to Matilda, and it well might. But it's hard to know. I think it is possible he was pursuing several women in the hopes of finding a wife before he left. His home was a plantation, where he probably was not close to large groups of eligible women. But he was close to Louisville. Perhaps he thought he'd be a better catch in a less wealthy city like Springfield.

On May 18, shortly after Speed returned to Kentucky, he wrote to William Butler, who was close with both Lincoln and Speed. Lincoln got his meals and laundry done at the Butler home while sleeping with Speed, and it seems Speed may have done the same. Butler was married with young children, and his wife's younger sister, then about 17, lived with them. Her name was Sarah Rickard. She will come up later. Speed indicated he'd received updates from Butler's wife:

“I am glad to hear from Mrs Butler that Lincoln is on the mend. Say to him that I have had but one attack since I left Springfield and that was on the river as I came here – I am not as happy as I could be and yet so much happier than I deserve to be that I think I ought to be satisfied —”

It is unclear if Lincoln was still dealing with his original breakdown, and what Speed's issue was. It is generally assumed to be hypo-related, and an attack of anxiety or depression makes sense. But from the time of year, it could have been malaria. Although I'm not sure how bad that was in Illinois. The disease manifests intermittently - you are struck down by fever, chills, and lethargy for one day, a few days, or longer, then get better, then crash. These kind of statements about "attacks" are in many letters, and the river trip took at least a few days. But unless the follow up question is a non-sequitur, it seems to indicate unhappiness. And that brings us to another question - what is up with Speed? He clearly feels he did something wrong or somehow irresponsible. It's also not clear why he doesn't write to Lincoln himself, but Lincoln was probably living with the Butlers, and it may not have been necessary for him to be writing all of them all the time. They could give each other updates.

Speed never spoke much of Lincoln once Lincoln became President. He was naturally reticent and lived in Kentucky, a border state, which was in a state of extreme turmoil trying to remain "neutral." He and other (often slaveholding) elites wanted it to stay Union; large amounts of the populace leaned Confederate. He was quietly involved in a balancing act and really could not get into his history. After the assassination, I think the simplest answer is that Speed was stunned and upset and had no idea what to say, nor did he want to "cash in" on their relationship. Herndon pestered him for information on Lincoln - he obliged, though it is unclear what he gave Herndon permission to use - he considered Herndon a friend who he could chat with off the record. He eventually sent letters that he thought were "of any interest," after initially saying they were too personal. He clearly did not include all of them, but what he did include was very revealing. If they had a homosexual relationship and some of the cryptic language hints at that, I don't see why he would have turned them over. He certainly did not have to, and they were awkward in any event. It is odd that he chose these letters (but Herndon may well have requested letters from the period he actually lived in Springfield).

But more business-like ones in later years are in existence. It's hard to tell, but it seems like there aren't many later ones because they drifted apart and things got awkward. C. A. Tripp's book argues this has to do with their romantic relationship (and his analysis is certainly interesting), but I think his reasoning could apply to any close relationship. Namely, Speed was very focused on making money in banking, running is plantation, and cultivating fine flower gardens (this was a passion of many men at the time). Lincoln had little interest in wealth or plantations (and had some contempt for them), admittedly disliked flowers, and was pursuing a political agenda that was slowly threatening political stability in Kentucky and the nation at large. They also had their "hypo" episodes and kind of bowed out of society at points.

In any event, he sent Herndon the originals in 1866.

They start on June 19, 1841. Taken from Tripp's The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln, it describes a local true crime mystery (how appropriate!) It is so long that I am unfortunately going to have to cut out most of the story, but he clearly wanted Speed to vicariously participate in Springfield events. The gist is that they thought someone had been murdered, but then found out he was allegedly alive.

Dear Speed: We have had the highest state of excitement here for a week past that our community has ever witnessed; and although the public feeling is somewhat allayed, the curious affair which aroused it is very far from being even yet cleared of mystery. It would take a quire of paper to give you anything like a full account of it, and I therefore only propose a brief outline. The chief personages in the drama are Archibald Fisher, supposed to be murdered, and Archibald Trailor, Henry Trailor, and William Trailor, supposed to have murdered him. The three Trailors are brothers; the first, Arch., as you know, lives in town; the second, Henry, in Clary’s Grove; and the third, William, in Warren County; and Fisher, the supposed murderee, being without a family, had made his home with William. On Saturday evening, being the 29th of May, Fisher and William came to Henry’s in a one-horse dearborn, and there stayed over Sunday; and on Monday all three came to Springfield (Henry on horseback), and joined Archibald at Myers’s, the Dutch carpenter. That evening at supper Fisher was missing, and so next morning some ineffectual search was made for him; and on Tuesday, at one o’clock P.M., William and Henry started home without him. In a day or so Henry and one or two of his Clary Grove neighbors came back and searched for him again, and advertised his disappearance in the paper. The knowledge of the matter thus far had not been general, and here it dropped entirely, till about the 10th instant, when Keys received a letter from the postmaster in Warren County, stating that William had arrived at home, and was telling a very mysterious and improbable story . . . When the doctor’s story was first made public, it was amusing to scan and contemplate the countenances and hear the remarks of those who had been actively engaged in the search for the dead body. Some looked quizzical, some melancholy, and some furiously angry. Porter, who had been very active, swore he always knew the man was not dead, and that he had not stirred an inch to hunt for him; Langford, who had taken the lead in cutting down Hickox’s milldam, and wanted to hang Hickox for objecting, looked most awfully woebegone: he seemed the “wictim of hunrequited haffections,” as represented in the comic almanacs we used to laugh over; and Hart, the little drayman that hauled Molly home once, said it was too damned bad to have so much trouble, and no hanging after all. I commenced this letter on yesterday, since which I received yours of the 13th. I stick to my promise to come to Louisville. Nothing new here except what I have written. I have not seen Sarah since my long trip, and I am going out there as soon as I mail this letter. Yours forever, Lincoln

One important part of this is the reference to Molly. Molly was a popular nickname for Mary, and Lincoln usually called her this up until the birth of their first child, after which he usually called her "Mother." Yes, I know that creeps some people out. I know that Mike Pence called his wife that recently at a public dinner and people were appalled, but all I could think in answer to the "who does that?" was "Lincoln did."

The "drayman" reference confirms this is Mary Todd. And he is apparently comfortable making casual references to her as "Molly."

The other important part is the reference to Sarah. When Speed sent the letters to Herndon, he told him he had erased the name Sarah wherever it appeared, but if he had missed one, Herndon needed to erase it. Apparently this one got missed. The theory is that he somehow rejected Sarah Rickard, Butler's sister-in-law, and that may be why he was telling Butler he was happier than he deserved to be - as if acknowledging he'd done something wrong. It's somewhat unclear how that relates to Speed's letter to his sister which indicates he was pursuing a woman, but it may be that he sort of led Sarah along accidentally while seeing this other woman, who may have been Matilda. Speed was known as a lady's man, so there are multiple possibilities.

It's also possible that this as a different Sarah. Lincoln had been gone a few weeks, as he acknowledges, but he generally lived with the Butlers. What does it mean that he is "going out there"? One thing that occurred to me but has never been suggested is what Speed referred to years later, a "girl" he was "keeping." A prostitute. But not a "common" one. Due to fear of STDs, a man or group of friends might support one woman and set her up in an apartment etc. In some cases this was more like having a casual girlfriend, but this was the time of the lady or prostitute dichotomy. Speed claimed both he and Lincoln slept with this woman, according to Herndon. Some argue Herndon misunderstood a joke (Speed's alleged story is that Lincoln found out he didn't have the money to pay this woman, and, ever honest and averse to debt, he got out of her bed before anything happened), or that Speed was trying to assert their heterosexuality. But it was never intended to be publicized and the notes were later found in Herndon's papers, so that seems unlikely.

He'd arrived a few days before, and on June 17th, Mary wrote Mercy that Lincoln "deems me unworthy of notice, as I have not met him in the gay world for months. . . . I would that the case were different, that he would once more resume his station in Society."

In mid-August, after the court session wrapped, Lincoln headed to Louisville.

Mercy had left to marry James Conkling, and Mary wrote her in June:

The last two or three months have been of interminable length . . . after my gay companions of last winter departed, I was left much to the solitude of my own thoughts, and some lingering regrets over the past, which time can alone overshadow with its healing balm.”

This seems to take her back to March, when the legislature adjourned and all the eligible men went home, ending the social season. One of her gay companions may have been Matilda - not sure when she left. Were they also Lincoln and Speed? The Hardins?

Speaking of Lincoln's associate E.B. Webb, who may have gone with them to Jacksonville at Christmas, she wrote to Mercy:

“in your last, you appeared impressed with the prevalent idea that we were dearer to each other than friends, the idea was neither new nor strange, dear Merce, the knowing world have coupled our names together for months past, merely through the folly & belief of another, who strangely imagined we were attached to each other, in your friendly & confiding ear allow me to whisper that my heart can never be his, I have deeply regretted that his constant visits, attentions && should have given room for remarks, which were to me unpleasant, there being a slight difference of some eighteen or twenty summers in our years, would preclude the possibility of congeneality of feeling, without which I should never feel justifiable in resigning my happiness into the safekeeping of another, even should that other be far too worthy for me, with his two sweet little objections.”

In case it isn't clear, Webb was an older widower with two young children, and apparently people thought they were serious. It is interesting that Mercy thought this - maybe she had no idea about whatever happened with Lincoln? She also indicates a person mistaken about this spread the news. The phrase "resigning my happiness into the safekeeping of another" shows how seriously she took marriage, and how significant it was to woman in general. "We had such a continual round of company, gayety && last winter, that after their departure the monotony of the place was almost unbearable,” she said, before explaining she had now “become habituated to quiet.” She spoke of Conkling, and mentioned receiving letters from Speed in Kentucky, as they were friends.And then she wrote this:

His worthy friend, deems me unworthy of notice, as I have not met him in the gay world for months, with the usual comfort of misery, imagine that others were as seldom gladdened by his presence as my humble self, yet I would that the case were different, that he would once more resume his Station in Society, that ‘Richard should be himself again,’ much, much happiness would it afford me.”

This is almost certainly a reference to Lincoln. As Randall put it:

Mary’s way of expressing herself in her letters, while frequently incisive and witty, is often problematic. Her sentences can be fragmentary and elliptical, while her punctuation is consistently inconsistent. Because of these problems the passage above about Lincoln is difficult to interpret. Assuming that the phrase “for months” marks the end of a sentence, what follows seems to mean something like this: “As misery is said to love company, I comfort myself by imagining that other people have been just as infrequently gladdened by his presence as I have been.” The final line of the passage – “much, much happiness would it afford me” – is almost universally taken as clear evidence . . . that she wanted Lincoln back.

I would say that it is evidence that she felt bad about whatever had happened and his collapse, and wanted him to be happy and "himself", socializing not with her specifically so much as all his friends, which is a much more significant thing than wanting him back. Randall then asks:

But if she had her heart secretly set on getting Lincoln back, why, near the end of this letter, did she offer a teasing suggestion of a new interest? Noting that Douglas has been elevated to a judgeship (as part of the packing of the Illinois Supreme Court), she refers to his having been a former admirer of Mercy, who was now engaged to Conkling. “Now that your fortune is made, I feel much disposed in your absence, to lay in my claims, as he is talented & agreeable & sometimes countenances me.” If this is a letter of one who is pining away for Lincoln, the pining is well disguised. But disguised it may well be. Though she affects great intimacy with Mercy in these letters, our perspective enables us to see that she actually played her cards very close to the vest.”

So we do have contemporary evidence that Douglas was a suitor, long before it would have been fun to pose him and Lincoln as rivals for her love as well as in debate.

Lincoln had a great time with Speed and his family, and Speed came back to Illinois with him and September to wrap some things up. The next letter really doesn't relate to this series, but I think it is useful to read. He lived like a king and goofed around with Speed's siblings, bonded with Speed's mother, and generally probably got his first experience in a happy, loving, stable family. He ended up writing to Speed's sister when the boat they were traveling on back made a stop.

When we left, Miss Fanny Henning was owing you a visit, as I understood—Has she paid it yet? If she has, are you not convinced that she is one of the sweetest girls in the world? There is but one thing about her, so far as I could perceive, that I would have otherwise than as it is—That is something of a tendency to melancholly—This, let it be observed, is a misfortune, not a fault—Give her an assurance of my verry highest regard, when you see her—

At some point during Lincoln's visit, Speed fell for a pretty 16-year-old orphan who lived with her uncle (yes, this sounds kind of creepy - he was about 26 or 27 I think). Both he and Lincoln ultimately went for women about 10 years younger. The uncle wouldn't let her out of his sight, so Lincoln posed as a raging Democrat and engaged him in political debates while Speed took her out to the porch, and in a short time they were engaged. Lincoln seemed to really like her, but he may have just been trying to support and encourage Speed. But he seems to have psychologically assessed her pretty quickly. As you will see, this topic is important to Lincoln, and he shows in many ways more wisdom than most people have now about depression and anxiety. I am not sure why Fanny was visiting the Speed family for the first time without Joshua, but obviously the relationship was serious.

So they spent a few months in Springfield. The record then starts around January 3, 1842, right around the time Speed left go to home. He planned to marry in February. These letters are much analyzed but rarely printed in order, which I think matters to the interpretation. They have been called "extraordinary" and are the most personal letters ever found of Lincoln's. Lincoln apparently gave Speed this letter as he was leaving.

My dear Speed:
Feeling, as you know I do, the deepest solicitude for the success of the enterprise you are engaged in, I adopt this as the last method I can invent to aid you, in case (which God forbid!) you shall need any aid. I do not place what I am going to say on paper, because I can say it any better in that way than I could by word of mouth, but, were I to say it orally before we part, most likely you would forget it at the very time when it might do you some good. As I think it reasonable that you will feel very badly some time between this and the final consummation of your purpose, it is intended that you shall read this just at such a time.

The enterprise is almost certainly Speed's marriage. Lincoln then gives an excellent analysis and description of what it is like to struggle with anxiety and/or depression, clearly indicating that Speed struggles with these issues.

Why I say it is reasonable that you will feel very badly yet, is because of three special causes added to the general one which I shall mention.
The general cause is, that you are naturally of a nervous temperament; and this I say from what I have seen of you personally, and what you have told me concerning your mother at various times, and concerning your brother William at the time his wife died.
The first special cause is your exposure to bad weather on your journey, which my experience clearly proves to be very severe on defective nerves.
The second is the absence of all business and conversation of friends, which might divert your mind, give it occasional rest from the intensity of thought which will sometimes wear the sweetest idea threadbare and turn it to the bitterness of death.

The "intensity of thought" quote is an illuminating one, and Lincoln also makes it clear that he believes mental health problems run in families. However, Lincoln does not seem to think that he himself has a nervous temperament, but that he has defective nerves worsened by bad weather. Lincoln probably was talking about depression; while he experienced intense anxiety about certain things, and to have very dark moods, his temperament was famously calm and even.

The third is the rapid and near approach of that crisis on which all your thoughts and feelings concentrate.
If, on the contrary, you shall, as I expect you will at some time, be agonized and distressed, let me, who have some reason to speak with judgment on such a subject, beseech you to ascribe it to the causes I have mentioned, and not to some false and ruinous suggestion of the Devil.

The crisis is Speed's wedding. Lincoln suggests he has experience with these feelings, and encourages Speed to attribute them to essentially freaking out - his nervous temperament, the lack of distractions and ability to dwell, and the great change he is about to make in getting married. What he should not attribute his distress to is "some false and ruinous suggestion of the Devil." I can't shed any light on that one, but he probably means the doubts that tend to creep in and keep somebody from doing what is right. My best guess is that the "suggestion" would be that he does not love his fiancee enough to marry her, or that she won't be happy with him, or that the marriage is in some other way a mistake. What experience Lincoln had in bad weather, and when, seems to be a key question. It's not clear why the bad weather would be specifically "on his journey," but perhaps Lincoln was just referencing that he would be traveling. Or may be he is talking mainly about the journey, because that is where Speed would have no distractions. Lincoln probably intended for him to receive another letter when he actually landed back home.

“But,” you will say, “do not your causes apply to every one engaged in a like undertaking?”
By no means. The particular causes, to a greater or less extent perhaps, do apply in all cases; but the general one,—nervous debility, which is the key and conductor of all the particular ones, and without which they would be utterly harmless,—though it does pertain to you, does not pertain to one in a thousand. It is out of this that the painful difference between you and the mass of the world springs.

His opinion on the statistics is quite interesting, as is his bluntness. It seems incredibly likely that Lincoln thought Mary had a nervous temperament, because she definitely did. His recognition of this issue probably played a large role in his dealing with her behavior, and he must have known it going in. He probably also knew that he was very reassuring to anxious people.

I know what the painful point with you is at all times when you are unhappy. It is an apprehension that you do not love her as you should. What nonsense! How came you to court her? Was it because you thought she desired it, and that you had given her reason to expect it? If it was for that, why did not the same reason make you court Ann Todd, and at least twenty others of whom you can think, and to whom it would apply with greater force than to her? Did you court her for her wealth? Why, you know she had none. But you say you reasoned yourself into it. What do you mean by that? Was it not that you found yourself unable to reason yourself out of it? Did you not think, and partly form the purpose, of courting her the first time you ever saw or heard of her? What had reason to do with it at that early stage? There was nothing at that time for reason to work upon. Whether she was moral, amiable, sensible, or even of good character, you did not, nor could then know, except, perhaps, you might infer the last from the company you found her in. All you then did or could know of her was her personal appearance and deportment; and these, if they impress at all, impress the heart, and not the head.

So here is the crux of the matter: Speed isn't sure he really loves Fanny; he may have "reasoned himself into it," for one reason or another. It's a bit strange that Lincoln implies Speed fell for her the first time he "heard of" her, without any apparent conversation. But we don't have details on their meeting. Lincoln indicates Speed was a flirt, and his reference to Ann Todd is interesting. Ann was Mary's younger sister, who eventually moved to Springfield. But I can't find any record of her being in Springfield before Lincoln's wedding, though it is entirely possible she visited. Lincoln makes it seem like Speed had quite a flirtation going on with her. Mary also had a cousin named Ann Todd, who seems to be a more likely candidate, but some other sources seem to discount this. A slight possibility is that Speed courted Mary's sister in Kentucky.

Say candidly, were not those heavenly black eyes the whole basis of all your early reasoning on the subject? After you and I had once been at her residence, did you not go and take me all the way to Lexington and back, for no other purpose but to get to see her again, on our return in that seeming to take a trip for that express object?

I have to figure out the details on this trip, but Ann Todd lived in Lexington at the time, so I do wonder about Speed's possible connections to the family.

What earthly consideration would you take to find her scouting and despising you, and giving herself up to another? But of this you have no apprehension; and therefore you can not bring it home to your feelings.
I shall be so anxious about you, that I want you to write me every mail. Your friend LINCOLN

You can probably see why people believe there may have been a homosexual relationship here. It is definitely possible. I feel like at least one of the letters would have contained a more obvious hint in that direction if it were the case, as these letters were never intended to be public. But there is a theory that Speed (and Lincoln) worried about marriage because they feared impotence, not being attracted to women. It should also be pointed out that men at this time often did fear impotence with "respectable" women, because they had been taught to treat them reverently and never touch them indecently. Men frequently had dalliances with less respectable women prior to marriage, but then found it difficult to transition. Lincoln's point about how Speed would never prefer Fanny to break up with him, despite his doubts, is a good one. That type of nagging doubt always suggests some better result is out there somewhere, that the current choice will doom everyone. The fact that he is confident of her interest and loyalty and would be horrified if she withdrew it suggests that they are on the right path, and any other choice would be more likely to cause problems than to improve the situation. It's a grass is always greener situation - if she had rejected him, he'd be chasing her, not worrying that he shouldn't be with her. But because he has the comfort of having "no apprehension" about her love, he's now inventing problems with the situation.

The next letter is dated a month later, but it seems to be the next in the series, likely delayed by Speed's traveling, including a trip to visit Fanny. But given that Lincoln had admonished him to write "every mail" it is unclear how often he wrote. The apparent context is that when he returned home, he learned Fanny had left for a better climate due to poor health. They seemed to fear something like tuberculosis, and a quick trip to a drier climate was the usual prescription. If it was tuberculosis, it was known to be fatal (although a lot of things were erroneously diagnosed as tuberculosis, so this may not have been a definite assumption.)

Dear Speed: Springfield, Ills. Feby. 3- 1842-
Your letter of the 25th. Jany. came to hand to-day. You well know that I do not feel my own sorrows much more keenly than I do yours, when I know of them; and yet I assure you I was not much hurt by what you wrote me of your excessively bad feeling at the time you wrote. Not that I am less capable of sympathising with you now than ever; not that I am less your friend than ever, but because I hope and believe, that your present anxiety and distress about her health and her life, must and will forever banish those horid doubts, which I know you sometimes felt, as to the truth of your affection for her. If they can be once and forever removed, (and I almost feel a presentiment that the Almighty has sent your present affliction expressly for that object) surely, nothing can come in their stead, to fill their immeasurable measure of misery. The death scenes of those we love, are surely painful enough; but these we are prepared to, and expect to see. They happen to all, and all know they must happen. Painful as they are, they are not an unlooked-for-sorrow. Should she, as you fear, be destined to an early grave, it is indeed, a great consolation to know that she is so well prepared to meet it. Her religion, which you once disliked so much, I will venture you now prize most highly.

This seems a bit strong even for the time. Lincoln believes watching family members die is worse than doubts about marriage? I understand in their own way the latter can be more likely to drive you crazy, and that at the time death was so common that it was something people were more prepared for in some sense. But clearly, Lincoln thinks this is a good thing - Speed's shift to fear about her health indicates he does really care about her, and isn't wrapped up in his own impulses and interests. Again, grass is always greener. Now that there's a chance her death will prevent their happiness together, he focuses only on that happiness, not on whether he could be happier elsewhere.

But I hope your melancholly bodings as to her early death, are not well founded. I even hope, that ere this reaches you, she will have returned with improved and still improving health; and that you will have met her, and forgotten the sorrows of the past, in the enjoyment of the present.
I would say more if I could; but it seems I have said enough. It really appears to me that you yourself ought to rejoice, and not sorrow, at this indubitable evidence of your undying affection for her. Why Speed, if you did not love her, although you might not wish her death, you would most calmly be resigned to it. Perhaps this point is no longer a question with you, and my pertenacious dwelling upon it, is a rude intrusion upon your feelings. If so, you must pardon me. You know the Hell I have suffered on that point, and how tender I am upon it. You know I do not mean wrong.

Again, Lincoln seems to be pushing it. He was noticeably affected by death his whole life, which was a constant thing at that time - I think he knew that even if you don't love someone, you aren't always calmly resigned to the death of someone you know well, or even one you don't. But we don't have Speed's letters, so presumably the tone indicated a level of concern consistent with deeply caring about the person.

I have been quite clear of hypo since you left,---even better than I was along in the fall.
I have seen Sarah but once. She seemed verry cheerful, and so, I said nothing to her about what we spoke of.
Old uncle Billy Herndon is dead; and it is said this evening that uncle Ben Ferguson will not live. This I believe is all the news, and enough at that unless it were better.
Write me immediately on the receipt of this. Your friend, as ever LINCOLN

Here's Sarah again. As Lincoln was presumably living with the Butlers, I have some doubts this is Sarah Rickard. As I mentioned above, a possible guess is a "non-respectable" woman that Speed had a relationship with. But I have no idea.

Dear Speed: Springfield, Ills. Feby. 13. 1842-
Yours of the 1st. Inst. came to hand three or four days ago. When this shall reach you, you will have been Fanny's husband several days. You know my desire to befriend you is everlasting---that I will never cease, while I know how to do any thing.
But you will always hereafter, be on ground that I have never ocupied, and consequently, if advice were needed, I might advise wrong.

Speed had announced he was getting married February 15th. Why Lincoln delayed several days in responding is unclear - probably he didn't know what to say. The last line has always seemed very profound to me. Rarely is someone so upfront about admitting they simply do not have the experience with so serious a matter to attempt giving advice. And I think he truly did see marriage as that serious a matter. And he recognized that it greatly altered one's obligations and approach to life.

I do fondly hope, however, that you will never again need any comfort from abroad. But should I be mistaken in this---should excessive pleasure still be accompanied with a painful counterpart at times, still let me urge you, as I have ever done, to remember in the dep[t]h and even the agony of despondency, that verry shortly you are to feel well again. I am now fully convinced, that you love her as ardently as you are capable of loving. Your ever being happy in her presence, and your intense anxiety about her health, if there were nothing else, would place this beyond all dispute in my mind. I incline to think it probable, that your nerves will fail you occassionally for a while; but once you get them fairly graded now, that trouble is over forever.

The term "excessive pleasure" is interesting. He almost seems to be getting at a bipolar-type condition that Speed suffers from. Or perhaps that he's just very idealistic and gets carried away by things, but that his nervous temperament tends to bring him crashing back to earth.

I think if I were you, in case my mind were not exactly right, I would avoid being idle; I would immediately engage in some business, or go to making preparations for it, which would be the same thing.
If you went through the ceremony calmly, or even with sufficient composure not to excite alarm in any present, you are safe, beyond question, and in two or three months, to say the most, will be the happiest of men.
I hope with tolerable confidence, that this letter is a plaster for a place that is no longer sore. God grant it may be so.
I would desire you to give my particular respects to Fanny, but perhaps you will not wish her to know you have received this, lest she should desire to see it. Make her write me an answer to my last letter to her at any rate. I would set great value upon another letter from her.

Some, particularly those who support the theory of a homosexual relationship, see this as Lincoln intentionally planting doubts and sabotaging Speed's happiness. Possible, but I see no reason to view it that way. I think he just knows Speed well enough to be concerned, and is probably also thinking of his own experience and trying to avert it. The reason I don't think impotence is the issue is that the concern is about the ceremony, apparently. I guess there was concern that Speed would just freak out at the altar. Lincoln's letter to Fanny does not survive.

Write me whenever you have leisure. Yours forever.
P.S. I have been quite a man ever since you left.

So now he wants Speed to write whenever he has leisure, not every mail - he likely felt unintentionally rejected, regardless of his relationship with Speed - someone else had priority on Speed's time and confidence.

That postscript has generated much controversy. The first impression people get is usually that he's bragging about having sex with someone or multiple people. Again, it has been suggested he did this to make Speed jealous or something. I think this interpretation is very reasonable, but it could also be some inside reference to almost anything - that Lincoln had become more emotionally stable, or really just some sort of inside joke. Robert Burns, a favorite poet of both who was wildly popular, wrote a poem that might relate to this reference. From Wikipedia:

"Is There for Honest Poverty", commonly known as "A Man's a Man for A' That" or "For a' That and a' That", is a 1795[1] song by Robert Burns, written in Scots and English, famous for its expression of egalitarian ideas of society, which may be seen as expressing the ideas of republicanism that arose in the 18th century.

It's basically about having the self-respect, independence, and self-reliance to be "a man" and not chase fashion and public applause. But that's just a guess. It seems like the common use of "quite a man" meant a ladies' man.

I hit the post word limit, so I have to stop this before we get to the letter received *after* Speed's wedding.

What do you think of the letters so far?

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2017.10.11 00:21 911bodysnatchers322 Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 174: "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatlne]

  • >>>CONT
    • And then I get them to that embassy
    • Is Otay driving people around in the REO speedwagon know you need an REO speedwagon to drive people to the to the UAE embassy
    • This is why they burn the embassy down in February is because of they are because of all the girls going there and getting dumbo dropped
    • He's the one running the Dumbo drop operations he said so not me! His email said so
    • This is my warning to Jaquaya: you don't realize you think you're sleeping with Otay, you think you're sleeping with Imran Awan
    • You think you're in love
    • the story ends badly--the story ends badly
    • When you're no longer needed, when you're no longer attractive, it ends very poorly let's just say that
    • There's a lot of missing girls in Washington in Washington DC
    • So I'll skip this, just to say that the way that this story was broken open to begin with the first hundred and sixty days was through persistence
    • It was day 300 before I ever asked for a dime on patreon
    • So I don't know how I'm selling timeshares
    • But anyway by following the forensic evidence is what breaks the story open not necessarily just the testimony of the individuals
    • The metadata here got the testimony of the individuals--very powerful and compelling testimony and we have two of those now Sprayer and Hawkshead
    • We need more for sprayer more for sprayer
    • So that's why I start following the metadata for this is for the American innovations
    • two one six three six three three eight one seven seven by following where that's moved around the last 17 years over the 17 times over the last 13 years, may give us a clue as to what is happening with these different homes
    • Maybe we can trace the different homes and match them up with the IP addresses
    • That's what we haven't done yet but what I would like to do
    • Again, people who have seen the movie the infiltrator
    • And that now they've seen American-Made people are coming back and saying oh my god the last five minutes blue might and blew me away it changed my life by seeing this last five minutes
    • Because they realized everything I've been saying here is true
    • It's only been now brought to the screen by Tom Cruise
    • So watch that
    • Now you're gonna see drugs drugs are part of this
    • You've seen all the metadata but until you actually see it I think on the big screen, people don't really believe it's true
    • What I'm saying is these are plays
    • These are teams running the plays
    • And it's a game
    • And it really is happening
    • So you have to believe it when you see it when you see all the evidence you have to believe it
    • It really is happening real CIA really is bringing in drugs and really sending weapons the other direction
    • This is Awan-contra (Iran contra) times a hundred okay
    • Again, car parts going to Punjab I think you're gonna find
    • Everybody wants me to take the yellow blob off
    • I'm not try to concentrate so much in the individual orders as I am the...
    • If you go to you can go to this is Exim trade info you can go and do import genius as well if you want to get this information directly
    • And finally we've got people like Boyce maybe boyce maybe not Boyce but the chief of detectives in New York saying this
    • This is thomas paine's saying that there's pay-to-play child exploitation sex crimes money laundering and pay to play
    • At some point you have to believe it at some point you have to look at people what they say you have to look at the metadata you have to look at the totality of the informations
    • I think one my brother wanted to say totality of circumstances here
    • Totality of evidence and see the overwhelming evidence here that they're running underground operation under grounds or under grounds or railroads they call them
    • They're running railroads all over Northern Virginia and all levels for all different levels
    • You've got the top for the UAE for the sheiks and the Senators
    • You've got the next layer down for the-- Congressmen
    • You have the next layer down for the people doing procurement the generals...and even the people at the running the gate at Fort Belvoir get compromised
    • So it is a total layer attack against everyone in Washington to compromise everyone in Washington
    • And at some point you have to see people ordering equipment
    • People staffing the staff
    • People doing the electronic expertise
    • People stealing the cars people moving the weapons in one direction
    • Moving the drugs in the other direction at some point you have to open your mind to the possibility that this is happening
  • Day 346.3. Jaquaya Last Seen at Sprayer on August 2011, Khalid Jan 2009 - YouTube
    • This is Day 345 I had a really good day today spending it with Macduff and driving while around Washington DC and looking at different oh wee towards some Masonic sites
    • And we talked a lot about his his father and his kind of fight against the CIA
    • We talked about the fort hunt agreement
    • This isn't too well known but the fort hunt agreement was an agreement between Reinhardt Galen kind of the spymaster of the Nazis and Allen Dulles who was running the CIA
    • Of course in a kind of a brotherly domination of foreign policy with his brother John Foster Dulles running the State Department
    • So anyway it was just a very good day talking about--just the different control mechanisms the CIA uses a gang-counter-gang to create conflict between two groups in order to--get the money basically
    • So and again, this is the guy who Kennedy assigned to break the CIA into a thousand pieces
    • So plus obviously John's a lawyer as well
    • So he gave me a lot of great legal advice
    • One of them being that you can take a case directly to the Supreme Court you don't need to wait to go through all the appeal process, because the Supreme Court has original jurisdiction for certain cases
    • Certain cases of national importance you can go directly to the Supreme Court and save a lot of time
    • So that is also an option
    • Qe also talked about the grand jury option in Maryland
    • In Maryland you can swear out of warrant and then present it to a commissioner and then the Commissioner makes a decision
    • So we talked a lot about a lot of different legal options
    • Of course we want to let the October 5th the next date in the Imran saga play out before we make any more legal moves
    • Again, no advice there but we were just kind of talking about blue sky things and it was it was interesting
    • Now this is something I've had pinned to my truthleaks for quite some time
    • These four different four different representatives a Frankel Theodor Deutsch, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and then Frederica Wilson all along kind of this Gold Coast in Florida with---this is where all the murders have been:
    • The Beranton Whisenant murders and also in all the--the lawsuits with the Democratic National Committee
    • A lot of the immigration lawyers dying down this is a very troublesome spot
    • This is also where Imran has this car importing business and this rice importing business and Jacksonville
    • So a lot of action going on here
    • What I'm saying here is that it might not just be a spy ring in Congress
    • It may be a spy ring and unfortunately the Awan-contra piece to this would be drugs and arms drugs and arms
    • Because usually the spy ring is put in for a good reason that's to protect drugs and arms trade narco-terrorism whatever we want to call it
    • Narco destabilization narco funding of operations
    • So one of the other things that came out of the research this morning was again, there's two key witnesses to keep material witnesses ao far in the case
    • Obviously that's gonna be-- Andre Taggart you broke the case open and then Laurel open the case up more as a second witness against--
    • Andre mainly testified kind of against Imran but then Laurel testified and I possibly identified Rao Abbas
    • Again, we haven't after a month we have no one that has seen them in the Congress
    • No one has seen Ramo boss Rao Abbas in the Congress but still one illigal illegal login happening per hour
    • Now here is Jacquizz Jaquayla's brother Khalid
    • Again, we're trying to identify more people in either Sprayer home or the Hawkshead home that knew Imran Awan
    • So that's all I'm trying to do nearest find out who knew Imran Awan we have several different services that say that that Jaquaylya--is brother was here at the sprayer address at the end of 2008
    • Now that would have been when Obama had already won the reelection
    • So we don't know if those things are related at all we don't know if there's any overlap with Imran Awan, but it's worth following up with Jaquayla to see if she knows in rona 1 it's worth following up with Khalid if they know Imran Awan.
    • All I'm asking for is that they come forward do a little piece on one of the YouTube channels out there and and move forward
    • So I published a couple of little excerpts from the the intercept
    • Just for people who haven't read the article August 30th 2017--now 30 days old
    • Now didn't get any publicity because it was over the Labor Day weekend but here it is--the Abu Dhabi women were brought to the apartment
    • This is by the Ambassador now by the Ambassador pick the one you want
    • So the idea of a kept woman here in in in Washington DC may not be so far-fetched
    • Had several women come forward saying oh by the way I did get married in in Iraq or in UAE and this is exactly the the harem mentality
    • This is what I called it this is exactly what happens
    • And I want to finish off by saying I do videos during the day a lot what do I call working videos and they're basically small scientific experiments etc small things of the day for people who really want to follow on the shoulder of the reporter
    • And then I delete them because I don't want to be going to ten different videos to get comments
    • I'm more want quickly five or six quick feedback comments for people who want to be on the shoulder of the reporter
    • So a lot of times I'll do delete a video within one hour of doing it
    • Especially if I get the answer I'm looking for in the video there's no sense in asking that to all the future people
    • And making all the future people who watch the video
    • It's better just to say the answer in the next video that's the idea keep rolling forward
    • So I delete the video if I get the answer I just say the answer in the next video
    • {{ 911bs: and it saves his transcriber from pulling his hair out with too many videos--by him waiting till the end of the day to know what to transcribe ;) }}
    • So I kind of broken that tradition at one time to kind of answer there's a lot of internet attacks...and even by your own family members!
    • And so I had gone I had heard someone had told me that another internet personality had linked to an unflattering video of mine
    • I went to the channel I saw this person's picture
    • I figured--it was that person in this case being Jason had linked to it
    • And I very quickly commented on it
    • It was in one of the working videos it was only up about an hour
    • But I want to say that Jason called me and said hey I didn't do that
    • So I take him at his word and I would retract that he ever linked to an unflattering video
    • That's it for today thanks
    • {{ 911bs: keep in mind that linking isn't always endorsement but informing you that 'this should know about it' }}
  • Day 347.1. News You Wait For Versus News You Drive - YouTube
    • Day 247 tragic events in Las Vegas
    • And the thing I don't like about typical CNN coverage or mainstream media is it's kind of like the peepee dossier or this reality winner thing
    • It's just you just have to wait for the drip drip drip you feel like you've been--struck dumb you're dumb struck by this news
    • There's nothing you can do you just have to wait for details to come out
    • And the reason why I prefer this type of interactive news that we do is it immediately lets you start working theories about what potentially happened
    • I look at motive motive motive--you're gonna hear all kinds of details that have nothing to do with motive or all sorts of strange weird motives being assigned to one lone gunman
    • It's much much more likely that this is a state-run operation
    • Because look at the history of state-run operations in the past and the numbers of people they kill
    • It's very unusual for one old guy to kill 50 people just very difficult
    • So all I'm saying is an alternative looking at the alternative you can immediately begin working a theories to try to solve the case
    • Now here if you're not familiar with it this is the article from the Intercept came out called the diplomatic underground came out exactly thirty days ago
    • August 30th it was put out over the Labor Day weekend
    • So it didn't get much coverage but it was talking about how Oteiba the foreign the the ambassador to United Nations from the UAE first of all how he was going around to all these strip clubs scouting for girls
    • And then it also talking about him going to Las Vegas that's the tie-in here and doing this thing called Dumbo dropping, which was drug raping these teens
    • And he was having him sign this form called a Dumbo drop form or a Dumbo form which is basically saying "I give consent to the UAE to gang rape me with with the whole cricket team or the whole soccer team or whatever"
    • So if you haven't read the article you can look at it
    • Intercept diplomatic underground August the 30th
    • Now the problem is is now this article has come out
    • And the girls are gonna start asking each other questions women in Las Vegas are asking themselves a question "did you ever sign a form when you went to that party over at the UAE that the UAE threw?"
    • You remember that party I wonder if that was us and then they start coordinating the dates
    • Now I'm not saying that's what happened here, but when the victims-list does come out I do want to go back and look at the Dumbo drop dates
    • And correlate to see if those girls did go to those Dumbo drop parties
    • Again, you can have the theory that oh it's just the one person and oh--the getaway car went that way so let's take all the--resources in the opposite direction sort of like the John Wilkes Booth escape out of Washington--that no he went that away and then one bridge was left open
    • But it makes a lot more sense that this is a clean up operation to me to me it just it just screams clean up but most people--wait for the CNN and MSM--version of events
    • {{ 911bs: Byegone thinks it's an arms-deal gone bad, and that the buyers did the shooting after killing the seller Paddock. Theory holds water TBH }}
    • But there's gonna be one room and what I've said before is they're just in one room where there was one it's one entry one exit no way out
    • And there's a shooting pen and that's going to be where the most of the injuries are gonna happen
    • And then later you go out into the audience general audience and you fire randomly as a cover
    • But you're gonna invite those girls from these demo trap parties to that excuse me to that to that suite
    • So here if you hadn't seen the article this is them taking this is them Otay and a couple of other his accomplice and that I don't know if that's Andrew Karsen or not sure looks like him--I'm not saying that's a Wasserman
    • But anyway they're taking girls from here in DC excuse me to to New York for a Dumbo drop--humpty dumpty they call it
    • Humpty dumpty foundation
    • Again, I didn't burn down the embassy in february of this year to get rid of DNA evidence
    • You may say that it was just a terrible thing that happened
    • I say they were burning DNA
    • Again, this is the harem attitude toword women
    • So this is why I like our news better
    • You can look at actual real people with real names and then ask those same questions if you in research
    • And we now have jaquail in that house at Sprayer until November 2014 until it's sold the Hina Alvi
    • Now for some reason the Washington Post wants to say it was sold five months later--it wasn't
    • It was sold in November 2014
    • And then we have Jaquaya living there till April moving from there when it gets sold when he gets sold to Hina Alvi from Ken Jeniak
    • We have her moving from from sprayer house right before Laurel gets in there really from November 2014 to April 2016
    • Supposedly she lives this other address
    • Now she's also arrested for speeding and her last post--this is Jacquaya--the last post is on the 19th of June
    • And it really appears that that's where she goes from being a free woman into this kind of kept woman
    • Maybe she was a kept woman in here
    • But this is where she's trying to get away on the 20th
    • Anyway she doesn't post again, till mid September, which is very odd for a person a young person and beautiful young person who's 24 who's got a thousand friends on Facebook
    • It just it just doesn't make sense to me that that a woman's wouldn't be posting more often than this
    • Again, if you take the harem mentality that women are chattel, then you you have to look at what is really happening with the
    • Remember Imran has the beating incident in 2015 and he has the beating incident in 2016
    • So we don't know if those correlate with these dates or not
    • We don't we've never seen any of the people from Luke Rosiak has quoted these people
    • But he's never shown a picture of Gilani
    • He's never shown a picture of Salaam or whatever her name is supposed to be
    • Or Sadiq no pictures
    • Again, a very bad sign
    • The picture of the witness that supposedly said Rao Abbas
    • No picture--the Cristal Champagne Charisse Peppingion
    • So and I'm sorry we're still loading here
    • So I was gonna talk about Ken Jeniak here
    • We'll introduce him in the next video
    • The person who sold this house in November 2014
    • He was actually dead five years earlier so it's going to be as widow that sells it
    • He's going to be involved in medical sales
    • Again, he's an expert for selling medical into the medical industry for the VA hospital systems
    • He worked for the Army for many years and Army procurement
    • It doesn't look good when you then add to the fact that there's a Loretta Hendrix at this same address that ends up going to a VA hospital in Chicago and goes to a VA hospital by Mayo Clinic in Minnesota
    • We'll develop that in the next story
    • But I just wanted to comment on how in this form of news you can actually start doing something and being active and trying to solve a crime
    • Even in stories where you're waiting for information
    • Even stories where you're waiting for information like this story
    • If we don't solve the the first crime that the crime that occurred today at 1:11 in the morning
    • We can at least work on solving this crime which was the Dumbo dropping
    • That's it for this morning
  • Day 347.2. Spy Ring in Congress Can't Be Helpful in Preventing Shootings - YouTube
    • Day 347 here at the Capitol
    • Obviously a very somber day--flags at half-mast
    • I'm in wearing black in mourning for the victims of Las Vegas
    • But I think now's the time to take what we've seen and then trace the roots trace the roots back to how these things happen
    • And otherwise it just keeps happening
    • What's the sense in that? It doesn't make any sense to keep doing the same mistakes
    • We still--if we have for instance an illegal login every hour--you're gonna expose all the people in Congress and all their families on an hourly basis with an illegal login
    • Why would you not want to publish the IG report today?
    • You build security from the center out
    • You protect your most critical assets and you build out everyone ask my brother security expert--you build security from the center out
    • You start there
    • You don't rush off and say well we need more agents in Las Vegas
    • You start there with the illegal logins
    • We've uncovered now I announced last Friday with the DHS report a potential drug ring inside DHS
    • Two key employees Nadia Amon and Vicar Amad--several fake names several fake employees a potential DHS drug ring now
    • A spy ring in Congress
    • Drug ring at DHS
    • That can't be good for the future in terms of security leaks
    • We don't know we don't have any information about Las Vegas yet
    • But that can't be helpful a spy ring in Congress cannot be helpful
    • Potential drug ring at DHS cannot be helpful
    • The Dumbo drops--no investigation of the Dumbo drops by the ambassadors coming and going out of this building
    • This isn't a fun playground for ambassadors
    • Washington DC is not a fun playground for people with diplomatic passports
    • We need to send a message that says "hey wait a minute this whole Dumbo drop thing has got to stop. The UAE embassy is not a playground for people of the royal family"
    • Looking at the situation
    • Now people have asked me what take on this?
    • No information has come in yet I think that's valuable
    • But if it was me I'd look at 39 to 35 that's gonna be owned by Walil I believe Walile is I think he's married to the daughter of King Saud
    • So I think I think Wally ole owns 39 to 35 39 to 35th floor
    • If it was me I'd be looking at women being rushed out of there down the stairwell
    • Down the stairwell breaking heels dropping their shoes etc in a mad race and a mad scramble down
    • You always want people to go down into a pen you always want them to go down into a pen
    • This is like Delphi Delphis or Delphi the shooting at delft are the double of Garroting at Delphi this is like Evansdale
    • Always down you always want people to go down into a shooting pen
    • And then I would say at the bottom of the staircase after and tired
    • You want him going down and tired
    • And I would say at the bottom of the staircase there I would I would say would probably be the shooting pen
    • Our Joe Napoli was there with his wife I hope he's Ok
    • If Joe was closer to the stairwell that would be very interesting to know
    • Cameras on that that wherever that corner where that guy was on 32 << video cuts off >>
  • Day 347.3. Benghazi Trial Day One - YouTube
    • Day 347 just got out of the Benghazi trial
    • The testimony was pretty riveting
    • The testimony was from a diplomatic security service DSS that's called or DS
    • From the last person that was with Ambassador Stephenson and Shawn Smith that IT guy that died those two guys that died
    • And he was there the last--seconds of those guys lives and
    • So hearing that testimony was pretty was pretty amazing
    • I will say this though: I don't know how hard the prosecution or excuse me the defense is going to defend
    • The guy who they've picked to be that kind of the the guy who was going to get hung with this
    • This thing is guiding Khatallah
    • He really looks just like a cab driver that got picked out of a lineup really
    • But I'm sure he was kind of maybe swept up in the energy of the night
    • And somehow on a grainy camera they've identified one guy
    • So the Khattala is the guy
    • He's an old guy big beard...and he's defending himself
    • But this testimony by this diplomatic services guy was really the the hit of the day that big exciting testimony of the day
    • And I have to tell you just in looking at his name is Wicklund. Scot Wicklund
    • Just looking at the testimony there's holes
    • And I don't know how tough the defense wants to go at it
    • But the defense can cross-examine this and slice it like a Ginsu knife
    • First the guy looks out the he's in the safehouse with the two guys with Stevens and Shawn Smith
    • And he can count all the 40 40 to 60 guys coming in they've got ak-47s or Fla's which is another type of automatic weapon
    • And the lights are on good visibility all of a sudden he's telling--last rites to Christopher Stevens and Scott Smith
    • All of sudden immediately the visibility goes to where I can't see a hand in front of his face
    • He even puts a light to his I can't see the light
    • He's crawling out of this safe-haven little safehouse 24 feet eight meters to this bathroom which has an escape window
    • And all of a sudden he loses them
    • Somehow loses ambassador Stevens somehow loses Shawn Smith
    • Then makes multiple entries to try to sound it out yell find them
    • Somehow gets the window open
    • Now the window assembly has a very three different locks and three different assemblies and pins and different him not being able to reach and find the ambassador...around him or yell because the smoke is so thick
    • But then being able to go to this very complicated set of series of three different assemblies to be able to open the window, just doesn't wash
    • So and then he's back in the he's in and out of the house
    • Again, he can't even see a light held up to his eye
    • So I don't know if the defense wants to go after this or the defense just kind of wants to lay back and let this cabdriver go and take the hit take the wrap
    • But this was not a well orchestrated testimony today
    • I have to say this was not well done by the prosecution
    • Very poor you left gaping wide holes for trucks to be driven through on this
    • Especially with the visibility
    • {{ 911bs: unreported flashbang? }}
    • And we just I just talked about Macduff about this about cross-examination what the eye can see then how somebody processes it
    • And then how somebody relates it to the court Wicklund did a good job relating it to the court
    • He did a good job of relating his state of mind what was going through his mind but the eye the the what he could see part completely failed
    • The the house collapsed this was an F for the prosecution today
  • Day 348.1. Guess I Wasn't Speculating - SAR Reports For Pak Money Xfers - YouTube
    • This is Day 348 and it has been a busy busy morning
    • So this article came out yesterday with Luke Rosiak talking about how this uber driver in Rana Wan was sending money to Pakistan to this guy this other one guy in Pakistan
    • Now he was really sending money to his uncle or his other relative called Pir Mohammad Shah
    • But this is the guy that they say they sent the money to
    • Interestingly enough we have more metadata hundreds of pages hundreds of pages hundreds of pages of SAR reports
    • The SAR like--the Nicholas the Czar only this is the SAR SAR SAR as a suspicious activity report
    • Piles piles piles piles piles of suspicious activity report
    • Funny how the prosecution didn't mention the piles of suspicious activity reports sending the money
    • Now Steve Gao and the lawyer says you don't understand how Real Estate's purchased in Pakistan
    • And you don't understand how you have to pay drug lords in Pakistan in the military
    • So you just I'm not gonna explain it to you---that's a almost a direct quote
    • So here is the situation now that we've got
    • More metadata piles of SAR reports piles of SAR reports we're gonna have to figure out something--like a tower of Babylon or something that uses the word SAR--I'm gonna have to come up with a moniker nickname for the piles of paper of the SAR paper
    • But anyway there's hundreds they're going to be hundreds of transfers
    • Now hundreds of transfers to the Pakistani military
    • I say it's Pir Mohammad Shah which is I said about two hundred days ago 150 days ago I said it was Pir Mohammad Shah since he was on Imran Ron's Facebook
    • The guy who runs the SSP right here I said it was a CIA cutout 150 days ago
    • I think I'm gonna be right of course that was speculation that was speculation
    • Now remember this remember this if I'm gonna jump back
    • But we're gonna just remember that Kenneth more Moorman here is gonna be living at that Sprayer house
    • So we're gonna have to figure out how we get Kenneth Moorman and this wife Imelda Falar into the into the house
    • This is kind of almost like a Three's Company house here
    • If they figure out the timeline of that house we're going to come back to that
    • So anyway--some other speculation I said about the three members of the CAO being threatened
    • Well first of all this is the lawyer this is how Imran bragged how he could have people tortured in Pakistan
    • And he bragged got the three CAO employees in the House cafeteria
    • And that's kind of that was borne out by Luke's reporting
    • What's great is when you say these truths and then people come out and confirm them
    • It's a lot easier than people coming out and saying it because all they're saying is hey well--that one thing it's really true
    • So the and we'll continue to do that every day here
    • Again, he recounted a fellow Democratic House IT aid on a condition of anonymity recounted the conversation between Imran and three house colleagues in the House cafeteria
    • He seemed to relish about the ability to have people harassed and tortured in Pakistan
    • Not just harassed but also tortured
    • {{ 911bs: "install another linksys and I'll have you raped in jail in faisalabad--don't do it!" }}
    • So Pir Mohammed shopped here Mohammed shop here Mohammed Shah just remember you heard it here first
    • Then they guess what he was also sending IT equipment to Pakistan
    • Now I'm the one who said this was exactly the same operation that they ran in the Indian House of Representatives in the Indiana House of Representatives with the box with the breakout box with all the SIM chips 3000 SIM chips
    • They're sending it to pack ISI they're setting it to Lahore, so they can doctor and dope the phones and bring them back and give them to our house representatives
    • There's the iPhones so now we're gonna tie this CDW orders all the CDW orders
    • Now on the Pakistani express on them on the Pakistani express
    • They're all going to Pakistan then they're all coming back
    • So Imran's not doing the work as as I mentioned I thought they were being it was being done by Haseeb Rana, but apparently they're actually going to Pakistan which is makes it more like the India operation almost exactly
    • We're going to get back to all the stuff happening here but I believe there's two models that have were killed in the 58 that are gonna be interesting
    • I'm not saying they were Dumbo dropped
    • But it is interesting that oh tayba it is interesting that Oteiba had the Dumbo drop in 2014 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel
    • And now he owns a 50 million dollar condo or a 50 million dollar beach house in Malibu and that there's two models from LA that are there they're in the death list
    • I should say it's gonna be eight
    • But we'll see if that that comes out
    • The key question will be had they ever gone did they go to the Dumbo drop 2014 event in Vegas?
    • And did they ever go to beach house in Malibu
    • So we're gonna find that out the GES model and the other gal talks Tonks and Angela Gomez and then Tonks
    • Turns out there's another Tonks that actually knows Jeffrey Epstein
    • So I don't know if there's a relative relation there or not with Tonks it's like Tonka truck tnk but its tym KS not Aton KS Tonks I didn't see how young and beautiful those young ladies were and how tragic their early death is
    • So here we're going to go back to the Sprayer house
    • And I'm sorry I'm jumping around but this is just kind of summarizing my Twitter activity this morning
    • You could see here that clearly the house was sold in November 2014
    • Why would the Washington Post want to say it was is a it was in April of 2015?
    • Clearly wrong clearly Shawn Boburg is wrong
    • Clearly I was right this was in November 2014 right after about a month after Jaquayla had her baby
    • Now I'll go into what a kiss and kill is and a kiss no pill is
    • Those CIA ops did a little bit if people want me to
    • I'm not saying jacket jaquail was a kiss and kill I'm not saying Jaquayla was a kiss no pill
    • I'm just saying that that those are standard CIA ops
    • Here's Otaiba with 66 million from Malaysia
    • I've always said that the money the Clinton Foundation money the six billion was in Malaysia
    • This is the kickback of 66 million
    • Here's Otay with more models
    • Well anyway you can see Otay doesn't always look like a diplomat and ambassador to the United Nations alright not to the United States excuse me
    • There's fara filings here that we can talk about for the Dubai aerospace company that I've tweeted out this morning
    • You talk about how they gave the most amount of money in Congress for pay-to-play weapons deals at 10 million
    • We'll get there, but these are just proof points that I think people that just came out today this morning
    • So far the--John Podesta Center for American Progress
    • Who knew that John Podesta was working with Otay? Gosh that's just a surprise
    • Anyway you're gonna see how all these things are kind of coming together now and here we go
    • Looks like there's six billion dollars been discovered in Malaysia
    • with connection to Hotei huh I'm not saying that's drug laundering money I'm not saying that's drug laundering money
    • There's the 50 million dollar Malibu estate for Otay
    • I'm not saying that was all them all the models were Dumbo dropped in in Vegas but I'm saying a couple were
    • So anyway this article is good for just kind of trusting under or confirming a lot of the things that I've already reported which is good
    • Again, Luke still won't publish the picture of Gilani, won't publish the picture of Abid, won't publish the picture of Jamal, won't publish the picture of any of the witnesses
    • I'm telling you the key to this case is publishing their pictures because then people can figure out the false identities
    • Critical Luke critical
    • {{ 911bs: luke's a spook. a limited hang-tight. just like luke from wac. the ill-luke-minati }}
    • So anyway that's the morning report that's just it real quick kiss and kill is where you you get a very pretty girl usually a stripper strung out on heroin
    • Then she's coming to you for heroin you say hey it'd be great if you married this guy over here just for a while
    • Then after--usually that guy has a business that you want to take over after he marries you break up the marriage if he's married
    • Live in the same house sometimes you do the baby sometimes you don't do the baby
    • But then the guy dies of cancer you cancer the guy or some other thing it's an old CIA thing and that's kiss and kill then you get the business
    • Then unfortunately what the model doesn't realize or the stripper doesn't realize is that they died a couple years later
    • And the CIA guy gets everything and kiss no pill is the softer form of that, where you just get married and get half the assets
    • Usually when you do that for a doctor or somebody who's got long term earning potential rather than a business that can be taken over
    • So that's kiss-and-kill and kiss-no-pill
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2017.09.13 13:29 JDL2165 The living dead

The boat bobbed up and down in the water as I starred at her sitting on the opposite bow of the catamaran. Both of us were playing with the waves laughing at one another as our feet skimmed the surface. She didn't speak English and yet we shared an unspeakable connection. Somehow, a few months later, we had stayed in touch and I was nervously awaiting her arrival at the ft lauderdale airport. I picked her up in my yellow jeep wrangler and we drove north, to my favorite beach near my home. Along the way I continued to practice my Polish with her. Laying on the sand at night, she taught me how to say stars and moon. Then she softly touched my lips. We kissed. Another year passes and I find myself one of the luckiest people in the world, accepted to an exciting program in London where I knew I would be closer to her. I saw her almost every week now and I knew our summer together would be incredible. We traveled all of Europe with some backpacks and the kindness of strangers. In Cadiz we couldn't find a hostel, but a young Spaniard with a Russian girlfriend opened his home to us. We slept in the Sahara so we could watch a sunrise over the sand dunes. We played with dolphins in Croatia. We climbed mountains in Poland, just outside her hometown. The sex was amazing. My life had never been so joyful, so blissful. There were fights though. Bad moments where I saw that she was a broken person. I wanted to fix her, to help her. I was realizing that I loved her. Returning to college gave me anxiety. Everyone told me I was foolish for staying with her. It could never work they said. I almost listened. I broke up with her briefly, but her cries for help pulled me back. Finally, we ended the long distance and she came to live with me. We met on a beach in Jacksonville and our souls touched. I got her pregnant. My life felt like it was ending. I begged her for an abortion and promised her a new life if she did. From that moment on, doubt grew inside me. We moved south as soon as I graduated, adopted a puppy to replace the lost baby, and moved in with my brother while I tried to save money. She couldn't work, she didn't have legal status. I could have ended it there, sparred myself the endless pain I live in now, but I told myself I loved her, I owed her something. A year later we were in our first apartment and I knew something wasn't working. We needed a change. I had married her so she could stay legally and work. She didn't know what she wanted, and neither did I. Finally we left for a new home. I got into grad school in NYC, where she always wanted to live, near her mom in New Jersey. She struggled to find herself, modeling wasn't working out, so she got a job as a waitress. I was meeting new people, women I was interested in, but I didn't pursue them. One day I saw messages on her iPad. My heart sank. She was flirting with some guy she met. Sending provocative pictures. Planning a date. I waited for her to go. Would she wear her ring? No, she left it. Rather than wait, I called her immediately. Told her I knew. I was so hurt. I didn't want her to go through with it. I could have ended it there. It would have been painful, but not as painful as it turned out to be. We watched game of thrones all night to numb my pain and forget what had happened. I was never the same. I became jealous and paranoid, believing she would do it again if she had the chance, but realizing that I needed to trust her if we were going to be married. A year later, I was struggling to find my career. She had finally begun to find hers. I got a lucky break, an opportunity to live my dream. I asked her to come with me to Uganda. She did. It was the hardest, most rewarding experience of my life. She hated it until I came home one day with news. Do you want to meet a monkey tomorrow? She loved him. We rescued him. Known as the crazy muzungos (white people) with a monkey, she paraded him through town. He was taken away, back to the wild where he belonged. She was devastated but also knew it was where he needed to be. Her mission became to save more monkeys from human cruelty. She found another, worked with the police, and caught the man who was trying to sell it. I was proud and she was too. It seemed as though my dream was coming true. Finally we ended the trip with a safari in the Serengeti of nearby Tanzania, and spent a romantic week on the beaches of Zanzibar. It was the greatest trip of my life. I didn't even ask for it, but she made a lot of money while we were away from NYC, a deal had closed, and she wanted to spend my birthday on an epic adventure. Little did I know it would be the last birthday I ever enjoyed with her. She left for NYC and I went back to finish my work in Uganda. Her father died, she had to go to his funeral without me. When she returned to NYC I found more messages on her iPad. Another guy, another date. She refused to accept it was cheating. I didn't know how to process it, should I fight with her? Why didn't she understand? Flirting was cheating. Her lies only grew further. She didn't want me to share in her newfound wealth. She cut off my family from her private life. She began building a separate life, she kept it increasingly secret from me. Soon I returned. Things were difficult for me, finding a new opportunity wasn't easy. She was living that other life, meeting men who I was suspicious of. Then I got the email I had been waiting for, and I bought two tickets to India. She helped me move in and went back to her life in NYC. A few months later we met in Tokyo so we could spend two weeks together. I knew something was wrong and I was trying to fix it, but she was closed to me. Our lives had drifted apart. But I couldn't accept it. She had promised me that we would always be together, that she loved me and she would never hurt me. They were all lies. After Japan she flew to Greece to meet her lover and I unknowingly flew back to India to finish my work before meeting her again in NYC for my best friends wedding. Of course I found out and that's when everything went black. I did everything I could to fight back and she never apologized, she turned her back to me and wanted nothing to do with me, no explanations and no time wasted on me. It felt as if she thought this wasn't a big deal, that I should just move on. It's been a year and I still haven't moved on. It feels like she died, but I know she is still out there. She texts me sometimes. I've realized I will never get closure. I live in constant anxiety. I'm alone and depressed. I've lost my identity and I live only to make money and support myself and my dogs. I wonder everyday when things will get better, how they'll get better. I wonder why she did it. Was it because of money? He was rich after all. Had it happened many times before? Probably. But she told me how much she loved our travels. I don't understand why she did it, how she could do that to me. It's one thing to cheat, it's another to have an affair. The divorce was long and painful. But life after the divorce is longer and darker. And just like that, the story is left unfinished. If any of you know how this ends, I'm dying to hear it.
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2017.08.14 05:17 911bodysnatchers322 Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 98: "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatlne]

⏳⚖ Past Transcripts ⏳⚖
  • Just Asking For Retractions
    • >>>Cont from last
    • So the Tenth Amendment may come into play here we don't know there's there's arguments both directions the key is we're going to file probably as far as venue goes from probably gonna file in Ohio for no other reason that's where the state was that it occurred and that's where the grounds were most of this illegal activity took place
    • So why wouldn't you file in that place I hate to turn right around and go back to Ohio but I didn't want to give the folks at CNN where I went this morning I wanted to give the folks at New York Times a chance to apologize a second time
    • I wanted to give Fox News if they wanted to come out and see me in the plaza there I wanted to give them a chance
    • So so that's why I came back to New York as it was an opportunity for all of those folks to just make amends
    • I'm not here in any way this is in no way a malicious or or has any malice whatsoever
    • I just want the right thing to be done
    • They arranged it so that I was imprisoned falsely and splashed my name in the paper immediately a leaked information false information to the CNN
    • And the New York Times that I was a right wing
    • First of all at book gave Bernie five contributions I can show that in court I voted for Obama twice I can show that in court
    • So no effort was made Kevin Mele tried to call me after they had false imprisoned me I guess that's the catch-22 isn't it?
    • So I and again I can understand not having of having an ability to report that
    • But I don't understand the ability once the facts to not check your facts
    • So this I'm sorry about the New York Times is going to be named in this if they are acting as a state actor
    • When you throw away your journalistic responsibility you're warned about it you're given the opportunity to make amends and then you decide to go ahead and be a state actor on behalf of a illegal and unconstitutional Federal government structure, then you become a part of the lawsuit
    • YOU attach yourself as if almost like hand to glove you attach yourself to the Federal lawsuit
    • And CNN if CNN doesn't print a retraction as well and they do the same
    • Remember we've recorded the conversation with CNN
    • We've shown that none of the Awan brothers were mentioned, which later turned out to be fundamental to the safety of the nation
    • Turned out it was a spy ring turned out it was correct
    • So they were absolutely incorrect that it was a conspiracy theory when it was not
    • It turned out to be absolutely true every day we found out more truth
    • On the same side on the other side of the river where I exposed the what was going on at the National Harbor and at the Navy Yard right across the Alexandria bridge was where the kangaroo court Mueller's kangaroo court decided to do a raid in the middle of the night against the private citizen who had done nothing wrong
    • Paul Manafort had done nothing wrong
    • So using Gestapo type tactics to do a raid to put through his kangaroo court when Hillary has been running around New York for a year
    • She went off to Canada for 11 days during her little negotiation
    • Again no malice for Hillary but I just want to see some semblance of when you run a drugs for you you run a drugs-for-arms operation in Washington DC like you ran in Arkansas, and somebody calls you on it, then you don't immediately go arrest the guy across the bridge who was potentially gonna be a part of exposing that
    • So you see this again and again where this Chalupa now is a DNC operatives trying to find dirt on Donald Trump ask giving making pay-to-play promises to the government of Ukraine, if she can get any kind of dirt on Donald Trump
    • So that now we've got to pick up the Chalupas we had dropped the Chalupas was before
    • Now we're gonna have to pick up the Chalupas
    • Chalupas have finally made it into this story
    • So this is this is just the practice of exercising your right as a US citizen
    • Again the this is far larger than myself
    • Much like you can say well let it go
    • Well Brown versus Board of Education was about letting a little girl go through a door
    • You could you could boil down Brown versus Board of Education to hey a little girl didn't go through a door
    • So what's your big deal what's the problem Okay.
    • School busing was the same thing a little kid couldn't get on a bus
    • So I'm not I didn't go down an interview Jared and Elizabeth back and go and as the greatest civil rights attorneys they are
    • And I didn't go to interview Cliff Arnebeck and about Petraeus and or have a take a call from Dennis Kucinich - all of a sudden
    • Now or having interviews with people like Charles Ortel and Thomas Payne it's all of a sudden say okay Now forget it
    • Now I don't care anymore let's take the Constitution just throw it out
    • I got what I needed for me I'm off let's let's forget it
    • NO! I'm not gonna forget it
    • I don't want any financial renumeration
    • All my money will go to just recouping the damages in salary for me and then the rest will go toward a news organization that is dedicated to giving money to honest reporting that's all I ask
    • I want it to be Columbia Journalism if somebody will Columbia journalism would contact me I would love to talk to the Pulitzer committee and see if we can't enter in negotiations while I'm here in New York
    • I do want to personally file I think in Ohio
    • I think maybe I'm I'm thinking out loud here but maybe kind of a trip across America and meeting people all the people that supported me before before filing
    • I'd like to file by Monday or Tuesday
    • Again it's not doesn't have to be a perfect document neither was our Constitution right we can always amend it later
    • The court will show a little bit more leniency on me if I filed pro se which I plan to do
    • And yeah maybe I'm an incompetent attorney or a fool for representing myself but I'll take my chances I've done okay so far
    • So that's it really I just wanted to say at this point I'm focused really on attorneys or people who study the law and want to help write the complaint
    • I don't want to make the complaint an excessively lengthy document
    • I do want to specify the Special Agent Pettit John's testimony
    • I want the summary of the 302 interview or interrogation however you want to look at it that occurred in Zanesville
    • I do want to I do want that data to come out because the American people have a right to know what actually happened
    • So this is just an exposure of a process of what actually happened
    • And maybe by exposing this process, change will come of it
    • Again if the little girls that you can't the little girl can't go through the door and you just keep turning that little girl away all the time and instead of letting that person through--then that's how it stays
    • So somebody at some point has to say "the little girl can go through the door the little girl can get on the bus"
    • Otherwise no effective changes ever gonna happen it's only going to get worse
    • Instead of the money changing for arms and drugs like was in media Airport the the only thing that happens is:
    • The WHITE PHOSPHORUS AND THE SARIN GAS we've only gotten more potent weapons on the moneychangers' scale and more potent drugs on the moneychangers scale
    • So pardon me if sometimes I--like another guy--got frustrated with the money changers and want to go through the den of thieves and sometimes I want to up-end those scales, but that's that's what I think our responsibility is as citizens {{ he talkin' bout Jesus }}
    • So I can't read the comments is too bright outside
    • My son's leaving for Oregon to play in the beach volleyball tournament
    • I'm not gonna be able to do that with him this year unfortunately so I'm going to go up to see him now
    • And hopefully I can dial in I know today has been a lot of legal eagle stuff and hopefully I could dial in to crowdsource the truth if not I'm sure Jason and Trish will have a great show after last night's great show
  • Paging Special Agent Mike McMahon
    • NO Caps
    • < Grand Central Station I believe >
    • Agent Michael McMahon--California agent talking a lot about Awan brothers
    • Help Jason get in touch with Agen McMahon
    • Whistleblower protection did not help him, it destroyed his career
    • 3 Different Imran S Awans with 3 different offender IDs. Look into
    • McMann not McMahon.
    • McMann needs our help, he was targetted by McCabe
    • Legal action if Trump and Sessions.
    • Trump being handicapped by Sessions
    • Help get this interview
    • I'll tweet offender IDs
  • Whose Treasury Is It Anyway?
    • Hey everybody how's it going Hudson behind me and Yonkers, Broncos between the Bronx and Yonkers not far from the Hudson
    • So I made this jogged my memory the last time I was here in Broncos I made a short video
    • I got a call from a very high-level guy in England
    • hey hey scrunch
    • And anyway I think he knew or worked with Tony Blair and he basically said you don't need to know who I am but there's this company that somehow I know about that's this Pakistani company that's been thought to had ISI-based connections working in the US Treasury
    • And I can't remember if it was who it was if it was some radio host or some host had done--hey scratch--had done a series of reports about this in anyway they were using these Blackberries
    • And they were using these secure Blackberries to do all these contracts
    • And they were being held out from normal bidding the normal GSA type bidding
    • So was in the GSA part of the treasury
    • And I can't remember the name of the firm
    • But I don't have access to my computer right now I just
    • Don't know why I'm getting so much glare I don't have access to my computer
    • Now I just have my phone
    • So that somebody could tell me who
    • If somebody could tell me who that Pakistani ISI firm is, that I was working in the US Treasury I would be very appreciative
    • I just can't remember the name but some high-level guy in England called me
    • And it said I know
    • It was either like Tony Blair or somehow he knew I can't remember an ex prime minister or something like that wasn't Heath there was somebody after Heath
    • But I can't remember but anyway if someone could just go through and look I think Radio Patriot I think Andreea Jay King has the text the she can search
    • I think also 9/11BodySnatcher also has the text links that he can search for
    • Search for Yonkers or Bronx I'm pretty sure house in Yonkers over the Bronx if big was around mayushii timeframe but anyway that I think is the key to this whole thing the whole network the whole network with the Awans I believe is going to be
    • Now it wasn't Akhtar trust no it wasn't
    • Now it was like Shiva or it wasn't it was like pan Jeeva but it wasn't that's I don't think that's right
    • So if you go back to whatever day I think was the wrong time my son's graduation that that's the day of
    • So he could just give hey everybody if somebody could just give you that hint that would be great I don't want to make this long I just wanted to put out that request anyway it was it reminded me
    • So much of this golf trainer thing no bid contract all done and BlackBerry's all done off-book potentially black-budget not just one of those weird things
    • Now wasn't pan Jeeva I know pan Jeeva is a great tool for looking up different businesses like Hoover's wasn't pan G but you have to go back and actually look at the that day I think I made like eight or nine videos that day
    • So anyway thanks everybody
    • I'll just put this out there and hopefully we'll get a resolution thank you so much
    • Now wasn't what is it wait Sultana Sultana I don't know
    • Yes FBI agents do use Blackberries I believe
    • Mike McMahan would probably be able to answer that
    • Again I don't know if you remember those videos that I've produced but
    • A boy soldier Alpha Jalloh was a boy soldier from Sierra Leone?
    • I thought he was from Guinea
    • I thought his training base was in Guinea but they've moved them all around all along at Western shelf as the Africa starts turning to the north coast line I believe he's from Nigeria but they use the Nigerian kids to destabilize all along the gold and diamond coasts there
    • So like Sierra Leone cote debride Burkina Faso Guinea the whole crew that whole crew from Nigeria was used to destabilize that whole diamond and Gold Coast
    • Yeah sorry I can't do anything about the network and I don't have the I don't have the Wi-Fi yet so I apologize
    • Yeah Nigeria I'm pretty darn sure Jolla was pointed for Niger the whole Nigeria story hasn't really broke yet and I didn't really want to say this until I had proof
    • But I actually believe Jolla went to school in Ohio
    • Anyway he went to school in Ohio
    • And like what they do is they tell these kids oh actually you're the heir apparent not not Alpha Jalloh but this other kid who I believe had a Bentley
    • And they stole a Bentley for originally
    • Anyway then they had this entourage come to the same school
    • So like five or six kids that come to school kind of like his bodyguards when they come to the United States
    • And anyway they grew up with him the whole time and I think you're gonna see he did a 205 day 205 yeah if you can look at day 205 some day that day
    • I remember making a film here looking out at the Hudson just like this and the guy from Scotland called me
    • And he had been working with Craig Murray and he had been working with someone in the British government that was fairly high up that had been a prime minister
    • And he had said that hey oh by the way you got this Pakistani ISI firm working a new Treasury Department with these Blackberries and they're do most of the stuff most of the book work is done by the book GSA bid it out lowest bidder or whatever qualified bid that kind of thing not JCL I don't think oh that's JCL person but then anyway there's this black book stuff that they give for no bid contracts out by this Pakistani ISI firm that you have that's embedded itself into here G say
    • So I remember oh my gosh dishes Jack Lew this is the GSA this is the this is the infiltration that the this is the infiltration of the Treasury that the Awans are working on
    • And I didn't follow up on I feel so bad about a date to a button well anyway have a look at day 205 have a look at that day's things and if you could give me that give me that firm that would be awesome
    • I'm so sorry I am on the road today
    • And I just had to see my son before he took off for the west coast
    • So thank you very much it's not gonna come here right away whoever couldn't research that, that would be awesome you
  • Meet Michael McMahon, FBI Special Agent and Vetting Whistleblower
    • Good afternoon everyone
    • You're at Bryant Park again here in beautiful New York City they have concerts looks like Thursday Friday and Saturday I think maybe Sunday even as well
    • One of my favorite spots one of the favorite spots of Mark Twain of all people
    • 42nd and sixth Avenue is that right and Avenue of the Americas
    • But if you want to say it of course when you come to New York always go visit the New York Public Library
    • One of the things I asked about before I got in a train to go see my son I haven't seen him in such a long time
    • And it's always funny to see your son in a doctor's outfit in your life another thing same kid that I diapered
    • {{incomprehensible}}...But he's quite a good doctor
    • And anyway Michael McMahon Michael McMahon
    • One of the great things about this job--somebody at fox business stopped me and then interviewed me in Times Square today and it was Fox famous Maria Bartiromo
    • Here's a sharp shout out to Maria Bartiromo
    • I didn't
    • She broke the law brothers story really that made the mainstream media
    • Luke Rosiak of course had that story with with the print media with Daily Caller
    • But Maria Bartiromo at Fox Business was really the first one who broke it and television
    • Anyway the person asked me to question: what job do you think you would like the most?
    • And I said the job where you do exactly what you want to do and and what does that mean you
    • Well it's telling the truth
    • This is what job you what would be the worst consideration and getting a job?
    • I said well doing what other people think you want you want you to do
    • And being true to yourself looking inside your heart and doing what you think you do best
    • So a lot of all my decisions are made that way
    • I would have said that as an answer if I didn't believe that
    • So that one of those times was no conversation I just had right over here two minutes ago with Michael McMahon
    • He's now he's in California but he was a special agent with the FBI in Virginia
    • Now it's an undisclosed location that he was in in charge of
    • But he was in charge of OPM
    • OPM is the Office of Personnel Management and he was in charge his unit his unit was in charge in the Virginia area same place he Awans are
    • He left since then because of being a whistleblower
    • But the reason why he left was because he said there was six hundred sixty thousand checks that had been just processed through because they were paid on volume, not on quality
    • They were paid on quantity not on quality
    • So I had to know more about this story
    • I had to talk to him more about that
    • And explain and find out how are you only at the FBI a year--how did you get so high up GS-15
    • You got promoted seven months in
    • But he said I started as a GS-13 I had a stellar record in Iraq excuse me at CENTCOM I believe was Iraq
    • He's a Navy officer
    • He had an outstanding career as a navy officer serving our country
    • And he came in and he said hey you've got a problem here
    • There's two parts to vetting
    • One service is called name check this is the type of thing that I tweeted out right before I got on the train up to to the Bronx
    • This is the the easy step where that someone has multiple Social Security numbers
    • Multiple if they were committed crimes multiple offender IDs where they're trying to keep their their ID secret
    • That's one part of the service here ran--name check
    • So just name check is what it is a name check
    • And he said basically why do name check if you're not really checking?
    • Why even use the verb check if you're not checking you're not checking
    • Obviously they were not checking, because the Awan's got through and they were not checking
    • And you should be checking year after year Okay. and he said ninety-eight ninety-nine percent of the people that work for the government go through this OPM
    • So there is some kind of checking and as you go higher and higher obviously there's more and more involved FBI checking
    • So he has gone to Congress
    • He wrote a letter to Grassley
    • They brought him in front of the I believe it was a Judiciary Committee in the Senate
    • He had three hour testimony
    • It was kind of a here he comes there he goes story well we wrote our letter we're signing off now--vetting is a problem
    • This has to go out to the President of the United States because here is a man who also is a badge of honor
    • Who also had Mike Boyce said this cannot go on
    • What's in these emails of these 50 Chiefs that what they saw this cannot go on this is not the way we run things in the United States of America
    • This is an FBI guy that said that
    • Now of course what do you think happened?
    • Immediately everyone started treating him like dirt when he was a whistleblower
    • Even though we were supposed to put in a stronger whistle protect protection act we really didn't
    • And he was basically drummed out of the service for standing up for what he believed in was a very serious national security risk
    • So again, I can't do what other people want me to do
    • I can't I gotta be myself
    • If I start trying to be somebody I'm not, it's just not gonna work. I have to be me.
    • If something bothers me whether you whether that's a good thing or a bad thing I have to say it
    • I have to say it straight to the people to the American people straight to the to the world and let the chips fall where they may
    • And that is exactly what Michael McMahon did
    • He did not care about promotion or anything else other than security of the United States of America
    • If Mike I can tell already 20 minutes of speaking with Michael McMahon--if he would have been on at the switch and to help, the Awans would have never happened
    • There's no doubt in my mind the Awan thing would be something that's completely behind us
    • Now I don't think PTECH would have happened either I don't think a Pakistani firm with given the exclusive rights to giving out these exclusive contracts with these Blackberries--you can take over and make a deal here's the secret secure blackberry that Anthony Weiner's trusted staff configured over there in the corner for most of our contracts are GSA contracts
    • We'll do it above board
    • We'll have open bidding everyone will compete
    • They will stay up late at night doing proposals like I used to do as a sales guy
    • But for our special group for our "pay-to-play group" you may as well call it "pay to blackberry"
    • We'll give you a blackberry, you can if you get in on the bid as a token almost all senses that's a kind of a almost like a pay-to-play token these Blackberries
    • PTECH Lori found in two minutes boom I forget I'm away from my laptop
    • Lori found it in two minutes
    • PTECH is the company we're coming back to it because this is going to as I said before as these strings start coming apart and it just keeps bringing more and more
    • Jack Lou PTECH coming at you pro you left too many footprints too many footprints we're gonna have expert witnesses coming forward
    • I've had several calls on the lawsuit already today several attorneys already saying let's do this thing let's really go after JTTF
    • It's way worse than you think it is
    • Everybody coming back at me going it is the DOD it's not like the DOD it's not influenced by DoD
    • It's maybe Michael's not a special agent I have not even had a chance to vent Michael right other than 20 different people better oh oh
    • That was Michael say that he was way high up not a special agent Okay.
    • Not an SAIC I apologize she was not doing a little office
    • He ran OPM I love this thanks Michael
    • So online journalism, online correction that's not I don't need to issue a retraction
    • I just need to blush and say yes he was way high up used a GS-15
    • So people in the government certainly know what that means
    • So we're gonna get to know Michael over time and I also want in-depth way interview the kind of interviews that Jason Goodman does
    • Where he really asked those great questions I mean I saw just just a plug Jason for a little bit
    • I saw some incredible interviewing techniques that Jason just never got a chance to show too much because of so much stuff going on
    • And so much news has been
    • So much running around and when you see this Lionel interview I've been watching it a day to day we've been 20 hours a day literally for the last whatever three months
    • When you see this interview when it comes out
    • I know he hates me to put pressure on it's it's gets a great interview and you're going to have other interviews like that coming out for Charles Ortel
    • And you're gonna have out of the interviews like that I hope it's gonna do my interview my second because I want that Braverman out there
    • So anyway Lori thank you
    • You're just I mean I am dirt compared to Lori
    • She's the brains she's just a Brain right it's right back here and she says it kind of reminds me of that broadcast news with William Hurt,
    • And then somebody was saying the x-15 afterburners have been known to go out it's bad weather situations that he was getting the air pieces he say
    • So that's all for right
    • Now I want you to get to know a Michael McMahon
    • He tweeted back to me directly I didn't know whether to take this or flip it over to crowdsource the truth
    • He got back meat to me directly
    • So I felt the obligation of telling his story
    • Again I like crowd source of truth to continue to develop this
    • I think Jason would just be a fantastic four camera interview like we did for Lionel
    • Like we did for Dr. Corsi
    • Like we did for Charles or talent who knows
    • So anyway oh gosh that was Michael sending me a thing about records management
    • A Lot of the questions I asked he said I'm sorry I can't answer that
    • I'm sorry I can't answer it
    • Sorry that's classified
    • So this is a person who still has a very high esteem for the secrecy of the people of our country that have worked for our government
    • Now you probably also remember the OPM hack
    • The OPM hack where 22 million records were hacked
    • We don't know who hacked them but it could be a hacking group I mean I'm just guessing
    • Cozy Bears
    • It could be a hacking group on Capitol Hill maybe maybe
    • I think I know where the records are kept.
    • I think it's DISA, near Springfield but I won't speak publicly for you Jason I apologize
    • I'm gonna sign off now I just wanted to say
    • So long from Central Park that's at Park Bryant Park caught me
    • Look forward to getting to know Michael McMahon's better over time
    • We're not gonna quit on learning who's Michael McMahon is
    • And the issues that we had with vetting and name search, and it's the nature excuse me until we're done
  • Day 293 - Adding Awan Car Ratlines To Mix
    • Okay. Good morning everybody
    • So up here in the Bronx day 293 and I wanted to add in kind of the car ratlines that show how the cars are used to move DU and WP
    • The D U we're going to talk about the depleted uranium and the ring there is gonna be mostly I believe Virginia through South Carolina, potentially Savannah
    • And then I think the white phosphorus is gonna be mainly Florida, especially the Port of Tampa the Jacksonville
    • I'm not quite sure about yet, but we'll get there when time allows, but let's focus mainly on the Awan brothers piece of this in Virginia
    • Again this is all under kind of a DynCorp construct
    • So there's gonna be West Africans and New York would be stealing the cars
    • And then there's going to be the Awans having the middle piece of the ratline
    • And then there's gonna be people downstream as well
    • So I'm just gonna focus on the Elan piece of this and the DynCorp ring again where the DynCorp picks up and where the Awans pick up is kind of under dying for is running the whole ratline from beginning in the Awans could be just the middle piece how much they know Alpha Jolla in the beginning of the ratline is remains to be seen
    • They certainly are Alpha Jolla certainly is in DC quite a bit awry in the well right
    • Now as a matter of fact
    • So we're gonna talk about cash weapons cars espionage that's really a replay of Iran-Contra to matter of fact it may be the same Iron contra just it was just hidden better they just changed the name and hid it better
    • And you could throw drugs in here as well I'll bring into your Javita in a little bit with that drug operation but right
    • Now I'm going to just focus mainly on the spy ring and a car ring
    • So so right here is the twenty million dollar payment I talked about yesterday for the UAE to the this DC think tank which is the Middle East Institute
    • These are always just very thinly veiled covers that's a kind of a rent payment for running the car ring
    • And it's the same old game with just drugs in weapons out--very simple
    • The same as Mena Airport drugs in weapons out
    • Same as Offut Air Force Base has been since then drugs in weapons out
    • I'm gonna go ahead and keep the Twitter feed here
    • Just so you can see how see your name if you're tweeting out and gives it a kind of a metadata timestamping as well that I kind of like
    • So you're gonna have to use that as proof of life
    • I don't really want to do a lot of camera work
    • I'm trying to get away from that and really focus on CSTT to do that
    • So and also I just want to upload videos
    • I really don't like the pressure of going live but well here we are
    • So the Washington Navy artists I mentioned I believe 148 buildings around 178 buildings I think there's a huge store of old weapons that need to be disposed
    • They're not really being disposed they're being resold and parts all over the world
    • That's the general piece of all this they can sit there for years and years and years and nobody's gonna bother them
    • I think DU weapons actually spill all the way back to the world war two an experimentation in the 50s and really start developing in the 70s 80s and 90s
    • So there's huge stockpiles here they're not being disposed of
    • Somebody's making money to dispose of those I really haven't got that part of the ratline
    • But the key here is as they go down the the Potomac here where the Anacostia splits with the Potomac, I believe the load point is that National Harbor
    • This weapons ratline is gonna be here at National Harbor
    • And I know this has been turned into a commercial area with a with the G4S looking over all the operations here up there on the hill
    • And now the casino is here the Tangier outlet mall and all that stuff and and
    • So this load point maybe a little bit further up and up the Potomac now a little past Fort Washington in this more secure area in the Navy research labs
    • So I'm just as just general the suit just general
    • But here this Springfield to Woodbridge corridor here with the Awans in the middle of it--that's really gonna be kind of the load the loading area the weapons loading area and I believe the stores aren't going to be at actually the staging area it's gonna be Fort Belvoir
    • And I believe that's how you say it if it still has the French pronunciation
    • But Fort Belvoir I believe you're gonna bring in let's say whatever the munitions are they're gonna be packed and loaded into kind of the same thing you would do it in Amazon warehouse
    • I'm not saying it's an animus on warehouse there specifically--that's a front
    • But maybe you want to look into that
    • But the people that are being recruited are ms-13 they're you're mainly from their kids they're mainly from El Salvador Guatemala
    • I believe the operation would in Woodbridge that Arshad Mahmood ran was basically that getting kids to work here temporary
    • If they talk you can kill them
    • And that's just that simple
    • And then it's a short hop over here for the drivers to just go over here to National Harbor to do the load
    • So I think the loading is somewhere in here
    • Maybe Springfield companies I know Arshad Mahmood had a thing called Goal Transport
    • So there's other transport companies that other wands had ADHD and dropped the D
    • So it's ADH transportation that Naeem Awan had
    • We're gonna end up looking at all these transportation companies
    • But I think the idea is very short haul very short haul drainage over to this load point it's gonna be somewhere along in here somewhere in here
    • And the reason I say that is again some of this conjecture some of its a lot of it's supported with with fact
    • But you want to keep your supply lines as short as possible because every mile that DU travels or sarin travels or the WP you have point a possible interdiction
    • So you really want to limit your possible interdiction points as much as you can
    • Now is skybridge tactical flying to an airport up here, with the white phosphorus, to load WP here as well? Who knows
    • And vice-versa skybridge tactical taking d you down to Tampa and loading there and and Jacksonville loading there
    • Potentially. That makes sense why the separation with purple shovel in Virginia, and the Skybridge tactical being in Florida
    • Now these are all look I believe this is just gonna be the chemring rocket business
    • Now there could be other ammunition other arsenals better weapons payloads that are being supplied but
    • For right now I'm just following CHEMRING just the Chemring
    • Chemring missiles are going to either have DU load I believe or WP load
    • The Florida Chemings are gonna have the WP load and they're mainly gonna be sold to the armies of the Middle East and Africa but mainly Iran and Iraq initially
    • So I think those are gonna be the key customers, because they're most concerned about anti-tank
    • Now here we're gonna move into the vehicle theft ring
    • And this is Bill Warner's work, and the only thing I added to this picture was this Chemring rocket either with a de load here with the uranium sign or that it could be a WP or or I believe also could be a sarin gas load as well
    • But the vehicle is truly a vehicle
    • This is just a storage or a transportation vehicle for this
    • So you have to steal the vehicle which is done I believe in New York New Jersey area
    • There's a little bit of a there I believe there's also going to be a ring in Maryland
    • But the problem when you get so close to your supply line is and people can start putting things together easily defenses are gonna be diplomatic couriers
    • So like in Jalloh's ring there's 22 or 23 up in New York and New Jersey there's a ring of about six that are the entourage of some African Prince, and that's how they get diplomatic status as diplomatic couriers
    • I believe the you're gonna have the two guys that are expendable in this car
    • So not the diplomatic entourage
    • But there's gonna be one or two diplomatic entourage following a line of cars five six seven eight nine cars and the last ones gonna have the diplomatic fence in there
    • And then the cars are going to be brought down I'll show you the control point
    • Documents are prepared I don't know if it's gonna be caravans of six or seven or eight, but safety and numbers kind of thing
    • And then the diplomatic fences are going to drive the cars directly on to the diplomatic containers
    • And they are going to be the diplomatic courier that goes with the containers I think four is that the number that they feel most comfortable with, looking at the shipping documents
    • And really this is after looking at thousands of shipping documents
    • But I think four is the number
    • I'm not sure how many cars that is but I'm gonna say it's about with the size container they have about three or four cars per container
    • So maybe four
    • But I believe that's what's going on if somebody opens container he says hey I'm the the grand Prince of of Lagos personal envoy and that's the princes car and that's his wife's car
    • Okay Great close it up move it on
    • And then it hits the ship mainly going to code every Burkina Faso they they keep breaking these little African countries into pieces
    • So that they can do different ports
    • But if it was Lagos could be all the ports along that southern south western edge of the kind of protuberance of sub africa all right then they're drilling all over Africa and the Middle East from there okay
    • So let's look at the ring on like a map
    • I believe the driver sanctuary is in McLean Islamic centre I don't believe it they actually drive the cars down to the CIA dealership
    • And this is again looking at documents the great thing about Bill Warner is he's tracked everything to the VIN level
    • And there's gonna be GPS data from those sky little GPSes at those little GPS s you can buy those $50 GPS those those hidden GPSes
    • The intelligent thing they did here was they worked with dealerships that were fifty to a hundred miles away at least 50 to 100 miles away
    • So like in the Richmond Virginia they would start picking up dealerships and then they would be the kind of northern Maryland and then then stolen cars from New York
    • So and New Jersey
    • So I believe DynCorp runs the whole ratline from all the way from New York down to the actual shipping point
    • All the way and tracks it all the ship all the way to its final destination to the customer that's getting off the ship
    • But gets a new pickup driver going and driving it all the way to the Embassy of Gabon or wherever the final destination is going
    • And then I believe DynCorp monitors that car though through its entire life as the car of the interior minister of Gabon
    • For their diamonds and gold that that is
    • This is a entire life cycle that's much and managed by DynCorp
    • I believe the front company is going to be LCC or will light bridge communications or it was obviously Imran worked there it's just right across the street here in Tyson's corners
    • I think CELPLAN was out here more cell plan was more of a front company I believe to get home equity lines of credit from the United States Congress
    • So I don't think CELPLAN is actually in this
    • Now did sell plans to sell the Blackberries to everyone along the way as there were drivers
    • So that they would have encrypted communications along the way of course I mean of course you would use that for your communications of all your drivers and coordinating all this stuff and do I think DynCorp did all that of course I do
    • But I'm I'm just saying that CELPLAN beyond that just looked like a way of getting house equity lines of credit to these different cell phone shops that provided this the communications for the ratlines
    • So anyway I do I believe that there was a driver rewards at this Wolftrap yeah maybe who knows
    • I mean everyone wants to think the worst of everybody involved sometimes it's just good good business people running down and doing a ratline in an operation in the country in a foreign country
    • And they're just being good soldiers of their state
    • That's how they think about the thing of their selves is just being patriotic
    • These these reports or of all this fentanyl parties and stuff it will transfer I think greatly exaggerated but I have to report them because there are they have been made
    • So and then the CIA here I believe is just a chop shop point
    • If this somebody something goes along wrong along the way potentially interdiction
    • Law enforcement
    • Or somebody doesn't want the car or something goes wrong I think it goes here and then somebody picks it up and it just gets chopped somewhere in the Virginian Maryland area
    • And then I definitely think the money as far as the money from the payments
    • If drugs are coming in this way the payments are going into this garage Islamic Center
    • And again it's just a repeat of the Arkansas developed Finance Corporation in Arkansas
    • The money comes in you clear it at the end of the day money comes in you clear it at the end of the day you probably move it to some offshore account I'm guessing it's gonna be the Cayman Islands just looking up the traces of receipts as far as the different islands go in the Caribbean
    • Could be a little St. James but I haven't seen that evidence people have said oh it's little st. James how do we know this?
    • Well here's all ATAR been convicted many times fake billing all the sex stuff and all the ties to Hezbollah he is in the dealership
    • So he is bringing the money - I call it the Hezbollah car dealership he is bringing the money
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2017.08.13 23:01 911bodysnatchers322 Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 94: "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatlne]

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  • Day 289 Awan Brothers Sunday Summary
    • Hey everybody hey scrunchies got a new shirt today ask me about smashed hard drives
    • Also asked me about Blackberries the mainstream media managed to ask me about hard drives and that started a whole series of events lots of reporting but we haven't quite asked about Blackberries yet we have asked about a one brother
    • So that's it's really taking off the Twitter is exploding
    • You've noticed I got mister "A Goodman" Center in the background not Jason Goodman not H A Goodman, not Amy Goodman different Goodman at the Fashion Institute of Technology
    • Tony's toys Tony's toys what are Tony's toys used for well we won't talk about that right
    • Now but we will say where we are we'll geolocate here really quickly
    • It's 27th and 7th we're gonna take a walk
    • We're gonna take a walk up to Fox News because they should be starting their shows this morning
    • And we can review all of our stuff this <>
    • We're back
    • Always the signal goes out here when I go by roller bomb the roller bomb store it always seems to go out on 27th Street right here at the roller bomb
    • Roller bombing is is not really nice you shouldn't come to New York and roller bomb
    • If you're an Egyptian moist mo is...I add the T
    • So it's easier to remember that's the Egyptian oh I'm sorry that's the Iranian services
    • Gosh I forgot what the Egyptian Intelligence services call themselves GB I D I think {{ GIDDY/GIDi bombers - GID General Intelligence Directorate }}
    • I can't remember anyway here's where the pilots may have stayed and there's where they put the bomb over there
    • We won't go there though everybody's tired of that story
    • Of course around the street is where we have--thanks Pete for advertising the stream--Pete's uh gate topic I avoid
    • Anyway I guess I can't take things totally stream-of-consciousness because I'll never finish the show
    • Restart somebody says restart ok all right let's see all these cars if your Alpha Jalloh and your Andrew McCabe all these cars are important to you because they represent rolling inventory
    • It's a matter of national security get for the West Indian gangs here kind of like West Side Story fast-forward 40 years with Alfa Jalloh to take these cars put them on containers send them on or drive them down to Washington and sell them put them on trains down to Sanford moving through the port of canaveral port Jacksonville Port of Tampa because Isis needs cars too
    • I published this morning a bill of lading from thing called gov tribe
    • Which is a summary of all the contracts that the government does for with different agencies
    • I was absolutely shocked at the number of contracts just for Cameroon they're a West African nation
    • Just for Cameroon it's hundreds and hundreds and hundreds contracts I was trying to go through them all I couldn't
    • But then of course when we didn't have enough when Alpha Jalloh was falling down on the job and not getting enough cars up the street here in New York this is hard holding up and walking for long distance lookit
    • Look at are we still have landlines here in New York
    • Still call your CrowdStrike
    • You can still call Yarid Tamin the FBI if you're Adrian Hawkins you can still call the DNC and the DCCC when they're getting hacked
    • Sorry about that oops I'm covering the camera
    • So you can still call--there's probably other pipes are kind of sorry you can't get through
    • You can get through to Debbie wasserman-schultz I'm sure or you could get
    • They used a Republican Congressman's phone Debbie wasserman-schultz--they're theorizing--they used the Republican Congressman's phone to call the backs down in in Florida with the weird voice analyzer changer thing threatening thing
    • I think that's that's an odd use of Congressional resources of course that wouldn't be anything new
    • I published another thing this morning on Twitter about em runs affordable homes as a company called
    • He has a lot of different mortgage companies
    • But affordable homes and I said you can rest assured that the homes are affordable with Imran Awan
    • With his connections and the Congressional credit union to Cynthia Martin and Kabidi Girl hidden royalty hidden royalty right here in America that's the in Washington Post title not mine hidden hidden royalty hey scratch
    • So scrunchies are out early today in New York
    • So yeah hidden royalty approving hidden royalty approving Congressional loans I guess that's one of the things you do if you're royalty is you prove Congressional loans and the credit union in another country that's like right before trooping the colour and right after visiting an orphanage or I can't remember how the Royal schedule works but I know you have to approve some Congressional loans probably good to improve the loans on the same house over and over just for increasing amounts that way keeps your work down reduces your work flow let me change hands I'll take a few questions for the Sunday summary it's kind of exciting Sunday summary call your Congressman Okay. I can't do that right
    • Now I'm using phone alright if I walk and and do comments at the same time I'm sure I'll probably run into a fault
    • So anyway we're gonna do a show called bye-bye Braverman
    • Now why bye-bye Braverman most people don't even remember George Segal George seat was kind of a song-and-dance man in the when I grew up in 70s early 6th and 60s really and he did a lot of good that George Segal trying to think if she did can't think of any movies who did right
    • Now other than bye-bye Braverman anyway bye-bye Braverman relates to aircraft because everybody thinks well is that it for Braverman
    • Now that we saw him in Oxford
    • Now that Jason Goodman didn't get the interview and no matter of fact bravin's back in the news
    • So it turns out that he did get immunity we
    • Now know he did get immunity which is what I thought which is what I thought which caused the whole ruckus at the DNC a year later but what I didn't know and what I had confirmed from an extremely high-level source here in New York think about think about places that would produce a publication here in New York and think about somebody who would have an office way at the top
    • So that's a hint
    • So anyway bye-bye Braverman it's not vibe I like bye-bye he's not in the story anymore it's by like when you go to the NCAA tournament and get a bye you don't get prosecuted and he had what's called use immunity which means a one-time immunity use immunity I thought he just had blanket immunity but I'm not true another word last night I learned for blanket immunity this is what the FBI guys all give each other in Richmond club of the FBI counterterrorism enrichment Club use immunity is like Okay. you help us
    • Now and anything goes wrong with your testimony coaching you're in the clink the other word for blanket immunity its transaction hey scrunchie the other the other word for blanket immunity is transactional immunity
    • Now Bravermans somewhere around here hey scratch right around here somewhere
    • So we're if anybody sees him excuse me folks anybody sees Braverman flag flag him down I'll go over and talk with him she's got to be here somewhere I have good authority that mr. Braverman mate be in New York right
    • Now may not doesn't really matter it just be interesting because this rumor surfaced I won't say exactly when she's ill give away the source excuse me everybody
    • Now I have
    • Now I have a wardrobe malfunction but remember tie or loose ends Clinton Foundation tie your loose ends Tiger loose ends Clinton Foundation because here's why if Eric Braverman just was in New York or recently in New York and received a third by a third by recently that means that the FBI case is not done that means New York FBI is on the case it doesn't mean grand jury yet I think sessions is still holding that up it doesn't mean DOJ is involved but it does mean that mr. Braverman may be in New York and he may be getting deposed and I know what that's all about you try to save the country and try to warn the country the same thing the Senator from South Carolina tried to warn the country up especially the port of Charleston well I'm not sure they threw Lindsey Graham in jail but anyway I guess only he can do that I guess nobody else I they had this ad campaign called if you see something say something here's a little shot here where the Macy's Day Parade is
    • So it's kind of a fun
    • So what a good thing about this investigation if it gets boring you can just look at all the stuff behind me I'm sure it does get boring in fact it's just walking the Fox
    • So yeah bye-bye Braverman
    • So this would be the third by a third by this is the third time he's gotten community that really changes my perspective that really changes everything I've been thinking because it means
    • Now there's some kind of cover they've taken some of the streets and made them sitting areas here on 33rd Street this is actually 34th 35th
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2017.03.01 02:54 911bodysnatchers322 Part 14 Cliff Notes, "The Dyncorp Harvest"

Previous Notes
You'll notice George is going into Nazism. CRIME INC. Finally. That's what these people are. Transnational fascists sans the socialism, unless you consider that we're all equal in death.
  • [Day 110 part 1]
    • 110 is how long we've been asking for 650,000 emails.
    • Dyncorp is a "Pirate Fraternity" [Arrrgh, 322, mateys] -- we don't need to ask anyone permission, we do what we want.
    • UN Peacekeepers and Dycorp training them, these are the perennial wartime pirate fraternity
    • Heart in a box Justin Timberlake MKULTRA reference
    • Samy Zuraik's other import/export is furniture, George thinks he's using USAID money to also buy the furniture for the hotels
    • FLBS Mormon cult is going to be the Waco of Utah
    • Treacherous Trek infographic of Haitian migrations to US, from Miami Herald article[]
    • CIA doesn't wipe out gangs when it moves to a new area, it takes it over. Why recreate the wheel?
    • Chicago has more murders than NY and LA combined, 12:1
    • New Heart-in-a-box device revives dead hearts for transplant
    • Heart leaves a living donor but is profused with pumps
    • They were able to do this profusion for decades. The problem has been putting it back in.
    • While in the air they are able to analyze the heart-in-a-box for viability
    • Columbia did the first pediatric heart transplant, this is getting close to home (he likely graduated from Columbia, being he was wearing the sweatshirt)
    • 1985-6 OKC sets up the only heart transplant center that's not connected to the University Hospital. So someone can come in and start a program with no seniority or tenue to hold you back. Dr. Nazih Zuhdi an expert heart surgeon who died 2 days ago was put into that clinic.
    • Speculation: the little daycare center at the bottom of OKC building where 20-40 kids were at the bottom. Timothy McVeigh parked right underneath that, and I was wondering if that was the holding pen of the OKC building for those hearts. I wonder if that was the human farming ring
    • If you think about Allen Dulles and MKULTRA science / medical ploys with pushing Disney for pirates; this would be an extension of that {{nazi}} ideology
    • George discusses humans as horsebreeding and a hierarchy within the CIA/Dyncorp, leftovers passed to UN peacekeepers, and on and on
    • I heard Steve Feinberg may not pursue trying to be part of Trump's team. I don't know if it's because of the attention from this series or not
    • But I still think [Trump's financial advisory] will be a shadow Dyncorp operation
  • [Day 110 part 2]
    • Proof of Life video -- someone at a soros protest event was run over
    • CIA did not create WallSt, WallSt created the CIA and Dyncorp was created at the same time
    • Don't know why it took me so long to be surprised at the organ harvesting thing. Of course they would wnat to provide spare parts for the elites--not just elites but power elites--military, politicians as well as the rockefellers
    • I think they have a plan for those folks should things go wrong with the economy
    • Don't know why I have a problem with the idea of the Hamiltons--you could sire 5-6 kids and if nothing goes wrong with you and you don't need those organs, those kids could go on and have happy lives and you could send them money like sponsoring a kid in a third world country.
    • School up north called Tabar and it's a school for [physically] handicapped kids--I wonder if it's psychological comfort, sending them to Mirabailais for harvest ['euthanasia'--to end their suffering]. The Nazis had this, before the Jewish harvest, and it fed directly into the medical program [Lebensborn].
    • George supposes that the Operation Paperclip's Nazi [Lebensborn] medical program never changed
  • [Day 111 part 1]
    • Data Driven Journalism piece. Dated 1983. Most news is just data, and no way to evaluate. They almost never visualize or say 'why'
    • "Bringing Real Muscle to Bear Against Syria" 1983 CIA PDF posted to for George to later find
    • Jason Chaffetz had Soros protestors asking "where is the line in the sand for you to impeach Trump"
    • My response for Chaffetz would be the line in the sand is the same as for anyone in government: if you break the law you pay the price
    • George offers Chaffetz his services to run the investigation on Trump if he releases the 650k emails {{sarcasm detected}}
    • Fort Dimanche was the Haitian Auchewitz during papa doc and baby doc -- that was all CIA
    • UN MINUSTAH "Aims" at Cite Soleil
    • The more the medical technology enables greater value in the deceased, the greater transparency is needed [due to the profit motive to do produce dead bodies]
    • Dr. Nazi Zuhdi worked in OK pediatric heart transplants. That's when the relationship started in Haiti with the rice going one way and the hearts coming back.
    • The future of journalism is getting the data and correlating with other points of data and discussing the connections between the two, building a narrative to actually explain the larger picture.
  • [Day 111 part 2]
    • Topic: Viruses and Vaccines, and the Rockefellers' Petroleum downstream derivatives as higher value bioproducts
    • Haiti is a continuation of the German petrochemical, pharma, bio science programs
    • IGFARBEN and Nazi Drug Trials for vaccines, poisons, sulpha drugs
    • Nazi Transplantation experiments; set up by Hitler's physician Karl Brandt, also head of the Reichtag
    • Dresden to Pirna -- Pirna had the euthanasia program. Sonnestein Euthanasia Center set up by Brandt
    • They ground people up like pigs at slaughterhouses and the Bombing of Dresden; Soylent Green reference
    • Nazis bombed Dresden at the end of the war to destroy the slaughterhouses and cover their tracks on cannabalism, keep no one alive to tell about it
    • Haiti is a big drug lab
    • Why did you mention Wayne Williams? He was part of the sex trafficking thing
    • George compares and contrasts Jewish men being sent off to work camps and Haitian migrants being sent to Brazil to be 'walking organ donors' to have to make their way through every south and central american cartel along the way
    • Homen Square is slaughterhouse 5
    • Trump doesn't have a chance unless he gets public pressure to release the 650,000, otherwise he'll be impeached before he can even do anything.
  • [Day 111 part 3]
    • Proof of life -- Trump just did the ICE [immigration] raids
    • Research: Angel Wings
    • Petit neu frer esewer
    • Handicapped school in Tabar, same thing.
    • Harkens back to Sonnestein Euthanasia facility in Nazi Germany
    • Flying them over the mountain range to DR, to Santo Domingo, the capital, flown by Angel Wings, owned by {{Petam}} petroleum, which is a State Dept cutout run by two [goons] from El Salvador / Honduras to run the country
  • [Day 110 part 1]
    • 110 is how long we've been asking for 650,000 emails.
    • Dyncorp is a "Pirate Fraternity" [Arrrgh, 322, mateys] -- we don't need to ask anyone permission, we do what we want.
    • UN Peacekeepers and Dycorp training them, these are the perennial wartime pirate fraternity
    • Heart in a box Justin Timberlake MKULTRA reference
    • Samy Zuraik's other import/export is furniture, George thinks he's using USAID money to also buy the furniture for the hotels
    • FLBS Mormon cult is going to be the Waco of Utah
    • Treacherous Trek infographic of Haitian migrations to US, from Miami Herald article[]
    • CIA doesn't wipe out gangs when it moves to a new area, it takes it over. Why recreate the wheel?
    • Chicago has more murders than NY and LA combined, 12:1
    • New Heart-in-a-box device revives dead hearts for transplant
    • Heart leaves a living donor but is profused with pumps
    • They were able to do this profusion for decades. The problem has been putting it back in.
    • While in the air they are able to analyze the heart-in-a-box for viability
    • Columbia did the first pediatric heart transplant, this is getting close to home (he likely graduated from Columbia, being he was wearing the sweatshirt)
    • 1985-6 OKC sets up the only heart transplant center that's not connected to the University Hospital. So someone can come in and start a program with no seniority or tenue to hold you back. Dr. Nazih Zuhdi an expert heart surgeon who died 2 days ago was put into that clinic.
    • Speculation: the little daycare center at the bottom of OKC building where 20-40 kids were at the bottom. Timothy McVeigh parked right underneath that, and I was wondering if that was the holding pen of the OKC building for those hearts. I wonder if that was the human farming ring
    • If you think about Allen Dulles and MKULTRA science / medical ploys with pushing Disney for pirates; this would be an extension of that {{nazi}} ideology
    • George discusses humans as horsebreeding and a hierarchy within the CIA/Dyncorp, leftovers passed to UN peacekeepers, and on and on
    • I heard Steve Feinberg may not pursue trying to be part of Trump's team. I don't know if it's because of the attention from this series or not
    • But I still think [Trump's financial advisory] will be a shadow Dyncorp operation
  • [Day 110 part 2]
    • Proof of Life video -- someone at a soros protest event was run over
    • CIA did not create WallSt, WallSt created the CIA and Dyncorp was created at the same time
    • Don't know why it took me so long to be surprised at the organ harvesting thing. Of course they would wnat to provide spare parts for the elites--not just elites but power elites--military, politicians as well as the rockefellers
    • I think they have a plan for those folks should things go wrong with the economy
    • Don't know why I have a problem with the idea of the Hamiltons--you could sire 5-6 kids and if nothing goes wrong with you and you don't need those organs, those kids could go on and have happy lives and you could send them money like sponsoring a kid in a third world country.
    • School up north called Tabar and it's a school for [physically] handicapped kids--I wonder if it's psychological comfort, sending them to Mirabailais for harvest ['euthanasia'--to end their suffering]. The Nazis had this, before the Jewish harvest, and it fed directly into the medical program [Lebensborn].
    • George supposes that the Operation Paperclip's Nazi [Lebensborn] medical program never changed
  • [Day 111 part 1]
    • Data Driven Journalism piece. Dated 1983. Most news is just data, and no way to evaluate. They almost never visualize or say 'why'
    • "Bringing Real Muscle to Bear Against Syria" 1983 CIA PDF posted to for George to later find
    • Jason Chaffetz had Soros protestors asking "where is the line in the sand for you to impeach Trump"
    • My response for Chaffetz would be the line in the sand is the same as for anyone in government: if you break the law you pay the price
    • George offers Chaffetz his services to run the investigation on Trump if he releases the 650k emails {{sarcasm detected}}
    • Fort Dimanche was the Haitian Auchewitz during papa doc and baby doc -- that was all CIA
    • UN MINUSTAH "Aims" at Cite Soleil
    • The more the medical technology enables greater value in the deceased, the greater transparency is needed [due to the profit motive to do produce dead bodies]
    • Dr. Nazi Zuhdi worked in OK pediatric heart transplants. That's when the relationship started in Haiti with the rice going one way and the hearts coming back.
    • The future of journalism is getting the data and correlating with other points of data and discussing the connections between the two, building a narrative to actually explain the larger picture.
  • [Day 111 part 2]
    • Topic: Viruses and Vaccines, and the Rockefellers' Petroleum downstream derivatives as higher value bioproducts
    • Haiti is a continuation of the German petrochemical, pharma, bio science programs
    • IGFARBEN and Nazi Drug Trials for vaccines, poisons, sulpha drugs
    • Nazi Transplantation experiments; set up by Hitler's physician Karl Brandt, also head of the Reichtag
    • Dresden to Pirna -- Pirna had the euthanasia program. Sonnestein Euthanasia Center set up by Brandt
    • They ground people up like pigs at slaughterhouses and the Bombing of Dresden; Soylent Green reference
    • Nazis bombed Dresden at the end of the war to destroy the slaughterhouses and cover their tracks on cannabalism, keep no one alive to tell about it
    • Haiti is a big drug lab
    • Why did you mention Wayne Williams? He was part of the sex trafficking thing
    • George compares and contrasts Jewish men being sent off to work camps and Haitian migrants being sent to Brazil to be 'walking organ donors' to have to make their way through every south and central american cartel along the way
    • Homen Square is slaughterhouse 5
    • Trump doesn't have a chance unless he gets public pressure to release the 650,000, otherwise he'll be impeached before he can even do anything.
  • [Day 111 part 3] --- this video has been removed
    • Proof of life -- Trump just did the ICE [immigration] raids
    • Research: Angel Wings
    • Petit neu frer esewer
    • Handicapped school in Tabar, same thing.
    • Harkens back to Sonnestein Euthanasia facility in Nazi Germany
    • Flying them over the mountain range to DR, to Santo Domingo, the capital, flown by Angel Wings, owned by {{Petam}} petroleum, which is a State Dept cutout run by two [goons] from El Salvador / Honduras to run the country
  • [Day 112 part 1]
    • According to Pizzagate Researchers, Madeleine Mccann -- an English child abducted in Portugal--has a unique eye defect, Coloboma or Renal Coloboma; also Papillorenal Syndrome.. Mutation of Pax2 gene, Joest-Degen Bodies. A lot of these kids are turning up with this eye defect. The chances are 3-5 in 100,000. George believes the mutation is from a virus
    • Ernst Joest for whom Joes-Degen bodies are named, studied at Univeristy of Dresden, University of Leipzig; he of Malta, and the Pope and got [illegal] passports and [Nazi doctors were smuggled] all over the world to Argentina. And they set up these weird colonies where there's a lot of girls and one priest, and one priest impregnates all the girls. It's a kind of genetic experiment.
    • The film *The Colony is about this--about how the Nazis were trying to create a new Germany in Argentina. How could we use viruses to kill off all the population and then have this new population resistant to the virus surface, type of sick thinking.*
    • Yesterday when I said they Bombed Dresden and Pirna to [cover up] these weird types of experiments, and it wasn't for no reason there was a huge allied bombing.
    • The Nazi drug trials--they tried everything. These drug companies (IGFarben) worked directly with the Rockefeller foundation. Kaiser Wilhem instutute in Berlin--which was the center for eugenic thinking--was part built by at least half by the Rockefellers and also the Rothschilds
    • They were infecting people with viruses to see new strains of viruses and test the vaccines. Although these drug trials were horrible, they were a for-profit motive [and a national security motive]
    • "Sonnestein Euthenasia Center. Pirna, Germany Set up by Karl Brandt"
    • NAZI POSTER: "60,000 deutsh mark to take care of one disabled person" -- to guilt you into going along with eugenics; they say they didn't round up disabled people's the poster. 70,000 people were killed in Sonnestein Euthenasia center.
    • I am wondering if the eye defect is a type of Nazi marker that can go on for generations. You can tell that grandchildren are yours by their defect.
    • Eugenics, ghoulish nighmare, dystopian vision of the world, that if they ever came out of the colonies they'd be able to identify all their children.
    • To add to intrigue here, supposedly at the centers, [children were] fathered by Hitler's inner circle. Kindergardens at Auchewitz, Dachau, Buchenwald and Ravensbrook, they weren't random servants they were girlfriends of Nazi high command, like Karl Brandt--Hitler's physician. This kind of colony approach to the death camps.
    • There are folks in the pizzagate world saying "what's this all about?" That's where the Hillary connection comes in with John Podesta. They use the Catholic Church to 'diaspora' (spread genetics far and wide) these folks around the world. So they needed a way of keeping track of them. And (I think) Podesta was one of those find-it men.
    • I realize this is an extreme topic. But the reason why these kids are valuable now is that their hearts and kidneys, their organs are a perfect genetic match going back to the father. This is the idea of Charles Lindberg having the 7 kids and so forth. I know it's a stretch. I know it's an outside possibility, but I wanted to give this to Pizzagate folks and have them drill down on what kind of experiments Mengele did with this virus that's called BVD Bornavirus Disease
  • [Day 112 part 2]
    • Quick proof of life -- Melissa Mccarthy did a funny Sean Spicer last night (SNL)
    • George noticed how the Dyncorp set of investments were like the old portfolio of the drug portfolio of IGFarben-Rockefeller joint venture
    • If Wall Street put all that money into those joint ventures for a better and higher use--for petroleum basically--then why would they throw it all away at the end of the war?
    • Then it makes perfect sense why Operation Paperclip happened and why the CIA created Dyncorp. Because bioweapons and human testing was morally reprehensible so they needed a 3rd party to do that. It's the same reason that sex trafficking and organ harvesting are run through DynCorp.
    • If you look at the Rockefeller banks and hospitals you have this repeating pattern, using the Pinkertons to clear the land---and once you get the land, then you do the human trafficking, the drug trafficking, now the opiods. It's a repeating pattern over and over.
    • Then placing secret armies with weapons caches in all these different countries--the Gladio program--is this other repeating pattern. Sibel Edmonds talks about this [Gladio II].
    • Josephy Corbell--Madeline Albreight's dad--was the Gladio guy for Czechoslovakia, posing as a priest had an arms cache in the church.
    • Allen Dulles was using the Salvation Army as a front for the Gladio Program. Reminds me of how they compromised the Catholic priests in order to stow children at the orphanages at the Catholic Church
    • Again I ask the question: if the CIA is reallY DynCorp and DynCorp is really the old Wall St.-Pinkertons-Rockefeller program, would they do 191 countries around the world and then just forget about the United States, and just say well we'll that one alone? Doesn't seem like that would be the case.
  • [Day 113 part 1]
    • Quick recap of the toppling, ratlines, and how Palantir manages it
    • What allowed Hillary to go around the Congress, Senate Intelligence Committees, and House Intelligence Committees was spying. Tyler Drumheller was the key person in Osprey Global along with General Grange and Sid Blumenthal that enabled that to happen.
    • This happened 10 days ago, but and IT spy ring of 3 muslim brothers living in the same house was busted in Congress. Marie Bartaromo with that story.
    • Three brothers were able to be in the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, the Dept Homeland Security Committee and the House Committee on Foreign Affairs-- the three key intelligence committees in the House.
    • HPSCI oversees the CIA, Homeland Security, ODNI, all the Military Intelligence agencies, 22 agencies it oversees. There were about 8 congresspeople involved in these hacks
    • Awan brothers--all under 22 years of age, and all making 160k/yr. Jamal Awan.
    • Haven't heard much about this in the press, a little on Barney and on Lou Dobbs.
    • This is equivalent to the Rosenbergs; they put the Rosenbergs to death, so I don't know why there hasn't been any arrests been made. They were fired from their jobs but they were caught hacking into these 8 representatives' accounts: Duckworth, Carson, Schult, Castro, Richmond, Frankel, Spier, ? (what's the eighth?). That's espionage act. That's death sentence.
    • Adam Schiff didn't say anything, CNN didn't say anything.
    • Ranking member of the Republican Congress in the House is @devinNunes. George asks people to send this video to devinNunes on Twitter.
    • Again, our enemies have more information than what's going on in our government than we do as citizens. This is further exemplified by the 650k emails
    • If you can circumvent the government with these 19 gmail accounts, then the enemies know more than the American public
    • We know these went to Israel Russia and China; but if the three brothers talk at all--all in the same house I assume they would, that means the intelligence is going to the Muslim Brotherhood. This is recent as in a couple of days ago.
    • The Muslim Brotherhood of those 32 countries now has that intelligence, so we need to know now more than ever those 650k emails. Families could be travelling, on business trips in these other countries and need to make informed decisions.
    • Not releasing this information is several felony violations of Federal Records Act "CTC, D&D"
    • According to McCabe, it's going to take the FBI 5 yrs to process the 650k emails, but it's ok to let three treasonous Muslims take all the date from the 3 top Intelligence Agencies to the Muslim Brotherhood in 32 countries
    • This is beyond a National Security question, this is a failure of 3 branches of government
    • The address is @DevinNunes, he is the chairman, ranking member of the HPSCI
    • @DevinNunes needs to get on CNN to counterpoint Adam Schiff
    • Going after Assange, I think we have to go after Awan brothers equally--this is a hanging offense: "Equal Protection Under the Law"
  • [Day 113 part 2]
    • Trafficking networks are being exposed in a limited way, because if you don't expose in a limited way it goes all the way to the top, to Pug Winokur and that would totally stop it.
    • They get these guys in a room and they say, "It's going to be 30 yrs if you squawk about the trafficking ring and how many people are involved, or it's going to be a year and a half of weekend jail if you don't. And if you keep persisting then you end up being thrown off a bridge or you die in a helicopter crash." These guys play rough, it's Dyncorp for a reason.
    • The viruses they can always say, "well you can't really prove that", but trafficking and harvesting have very provable rings and all you need are 1-2 witnesses
    • For instance the coverup of the operation underground railroad that Beck took care of in Haiti. It's basically a red team from kissingers old red team days. Very thinly veiled with this social justice cover. It's a setup for DHS to do stings on unsuspecting guys trying to get them to go for younger and younger girls over time. It's an asset forfeiture ring.
    • Beck said 33 saved and 12 arrested at Kaliko beach club--he didnt mention anythign about a woman being shot in the head in front of other women? Was that because the woman was shot as a message to other women not to talk about the johns going over to Mirabalais for harvesting / processing?
    • Once the women get the men on film, that's all they need with the Nepalese police force at Mirabalais in order to say, "ok, you can harvest him" -- to the catfood factory he goes
    • Some people are saying, "Man you're accusing the Clintons of some really weird stuff!"
    • This is Dr. Guy Theodore, Hospital Bienfaisance (charity in french) in Pignon Haiti -- he got set up there by the Clintons. Here he is at little Rock air force base at 1983. Why do I say Clintons may be involved in organ harvesting, they were very involved in blood mining. If you know this investigative reporter Kelly Duda, he wrote a documentary called Factor 8--he's from ARkansas. This is what caused the HIV/Red Cross blood crisis of the mid-1980s, using all these patients' blood from the Arkansas prison system, HepC and HIV
    • When Hillary is first lady in 1998 she goes down to Haiti with George Soros after one of the storms (Haiti Bienfaisance)--she was shadow secretary of state--she also goes to various other central and s. american countries on that same trip. This is a swing through of all of the franchises. The best I can compare this to is a baseball league. Epstein is going to be major leagues, the AAA clubs the AA clubs and it's going to be all these things.
    • Haiti Bienfaisance is an orphanage and a hospital where you're going to have a weeding system in place (filtering); you'll see this in all orphanage/hospital combos. Maybe it started out mining the bone marrow from the dead bodies, but the problem with harvesting is that [the profit motive causes] you to make earlier calls on end-of-life. I started out having angels of death showing up in your order release because it is a valuable product. People start dying around when people need transplants. It's a slippery slope. As bodies become more valuable, then this activity provides a bad incentive for health.
    • Dr. Robert Ashton just jumped off the George Washington Bridge. He was married to this Jennifer Ashton, the medical correspondent on ABC News. He was involved in the Bronx transplant (organ transportation) center. The Bronx is where they are getting the hearts--he's a cardiac surgeon. If you want to target someone like this, you first break up their marriage. He goes to a conference, you send in the girl, you take the pictures, you get the pictures to the wife, she wants a divorce, now your life is ruined, and now he jumps off the GW bridge.
    • The other way to get rid of a doctor: get a witness against him. Take this case of the helicopter crash 5 yrs ago. This is the Mayo clininc in jacksonville Fla. What they do is take these three guys, profusion specialist, cardiac surgeon, ex old navy seal guy and say 'there's a heart down in Gainsville. Just reading 3rd party news stories I see that this lands in the woods that the helicopter would have gone if it had gone straight, but instead it lands in the woods, way off track. When these networks come to light, these are different ways you can suppress the witness, kill the witness. {{I think George is saying that Ashton had those 3 guys killed because one was a witness with blackmail leverage against him for illegal heart dealings. Not entirely sure}}
    • If we are going to give access to three muslim brothers the Awan brothers in the muslim brothers, three 22 yr old living in the same house in DC, give them access to all this information AND MORE, then why wouldn't the American people have a right to that information? Release the 650,000 emails!
  • [Day 113 part 3]
    • Proof of Life
    • The Awan brother I spoke about this morning -- they may have been the ones that tipped off ISIS in Yemen and that may have caused the death of the Navy Seal, so it's very good that at least we found this leak early rather than having to wait.
    • Keep sending @DevinNunes, the head of the house foreign intelligence committee, we really need arrests--I can't believe this wouldn't be espionage--death penalty, like the Rosenbergs got the electric chair
  • [Day 114 part 1]
    • I wanted to talk more about what I call the "Dyncorp Sheriff" -- this new phenom from these wars in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afg., Haiti, there are these Dyncorp sheriffs being created from these mercenaries that were overseas training these police forces, and it's taking a militaristic turn.
    • Kathryn Bolkovac was a police officer in Dyncorp in Kosovo ("the Whistleblower") made many accusations about the prostitution and sex trafficking by Dyncorp staff
    • Flint Chambers Orders 15 Yr Old Lap Dances at DynCorp -- Hillary Clinton seemed to be very interested in that particular email
    • Several articles have been written about Dyncorp getting in trouble around the world in this area
    • Article title: "Prisoner says warren county jailers raped her, nurses refused to give her epilepsy medication" -- she claims she was raped by 2 deputies at the insistence of a 3rd deputy on the floor on top of a garbage bag. Again, it would seem the deputies were forced into raping the girl.
    • Film: Trafficked / Lots of movies being made about this 'pattern'
    • Bob Mosier -- Faquier county (double-entendre of 'f*ck here', though George puts it more nicely) -- a rural county just west of DC. A lot of folks take their kids to Fuquier county to go to the roller rink or the farm day sort of thing. Lots of weird messages in far of those social media, lots of things to 'touch', boy scouts day. Check out the roller rink that's closing--those attractions tend to close when these investigations start.
    • I noticed on his resume that he's still working for DOD, worked for Dept of State, International Justice Mission where they save children, and then finally was a law enforcement technical advisor for DynCorp from 2001-2007, then there's an interesting insertion in this gap -- from 1996-1997 was in Bosnia -- the gap was 1997-2001 I wonder what he was doing in these 4 yrs. He was the culpepper county sheriff but lists it from 1998-2015. So was he sheriff while he was overseas, which is interesting because Culpepper county is in Virginia, not Libya; maybe it's a lend-lease program where they come and go
    • George discusses post yugoslavian countries,
    • And then notes that "the Whistleblower" was about where this sheriff was stationed--George asks the question: does DynCorp Sheriff Bob Mosier know Kathryn Bolkovac? {the plot thickents}
    • In the news the [Oroville] dam burst yesterday in the county just south of Sheriff Lopey's Siskiyou County, so I'm sure he's helping with Oroville, which I thank him very much for. But he also did these Weed wars. He's an ex-Dyncorp employee, but he does have this habit of doing these very militaristic raids. I just wondered if Sheriff Lopey knows Bob Mosier. That's my question for the day.
    • To follow up on another story, Glenn Beck went down to Haiti with a 3rd party NGO called Operation Underground Railroad to investigate human trafficking--turns out it's a bunch of Navy Seals led by Tim Ballard and they had a bust where they busted people at Kaliko Beach Club.
    • I've been in conversation with Vince Depatie and he's got good information for my next show.
  • [Day 114 part 2]
    • This is going to be a catchup on the virus
    • Timothy Alefantis has a virus/vaccine company called Vitalprobe that we'll get to
    • There was a drug arrest made between Colombia and Haiti so that's obviously a drug route
    • Big news is Joe Clancy has stepped down from the Secret Service
    • In previous episodes Clancy and McCabe had this agreement where the Secret Service were used in nighttime intrusion teams called "prowler teams". And now we've got 2-3 prowler teams that are talking and feeding information to Trump, the sneakernet thing with the screens and blind interviews. It will be interesting to see how Sessions deals with this.
    • If you're going to spy on someone like General Flynn then dont' use your own resources, use the Secret Service as an espionage shield {McCabe sneakiness}, they also have extensive cyber hacking capabilities. They also have a means to inhibit tracking of secret service personnel who are moonlighting on these teams. Trump is going to clean that up I'm sure, depending on who he names as the new SS guy.
    • Letter that Chaffetz sent on Jan 27 to the FBI that says, "I want the 650k emails by Feb 10th" -- that has come and gone and wasn't answered. That's another thwarting of the executive there. At least they could have produced the metadata. If there is a response, it would be nice to get Chaffetz to just respond by saying "metadata"--that could not possibly be state secrets
    • Trump is against the wall now. They just took out Flynn. McCabe's illegal surveillance took out Flynn, so it's now or never.
    • Decameron Hotels in Haiti which I said was the funnel where Hillary's putting USAID money and the money from sex, drug, trafficking ops are going into these hotels. I specifically mentioned SEMEX.
    • Turns out Decameron started out in Bogota as a money funnel for the drug business in Colombia through 44 hotels 12k employees.
    • The Decameron hotel group ceo died oddly enough during a heart transplant operation (2015)[].
    • 34 americans here and 33 girls, and the girls are brought in one at time so no one would notice. Each american paired with a girl: wouldn't a girl be uncomfortable with that--with a stranger?
    • 12 people were arrested
    • The above is Vince Depatie's testimony
    • After the raid the other americans stayed there but left the next morning and didn't pay their bill
    • I think its interesting there were 20-21 other Americans involved but that weren't arrested.
    • Asked him for the names, said the hotel would not give them
    • What I'm saying about these Dyncorp Sheriffs that went to Bosnia and Kosovo where all these bad things happened. I'm saying this is being put on them by the State Dept and the CIA.
    • When I mentioned Bob Mosier was in Virginia a little west of DC, everything exploded on my comments
    • One of the bioweapons developed by Tim Alefantis of VitalProbes is Anthrax. They also have a lab an office in Florida.
    • AeroMD -- an ICU in the air
    • "Girls 11, and 12, Shot in the head in separate Chicago shootings" -- both are braindead--they went off to a children's hospital.
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